RapidLash Eyelash & Eyebrow Enhancing Serum And A Giveaway #RapidLash

Do you dream of longer-looking lashes? Me too! That’s why I jumped at the chance to try out this innovative product – RapidLash Eyelash & Eyebrow Enhancing Serum. It is clinically proven to boost the appearance of eyelashes with a simple once a day application, in as little as four weeks. All it takes is a nightly application to the base of the upper lashes. Want to try it? I picked up mine at Shoppers Drug Mart – it was in the BeautyBoutique (it retails for $59.95). Would you like to win your own RapidLash to try out? Enter below to win! Here are the rules for this giveaway: You may enter this giveaway on other participating blogs but you can only win once. This giveaway is open to Canadians only (INCLUDING Quebec!) Winners should expect their prizes to take 4-6 weeks to arrive. The giveaway will end JUNE 20, 2015 at [Continue Reading…]

Storing Your Stuff In Ziploc Bags With Easy Open Tabs And A Giveaway

Ziploc has released a new line of bags with Easy Open Tabs, that are easy to grip and easy to open. They come in many different sizes, including: Snack  Bags Sandwich Bags XL Sandwich Bags Small Freezer Bags Medium Storage Bags Medium Freezer Bags Large Storage Bags Large Freezer Bags Large Fresh Produce Bags The tabs are also colour coded – BLUE for freezer, PINK for storage and GREEN for sandwich and snack, to easily identify the contents. Ziploc bags are great for food storage but I think they’re great for travel and organizing things at home. For example: Use them to store craft and art supplies. Use it as a pastry bag to pipe frosting when you don’t have the real thing. Fill it with ice and put it on a little person’s booboo. Use them for snacks in your handbag. Use the larger size to protect and store your kids’ [Continue Reading…]

Great Movies Featuring Unique Families On Netflix #StreamTeam

I come from a big Greek family. My parents have been married 50+ years, have five kids (including their favourite….ahem), who are all married (except my stubborn older brother) and are still married to the same people and have nine children among them. All of us live in the same city except for my brother and his family. On major holidays, we come together to celebrate which for Greek people means we eat until we crash on any available couch. Every single Christmas, we all come together at my parents’ house and have our 21 people family sitting around a giant makeshift table. Every. Single. Year. I guess you would say that my family is as traditional as it gets (with a whole bunch of Greek thrown in). But I know we’re not necessarily the norm these days. My entire life my dad would tell us kids that no matter what, your family comes [Continue Reading…]

2015-2016 BAN.DO AGENDAS #OMGBandoAgenda

I’ve just discovered the most adorable, yet practical agendas by BAN.DO! They’re colourful, fun, absolutely unique and feature the most gorgeous covers. The agendas are filled with cute artwork by the Ban.do Girl Gang, and I might have to frame some of them when I’m done with the agenda. What I love most about these agendas is that they have a sense of humour, like most of the band.do products. They feature fun suggestions like, “Take a nap on a pool floaty!” and “Hang a disco ball in your room!” They include cute stickers, fun holidays (yes, National Pina Colada Day should be a thing) and even a Ban.do Girl Girl secret code. On the practical side, they’re 17 month agendas, in two sizes and several patterns. The smaller size (5.5 in. x 8.5 in.) and the larger (8 in. x 10 in.) and both feature a lay flat design, which is awesome. I picked [Continue Reading…]

EASY DIY: Jewellery Holder

Let me just put this out there – I am NOT the craftiest person. But even I can take an impulse purchase (ie. something ugly that sat in my crawl space forever), and turn it into something much cuter and actually useful. All it took was some spray paint. This is EASY DIY. STEP ONE: Buy a ceramic purple egg holder at Easter time for no particular reason. Or if you’re me, pull it out of a random box in your basement. STEP TWO: Buy some spray paint – I bought Rust-oleum Universal in Flat Black. STEP THREE: Make sure your egg holder is clean and free of dust, and set up to spray paint it outside in a well-ventilated area, because the spray paint stinks. STEP FOUR: Spray paint in short strokes so you don’t drip. Let it dry and do a second coat. Once that’s dry, turn it over and do the [Continue Reading…]

Hockey Hall of Fame #Toronto

If you have any hockey fans in your house, and you can get yourself to Toronto, then the Hockey Hall of Fame is a must see attraction. Our guy is obsessed and chose the Hockey Hall of Fame (HHOF) as part of his birthday trip to Toronto, along with a visit to the Ripley’s Aquarium. We had actually visited a few years back, but part of the hall was under construction, and he was so young that he couldn’t remember much of his initial visit, so a second visit was a done deal. The HHOF opens with a huge collection of hockey memorabilia (the largest in the world). Walls of pucks and masks, player specific collections including Bobby Orr, Gordie Howe and of course, Wayne Gretzky. So many hockey legends are honoured here – it’s great to see special pieces here that represent each of the players. My son was especially enamoured with [Continue Reading…]

24 Super Cute Totes You need to buy (me) on ETSY

I adore Etsy, because I love the ability to discover so many crafty people from around the world, especially since I have nary a crafty bone in this body. I plan to feature all the lovely things I see on there, every so often, so today it’s all about totes. Cute, funny or unique totes that will make lugging those library books, market veggies or your kids paraphernalia that much more enjoyable. Enjoy! Made in Paris ($59, available at MyLittleFrenchShop) Stay Awesome ($32, available at ToodlesNoodles) BORED ($15.93, available at Madebylefil) My book club ($14.95, available at BookFiend) I am silently correcting your grammar ($14.95, available at BookFiend) If you were in my novel ($14.95, available at BookFiend) It’s Bigger on the Inside ($12, available at UnicornEmpirePrints) Typewriter ($11.90, available at ceridwenDesign) Eat The Rude ($15, available at UnicornEmpirePrints) Annie Hall ($18.15, available at BagApart) Bearded ($22, available at depeapa) The [Continue Reading…]

Mabels Labels Limited Edition Camp Label Pack GIVEAWAY

I love Mabel’s Labels. I discovered them when my son was little and started losing everything at school and I needed a better solution than just writing his name on the tags of his clothing and shoes. Of course that would only last until the item was washed anyway. But then I found Mabel’s Labels! I’ve used these labels for both kids now, for 5+ years and they’re the best label on the market. They are dishwasher, microwave and laundry safe. They are also UV resistant and waterproof. That’s what makes these a fantastic label option for camp. Mabel’s Labels Limited Edition Camp Label Pack includes everything you need to get the kids ready for camp. The pack includes: 10 Personalized Name Stickers 24 Mini Custom Name Stickers 50 Tag Mates Stick On Clothing Labels 8 Custom Shoe Stickers 2 Personalized Bag Tags 5 super cute postcards for writing home (*only while supplies last*) [Continue Reading…]

100 Family Adventures – Book Review

Remember when you were young, way back when, when it was the norm to spend hours outside, when fast food meant reheating leftovers and when the only electronics in the house was a big clunker of a television and the Atari with Pong on heavy rotation. I still remember all five of us kids sitting around watching each other play Pong and being riveted. RIVETED. Seriously. As a mom now, it worries me how much time my kids will play on their iPads or the XBOX if I don’t limit them. Literally hours will pass, and not a peep. Don’t get me wrong the lack of fighting and overall silence is BEAUTIFUL. But it also frustrates me at the same time. We have a house FULL of toys and crafts and books, let alone a garage full of scooters, bikes and hockey equipment and all that fun stuff. Of course, the irony is the moment [Continue Reading…]

Summer Movies 2015

There are so many great movies coming out this summer that I can’t wait to see. I have a huge list of movies that I want to see (including Poltergeist (looks CRAZY scary) and Jurassic World (mostly for Chris Pratt) and Ted 2 (Stupid funny can be just what the doctor ordered), but these six are tops on my Summer MUST SEE list. I AM BIG BIRD – Release Date: June 6 ME AND EARL AND THE DYING GIRL – Release Date: June 12 THE OVERNIGHT – Release Date: June 19 THE LITTLE DEATH – Release Date: June 26 MAGIC MIKE XXL – Release Date: July 1 TRAINWRECK – July 17 What movies are you excited about seeing this summer???

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