Family Flashback

30th June 2009

I’m always thinking about little stories or funny little things that have happened along the way during my mommyhood. One of my favorite “flashbacks” involves my son. My 5 year old is quite the character, very observant and always funny. When he was younger, we had to watch every word we said, because he mimicked everything constantly. He had heard my older brother say the “F’ word once from another room when he was 2, and that’s all it took. He said it all day long, stringing it together like it was a song. I couldn’t take him to church for months, for fear of him blurting it out. I can’t even tell you how many people he shocked during that time, this little monkey swearing like a sailor. I thought it was pretty funny actually – my mother not so much. She was mortified.

Around the time he was almost 3, we were at home just hanging out. He was playing in the family room, while his daddy and I were in the kitchen, which is clearly visible to that room. He was building things with his legos and wearing his little man flannel pyjamas – seriously too adorable for words. Now although he was thoroughly engaged with his toys, he had and still has this uncanny ability to register everything that’s going on around him, regardless of what he’s doing. Meanwhile, my back was very tight that day, so I asked my husband to crack my back (no judgment people). He does this by holding me tight with my back facing his chest and then he jerks me into the air and presto, crackage occurs. Anyway, while we are getting ready to “crack my back”, I can see that the little guy is watching us to see what is going on. So, hubs cracked my back, and I believe I said “ouch” or “ow”, or something to that effect. Little man assumed that daddy hurt his mommy and was OUTRAGED. He came marching toward the kitchen in his adorably cute flannel little man pyjamas, arms pumping. He was a little man on a mission. He walks right past me, stands in front of his daddy, points his finger as aggressively as he can muster and says, “DADDY, YOU FWIG OFF, OK!”

Can I tell you that both my husband and I were so taken aback, that we just looked at each other and started laughing hysterically. Little man ran over to me and hugged me and said, “DON’T WOWWY MOMMY – I PROTECT YOU FOWEVER”.  It was just one of those moments that I can never forget, because it was one of the first times that he showed a fierce need to protect his mommy, all while being funny and swearing just a little. Now that’s MY baby.


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0 thoughts on “Family Flashback

  1. Jonathan

    That is so funny! I also remember the time our little monkey walked up to you (you were sitting on the couch) and said “F*@$”. We had decided that the best course of action was to ignore him so you turned your head away from him. He took his little hands and placed them on your cheeks and turned your head towards him, promptly saying “F… F… F… F… F!”

    We couldn’t help ourselves. We burst out laughing (and choking) as we tried to keep our laughter contained.

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  3. Domestically Challenged

    Very cute!! My sons can be the same way at times. My dad often teaches the kids colorful language, which is lovely. Asher will say, “I crapped my pants mom.” Not so bad, but doesn’t need to be said by a 2 year old!!

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  5. Elaine

    Yeah, I so TOTALLY would not mess with him! Look at that face! So sweet that he wanted to protect you!!

    Thanks for linking up today Maria!! 🙂


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