15th July 2009


Here is part two of my HOLY CRAP Birthday Giveaway. This is exciting because I had raved about Stila cosmetics and how much I adore them in an earlier post. @StilaCosmetics was gracious enough to read my post and even comment on it. Yay! After much smooth talking, they graciously decided to give me some goodies for the giveaway and I so appreciate it – Thanks so much STILA!! You can check them out at www.stilacosmetics.com.

There will be 3 prize packs to be won, each containing 4 products from their current line, valued at $97. They are:

#20 Double-Sided Eye Enchancer Brush:


Kajal Eye Liner in Onyx:


Lip Glaze in Apricot:


Convertible Color in Gerbera:


I have used most of these products (except the brush), and I can happily report that they are FABULOUS. You will love this prize, and if I wasn’t feeling so giving I would keep one for myself.

I also received some prizes from another great company that I happen to LOVE as well – ROOTS CANADA!! You can find them on Twitter at @RootsCanada. They too have been gracious enough to give me 3 Roots Genuine Leather Pouches, which can be used as a makeup bag or a wristlet, valued at $48 each. They are made in Canada with 100% premium Italian leather, and these products are not available online or in-store. I also have this product (what can I tell you – I shop too much) and it is made of the softest leather – totally divine.


These pouches come in a variety of colors, so if you win one of these, please be prepared to be surprised with which color you receive.

OK, so now for the bad news (for some of you). You will have to forgive me on this one – this is only my second giveaway, and only my first where I didn’t purchase the prize myself. I’m still learning, hence why this mommy should have asked the companies to hold onto their product and ship directly to the winner. I didn’t do this, and with shipping and the border being so brutal, I’m sorry to say that this part of the giveaway will only be open to Canadian Residents. Don’t hate me!! I promise you however, the next time I do a giveaway, I will include my friends of the U.S.A. Forgive me?? Let’s Hug It OUT!!

For your first entry, go check out my earlier post about makeup and tell me about your FAVORITE makeup product that isn’t on my list! (Yes this entry is purely selfish but it’s my birthday, so sue me)

For extra entries – do any or all of the following if you like (leave a separate comment for each):

  1. Follow me on Twitter (or let me know if you already do).
  2. Tweet once about this giveaway: Check out @BOREDmommy & her BDAY GIVEAWAY – prizes from @PunkyJane @Stilacosmetics and @RootsCanada http://mommymaria.wordpress.com/
  3. Subscribe to my blog (or let me know that you already do).

Open to Canadian residents only.

(Did I mention how sorry I am about that yet?)

This giveaway will run from July 15th – July 21st, 2009. I will pick the winners, using Random.org, on the day my husband gifts me with a new handbag (telepathic message sent to hubby now!) – also known as July 22nd, 2009. To spread the wealth, you will only be eligible to win one prize, so there will be 6 happy people on my birthday (and one unhappy one – MOI). Good Luck!

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  1. Hellcat13

    Ok, I commented on your post, I already follow you on Twitter and subscribe to your feed on iGoogle, and I just tweeted about your giveaway. Happy to celebrate your birthday with you, especially since I was very bored today and you’ve given me something to do (going through your archives!)

  2. Loukia

    Woohoo! Everyone south of the border will still LOVE YOU Maria! 🙂

    Okay, what about a nice liquid liner? I have a great black liquid liner from Stila that I love and that is actually running out that I have to go replace at Sephora!

    I also love bronzer (the cream one) from MAC. And all their lip glasses.

    I love the eye shadow kits by Stila – in it, there are 4 pods of eye shadow. I have the cat eye one, which has been discontinued and the smokey eye one, which I love!

  3. Loukia

    And I subsribe to you… don’t I? If not, I’m subsribing right not! (Not like I don’t read you everyday anyway!) 😉
    Love this giveaway, girl! Way to go!

  4. maria

    Submitted by me for ERICA elsewise.tumbr.com – cause she put her entry in the wrong post and I’m nice that way!!

    You’re totally not old, crazypants.

    I’m a total blank slate, makeupwise – I’ve never worn any, except for the occasional foray into lipstick or mascara, so I can’t even recommend a real makeup product. That said, I recognize that I won’t be a young pup forever and I’m starting to feel like a total doofus for having no clue how to make my face look like a real grownup lady’s.

    My most makeup-adjacent rec: I love Arsoa’s Queen Silver Soap (aka “The Soap”) – an expensive indulgence that lasts forever and makes my skin feel amazing.

  5. Hellcat13

    Whoops, was this supposed to go here? Pasting it anyways to save you the trouble, plus added a bit more 🙂

    Ok, Happy-You’re-Not-THAT-Old-Birthday Post #1! I absolutely HAVE to rave about my favourite mascara, Kiss Me Mascara (as you’ve already talked about my faves Smashbox Primer, Benefit Dandelion, and Philosophy Hope in a Jar). Kiss Me is the mascara that coats your lashes in little tubes that come off with warm water – so no smudging AT ALL and none of the scrubbing that comes with waterproof mascara. It’s a bit expensive, but it’s the only mascara I’ll use. I love it. There are now cheaper brands out there that profess to be the same, but I haven’t tried them yet. I was so happy when the Sephora opened in Ottawa; I’ve blown loads of money there.

  6. stacey dempsey

    foundation is one of my favorite makeup products, mary kay makes a good one and i am always looking for others that work well too
    happy birthday

  7. Emily B.

    Okay, I just plain suck at choosing makeup. I’m intimidated by the high-maintenance makeup counter women and also by the scary prices of high end makeup. So I confess, I buy my makeup off the shelf at Shoppers. And I’m probably not better off for it. So there’s where I’m coming from as a ‘reviewer’ – not a happy place. But I will say I’ve been using CoverGirl pencil eyeliners for years and if they have no other qualities to recommend them, they are cheap and reliable. I know you’re going to just rush right out and buy some based on that review! lol. And they are definitely not on your list – which has names I recognize from the magazines, but brands I have never tried.
    I swear I’m girly! Just … not good at makeup. 🙂

  8. PinkLucy

    OKay, I commented and am about to follow on Twitter and Tweet :). I’m a Canadian and it’s nice to see contests just for us for a change 🙂

  9. Paola

    Commenting on blog post-check!
    Now following you on Twitter-check!
    Hope to win-check!
    Birthday wishes-definitely: happy birthday!

  10. Sandy

    I’ve said it before, young one, and I’ll say it again, YOU ARE NOT OLD! And you’re making us REALLY OLD ones feel even more old, lol.

    Great giveaway!

  11. Madonna Cramer

    Oops don’t count me in the contest, I am not Canadian..I hate when I don’t read all the rules, sorry but it is still fun learning about all the cool make-up products that you recommend.

  12. Natalie

    Hi Maria – Natalie/Erinmillsliving here. Yes I subscribe to your blog, it’s always a good read, and I can relate to many of your thoughts!

  13. michelle s

    My “can’t-live-without-it” makeup product is Prescriptives Flawless Skin Total Protection Makeup…I love how it goes on, how it makes my not so flawless skin look flawless and how it lasts all day.

    I’m following you on twitter and just tweeted about your giveaway.

    Thanks for this great contest and happy birthday!!

  14. Karen

    Happy bday. Will retweet contest always do lol I am a follower @KarenMarie88 I love eyeliners HAppy bday

  15. Londia

    Happy Birthday. You are only as old as you feel. Feel young 🙂
    I seem to have a lot of lipsticks from Estee Lauder so i have to say i also like wearing it even if it is the only cosmetic i put on sometimes.

    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

  16. Sherrie Guthrie

    My all time fav make up product…is aveeno daily face cream, I know but I don’t have time for much else!
    Great blog, really enjoying the look into your life

  17. Rima

    And I follow you on twitter. And Happy B-day! So you’re a cusper then? I’m a Gemini-Cancer (if you buy into that stuff).

  18. EWiller

    I just bought some Nars blush, I think you helped push me to spend too much money 🙂

    Also bought a Big Beautiful Eyes palette from Benefit that I am really excited about. I had a LOT of make up on when I tried it out this weekend. That’s my new favourite.


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