Ice Cream Sunday

17th August 2009

Its been YEARS since I’ve seen one of those ice cream trucks that drive through the neighborhoods getting peoples’ attention with the that shrill amusement park music. Yesterday, while we were hanging out in our playroom, I noticed one drive past our front window. I couldn’t believe it. I told my kids what it was and we ran for the front door. Unfortunately, it was turning the corner at the end of the street by the time that we got there. The little man started to cry and got very upset. So, I sent my husband out in the car to find the guy and bring him back to our street, while we waited on the front step. A few minutes later, he returned saying that he wouldn’t be coming back to our street. So, I got the kids in the car, and we drove off to find him. The kids were ecstatic. My daughter just kept repeating, “Ice Keem, Ice Keem” over and over, and my son’s face had a perma smile.


It was the most nostalgic thing I’ve experienced in a long time. Waiting in line, in the middle of the street, to get a cone. Once the kids had their cones, I told my hubby to drive the car home, and I would walk with them. It was super hot out, and the ice cream was already starting to melt. It was the funniest walk home. I had to hold my daughter’s hair up into a ponytail because it kept getting ice cream on it. They were giggling while trying to eat as much ice cream as they could while it melted and dripped down their faces and all over their clothes. By the time we got home, my son had a chocolate ice cream goatee, and my daughter’s blue dress, had white ice cream “stripes” all over it.







They were covered from head to toe and beyond thrilled and it was time to jump in the shower. Enjoy the pictures!

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0 thoughts on “Ice Cream Sunday

  1. jo

    So cute! I used to buy lemonheads and garbage pail kids from the ice cream truck. Rarely ice cream. Just the candy. Oh. and back then, they also sold fake gum cigarettes!!!! Could you imagine?

  2. Loukia

    Are they the cutest kids, or what? I’m in love with them, Maria! And what a sweet post! Ice cream is such a summer thing, isn’t it? And by the way, the pictures of your children all messy with ice cream is what my boys look like EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!! No joke. I change their clothes an average of 3 times a day!

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  4. Elaine

    These are like perfect Summer moment pics! I love the one of them with their backs together! Although they are ALL cute! So glad you caught up to the truck! 😀

  5. LZ

    Yum! My parents neighborhood has a regular ice-cream truck, but we live on a main street, so we never see it. I loved frozen toes and screwballs and the cookie sandwich…I thin I need to go hang at my parents house for bit. Great pictures!

  6. Jessica - This is Worthwhile

    Hahaha. I have one story to share about ice cream trucks that has ruined them for me forever: When DH and I were first dating we were “gettin’ biddy” on his living room floor (cuz apparently we couldn’t wait to walk to the bedroom) and an ice cream truck playing “Yankee Doodle” drove by and I said something like, “Park your pony, son!” and ruined the moment to us hysterically laughing. I have good timing, what can I say?

    Ahhh, good times 🙂

    PS: I could gobble up your children.

  7. Jaded Perspective

    I can’t belive he didn’t come back! Anyway the pictures are too cute for words. I am glad you decided to go after the ice cream man, so worth it!

  8. Sophia

    my kids LOVE the ice cream truck. My son loves the Sponge Bob popsicle and my daughter likes the Tweetie popsicle with the bubble gum eyes.

  9. Leah Segedie of Bookieboo

    OMG…so stinkin cute! We have an ice cream guy that comes around about 3x per week now…just started happening about two weeks ago. I did the same thing with my kids…but they were both half naked when I made the mad dash out the door. You gotta catch them or it’s over…

  10. Andi

    One of those came by our house recently, too! Very cool! It was, however, 8:20 p.m. when it stopped by, and of course my kids were the only ones in the ‘hood already well on the way to bed, but next time I’m hoping he comes by at a more logical hour. 🙂

  11. My Two Seasons

    What a fun summer treat! Your pictures are fabulous and your kids are so adrobale!! I have noticed the lack of ice cream trucks this summer. We used to have them coming around several times a week.

  12. Nicole Wetzel

    Bomb pops. Blue tongues…gotta love ’em! That’s what I remember. My kids love the ice cream sandwiches. Always a delightful part of summer. Way to go chasing the truck!

  13. Lisa

    We used to have the kids with the freezes attached to a bike, but we don’t see them anymore.
    Instead we take a trek to the the variety store & either buy Drumsticks or get a Slushpuppies

    Your pics are really cute!

  14. cortney @evanhaslanded

    My 2y.o. got to experience this on the 4th of July. Since then we have had to start an “ice cream truck fund” next to our front door, just in case we hear him coming down the street. Unfortunately for the kiddos, the ice cream truck hasn’t come down our street all summer. Bummer!

  15. Kristen

    Was it a “real” ice cream truck with a window and the guy stands behind it? We have a lame one here, some oldish man in a small pick up truck with a large cooler in the back and he has a bell with a string that he pulls to make the dingy-dingy noise. I’m very under-impressed.

  16. LizzB

    That is fun and cute and everything but I want to punch him in the neck for making you low speed chase him in your car! Why wouldn’t he come back?

  17. D_Zaster

    The ice-cream truck comes to our cul-de-sac every night. I hadn’t seen one in years either until this summer. The kids love it!! (It’s getting expensive though). Your children look adorable in the photos, and from reading your blog, I am pretty sure that your 5 year old son, is the siamese twin separated at birth from my 5 year old son…right now to the matching Batman T’s, and Star Wars facination.

  18. Ernie Fidanza

    Kids loves ice cream and the ice cream truck. Every time they would hear the ice cream music, this drives them to scream for an ice cream.. Having an ice cream makes people very young at heart.. =)


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