19th August 2009

My daughter and her cousin were born exactly two weeks apart and it shows: they are inseparable. They adore each other, and would gladly spend every moment together if they could. We can already tell that they’re going to be besties forever.



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0 thoughts on “Besties

  1. LZ

    Oh my! Those are some cutie little ladies! My oldest has cousins within a few months of her and they are the same way…so nice.
    You weren’t kidding on a previous comment to me – our daughters’ curly hair is very similar, but you manage to control it a lot better than I do!

  2. leighish29

    My niece and nephew were born 15 days apart. They look like they could probably be twins. It’s a little eerie.

  3. pineapplebabble

    My cousin and I are exactly one year apart – and we’re besties. I’ve depended on her and she’s leaned on me so much through the years – I wish both these adorable wee ones the best of bestie experiences!

    (oh and they are soooooo cute my EYES are watering!)

  4. Shannon @ Anchormommy

    What darling girls! So sweet that they can hang out and play so often. I was close with a cousin who moved 8 hours away when I was five. 🙂 We remained close, but not as close as we might have been if we lived in the same town.

    That picture of them with the ice cream cones is adorable.


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