16th September 2009

Yellow is my daughter’s favorite colour. She talks about it all the time – ALL THE TIME. She points out anything and everything that is yellow. Every morning she wakes up and she picks her “items of the day” and then proceeds to spend the entire day playing and amusing herself, all while making sure she has her “stuffs” with her. Almost always, these items – you got it – are yellow. Its quite amusing for the rest of us actually, to see what she comes up with. The funniest moments are when she wants to colour and she chooses to use yellow crayons with yellow paper. She just doesn’t get why the picture is “inbisbable”.

Here is the yellow-obsessed lady:


So where’s the yellow items of the day? There they are: two of my son’s yellow cars sit close by while she colors with her yellow crayons.


She’s moved to her Hello Kitty magnets on our fridge, and she is still carrying the cars. She won’t be letting go of those all day. In fact she will be taking them to bed. And if they happen to fall out of bed at some point in the middle of the night, Mommy will know because of the howling coming out of this little person’s mouth!

Regardless, I think I’ll keep her.


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0 thoughts on “Yellow

  1. Chantel

    “inbisbable” will now be my word of the day. How cute!! She’s adorable Maria. My daughter is six and carries her yellow blanket with her everywhere. I wonder what it is about yellow she is attracted to?

    1. Maria

      I have no idea, but she is OBSESSED with the colour – its hilarious. She just told me that it was her favorite one day, and she’s never faltered from that.

  2. Lydia, Clueless Crafter

    I love to see kids with their collection of “stuffs”. It’s really amazing what they put together.

    Being in the museum and gallery world and having worked on curating an exhibition, I can see that kids would mount a more spectacular show than some museums do!

  3. Monabookgirl

    My sons color has always been, and will probably always be, orange. Anything and everything orange. Half his clothes are orange. He had to have an orange back pack and orange pencils and orange pencil case. I have always wondered what it is that made my kid pick a certain color over all the others. But it is nice to know he is not the only one.

  4. Elaine

    Just precious! Ben used to be completely obsessed with ANYTHING green and it’s still his favorite color but he was just like your little one. He used to carry around a sand pail FULL of green things all over the house. A green one of course.

  5. Jeni

    That is hilarious girl. Jezi’s not really had an attachment to anything since I took away her binkie at 10 months (kinda a long story) and she replaced it with a toy hammer for about a week (I guess if her binkie wouldn’t protect her from the boogie man she’d just knock him out with the trusty hammer – I’m pretty sure she gets this from her sword weilding “I wanna be a ninja” Daddy). Anyway, I think it’s adorable that her world revolves around her favorite color…Jezi’s changes pretty much daily. LOL

    Oh and her curls are adorable too, Jezi’s hair is still pretty straight, but I have hopes it will curl like mine when she gets older cuz I love curls. (and yes, I do want her to look like me, hello, what Momma doesn’t want her baby girl to resemble her…LOL)


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