Booby Tuesday

22nd September 2009

As any mother of boys will know, there is never a shortage of “boy talk”. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. The poop talk and the fart talk – followed by the ecstatic giggles. Its a daily thing here – an hourly thing really. You get used to it, or you learn to ignore it.

But then I had little miss thing. She will be three on Sunday, and I would say that the last 6 months or so, her personality has really developed into this funny, very bossy, very stubborn little girl (I have NO idea where she gets that from). She is very aware that she has an older brother but has no problem keeping up with him whatsoever, although that doesn’t stop her from being a very girly girl at the same time.

So now there’s a new hot topic in our house – boobies. Boobies, boobies, boobies. It’s all we talk about over at our little boobilicious abode. Boobies in the morning, boobies in the evening, boobies in the afternoon. Its not only the main topic for her, but its also the answer to every question.

“What do you want for breakfast, today?”


“Are you ready to go and pick up your brother from school?”


“What do you want to watch on tv today?”

“Spongebob! And boobies!!”

Of course, with the booby topic, comes the flashing. Yes, my almost three year old is a flasher. She will flash anyone, anywhere, anytime – she does not discriminate. She will hike up her dress, to her neck, if it means you get to see her “boobies”. It is so adorable, especially when she follows it with her sugary, Cheshire grin. My son is so amused by it, (and envious of the attention she gets, I’m sure) that he too enjoys a good flashing of his little man “boobies” from time to time.

I have tried to get them to stop, but I’ve pretty much given up on it at this point. They find it so deeply hysterical, that I quite enjoy it (when we are home ALONE!). Besides, I figure the frigid, unbearably cold, depressingly freezing, Canadian winter we are about to enjoy, should take care of the rest of it.

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15 thoughts on “Booby Tuesday

  1. Earth_Mommy

    ROFL Reminds me of me. I used to run out of the bath as a wee one, in just a towel, and flash anyone in the livingroom lucky enough to be there lol Of course, I also used to go outside and strip down to my birthday suit – something my 3yo does now. I wonder where she gets that…..

  2. Nenette

    Oh, boy. My daughter sounds like your daughter… aware of her big bro, tries to keep up with him, and yet is still very girlie.
    She started doing the flashing of boobies at 3 too. She still does it at 5. I am glad that she doesn’t do it in public, but yeah, I’ve given up too.

  3. Sarah

    Haha! She is too funny!

    When my nephew saw me nursing my son he said to his mom “What is that baby doing do her boobies?!” and she said “He’s eating, honey.” He responded with “but I still can’t touch them, right?”

  4. Steph

    LOL! I have boys so I can feel your pain. But on a happy note… the mention of boobies and they are in fits of giggles. Which really works well for pictures. Who needs to say cheese when you can say “boobies”?

  5. Loukia

    That is funny! And you know.. it’s cute, too. Ah, they’ll grow out of it… And don’t feel bad about your flasher daughter. My son pulled down his pants and underwear in front of my mom’s neighbour the other day for no apparent reason. So yeah. Sigh.

  6. Shannon @ AnchorMommy

    Hahaha! That is hilarious! I’m with you — the more you try to get them to stop, the more they’ll love doing it. Besides…all the boobie talk will make for a lovely little story to embarrass them with when they’re older. 😉


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