Love Notes

25th November 2009

My 5 year old son goes to school everyday with his Star Wars Lunch Box (we call it his “snack pack”) filled with a little snack and his drink (he comes home for lunch). I have started putting a little love note in his pack as a little surprise every day, so that he remembers that Mommy is thinking about him the entire time he’s at school. On Monday, I put this note in his pack (and yes, I know I am no artist, but kids don’t care about that stuff – its the message that matters):

When he got home, and I emptied his backpack and opened his snack pack, I found this:

Can you say, cue the tears? In fact every time I look at this, it makes me weepy. A little piece of paper I’ll cherish forever. My heart is full.

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0 thoughts on “Love Notes

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  3. Theta Mom

    I LOVE IT!!! These are the moments that make motherhood totally worth the ride! Thanks for sharing. I would wish you a Happy Thanksgiving but I know you already had it! 😉

  4. Loukia

    This is one of those moments in motherhood where your heart must have stopped beating for a second, so overwhelmed you must have been in love and in awe! This is awesome… this makes parenting the most amazing thing, ever. How sweet, Maria!

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  6. Sarah Joseph

    OMG that is the sweetest thing ever! I think giving birth somehow sets off the sappy hormone – I get teary over the smallest things now. Oh well, motherhood is well worth a few more tears.

  7. Pres. Kathy

    Maria, this brought back memories of how my mom used to decorate my lunch paper bag with birds and flowers. It always brought a smile on my face! I can’t wait to do the same for my little guy when he goes to school. Thanks for bringing back some cherished memories of mine. Your kids will always remember that extra step you took for them to make their day extra special! Have a great day!

  8. messponential

    I am totally hoping for a day when I get a wonderful note like this back too.

    Hugs to you! You are a wonderful, wonderful Mama!

  9. Kelly@Childhood

    I wrote a post about this when my Rachel started Kindergarten August. My mother put a note in my lunch everyday and I have continued the tradition. She loves opening her lunch and finding her special note. All the other kids are so envious. Some of them have asked if I will write them a note each day too! How cute and how sad at the same time!


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