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30th November 2009


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#18 – SCARY MOMMY !!! – CONGRATS JILL!! I will let Mabel’s Labels know you won, and they will contact you! Thanks to everyone who entered!!!

I am an organizer – I like to have a spot for everything. Well, I did anyway – before the babies. My children have a different plan. It’s a constant battle, but I’m not giving up. I’m adapting, but I refuse to give up on the goal to be neat, and tidy, and organized. With babies, you learn that the absolute must is labeling. You need to label EVERYTHING, especially once the little people are among other little people. I have my trusty labeler for most things I need labelled, but I love something a little more special for my children’s things.

The answer, of course, is Mabel’s Labels. This is a fabulous Canadian company. I love their products, I love that its a mom-run company, and I LOVE that its Canadian!! (Did I say that already?) Some info about Mabel’s Labels:

Their Canada-based business began in 2002, and because of Mabel’s Labels’ success the four “mompreneurs,” Julie Cole, Tricia Mumby, Cynthia Esp and Julie Ellis now focus the business full-time. After lots of testing, the women developed the perfect labels, which are customized with a child’s name, favourite mix of colours and an icon (animal, flower, shape, etc.). All products are manufactured in-house at Mabel’s Labels’ headquarters in Hamilton, Ontario.

Mabel’s Labels have a myriad of great products, and I was lucky enough to receive some of their latest, the new Full-Colour Label Out Loud sticky labels. These labels are beautiful, and perfect for labeling all your children’s items. My son and daughter were thrilled to receive these colourful labels imprinted with their names. They are dishwasher and microsafe-safe and UV resistant. LOVE IT. They are sold as a package of 45 for $21.00 and available in 20 designs. Further proving what a wonderful company Mabel’s Label’s is, for each set of LOL Sticky Labels sold between November 23rd through December 10th, Mabel’s Labels will donate a portion of the proceeds to Anissa Mayhew’s family.

We have attached these labels to everything you can imagine, including toy boxes, drinking cups, lunchboxes, toys and their drawing notebooks. They love them, and so do I. I love that they adhere perfectly, they are of impeccable quality and are lovely to look at. In fact, take a moment and peruse the Mabel Label website and you will see that all of their products are modern and lovely, without looking juvenile.

Mabel’s Labels have also graciously offered a package of 24 GIFT TAGS for a giveaway, and I’m thrilled to be able to offer these very popular Holiday items to both U.S. and Canadian Entrants! These will be perfect to adhere to your holiday gifts this season and will be personalized anyway you like. If you don’t happen to be the winner of this product, please consider purchasing some, because for every order of holiday products, the Mabel team will make a donation to a local family in need of support this holiday season. Wonderful.

To enter this giveaway:


1) Please go to the Mabel’s Labels website and let me know what your favorite item is.


2) Follow Mabel’s Labels on Twitter (@mabelhood) or let me know if you do.

3) Follow me on Twitter (@BOREDmommy) or let me know if you do.

THIS CONTEST ENDS THIS FRIDAY, DECEMBER 4th at 9:00 p.m. EST !! SO ENTER QUICKLY!! The winner will be chosen randomly using

Thanks in advance to everyone for entering !!

(P.S. Although I was offered free labels for my children, to review, my opinions are my own, because that’s how I roll.)

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49 thoughts on “Mabel’s Labels – GIVEAWAY

  1. Amy Brown

    Hi! The Holiday return address labels are very cute! Would save a lot of time with the Christmas card mailing!


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  3. Lynn

    I’m a big Mabel fan too, we have tons of their stuff. My favourites, though, are their ID bracelets — we have some printed with our son’s allergies so he can wear them to birthday parties and on field trips.

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  5. Marilyn

    I like the Label Out Loud tags. They’re so bright and cheery. I think my son wouldn’t mind having them on his school stuff – especially if they had the race car in them.

  6. Mary c

    What a great small business, and based in Hamilton too! Okay, enough gushing about it, I really like the LOL Sticky Labels. Heck, I love them all…aaaaahhh. Thanks for offering this contest 🙂

  7. EWiller

    My favourite is the basic sticky label – which are currently on my kids’ lunch boxes and water bottles and sippy cups.

  8. Amy

    Ooh, the wannabe organized freak in me looooves this site! I just moved into a new house, so I would love the return address labels…they’re super cute, too!

  9. alittlesandy

    I’m not entering (someone with older kids would be more deserving of these awesome labels), but I wanted to stop by and say hi and GREAT GIVEAWAY! Love your blog, darling, it always makes my day.

  10. Brenda (@ottawamom)

    I love Mabel’s Labels. My favourites are the new Label Out Loud. Helps ensure my son’s things come home from school!!!

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