Thanks Santa!

30th December 2009

Dear Santa,

You were a real sweetheart to me this year. I’m enjoying all my new things.

Thanks to you, I will be washing my face with this:

Thanks to you I will be warming my toes with these:

Thanks to you, I will be feeding the family with this (fingers crossed people – mommy needs a miracle!):


Yes finally, I can shut it about the Kindle already!! WOOT WOOT.

Also, I would like to thank Santa for letting me know that there is in fact such a thing as being in LIST LIMBO.

Yes, evidently I have been straddling both sides of the Naughty/Nice list for YEARS. (Don’t lie, you know you have too!)

Santa also wants me to know that if I would just pick a side already, he will give me this for Christmas next year:

Um. Yes. Please.


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0 thoughts on “Thanks Santa!

  1. Violet Smith

    Wonderful gifts, especially the slippers and slow cooker. I want to try a kindle too, maybe next year. Enjoy your gifts

    1. Maria

      That pic isn’t 20 years ago! The man is hot – end of discussion. The fact that he has an accent and can act is only an added bonus. And no, I will not be sharing.

  2. Loukia

    Oh at first I thought that was a picture of RPatz and I was like, YAY MARIA! Haha… 😉 Great gifts, Maria! One question, though – what is that futuristic ‘kitchen’ appliance? Never seen anything like it before! 😉 😉

  3. Sunday Stilwell

    I am a new follower of your blog and am really enjoying your posts.
    I too am a lover of Philosophy products. My favorite is Baby Grace but it always sells out as soon as it arrives at my local store. I suppose I could buy it online and pay the shipping for it but I like to think of it as my being meant to have it if it is on the shelf when I visit Sephora.

  4. Ashlee

    You were definitely a good girl!! I’m very interested in that Kindle. I’m going to look into them. I LOVE your boots. Are they cozy? They look niiiice!!

  5. logtar

    Get a big water bottle and carry it around. Little by little you will find yourself drinking it more and more. It takes a couple of weeks to make it a habit but it is doable. Good luck with your revolution.


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