Dirty Action Figures

13th January 2010

My 6 year old is OBSESSED with Ben10 right now. He loves everything about the action figures and plays with them daily. The last few times he’s played with them, I’ve noticed something “peculiar”. When I asked him whey the action figures were set up like that, he said that the bad guys had DEFEATED the good guys. That’s one way of putting it.


(I wouldn’t want to be “defeated” by that mean dude on the right)

EXHIBIT 2: What the?


I think Swampfire and Humungausaur need counselling.

I’ll be keeping these dudes away from Strawberry Shortcake and Dora from now on.

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0 thoughts on “Dirty Action Figures

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  2. Peggy C

    I was just thinking earlier today that I haven’t laughed really, really hard in a long time. These pictures made me laugh really, really hard! Thanks!!

  3. Kel - rewritingkel

    HILARIOUS!! Thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚ Swampfire is one of my favorites, but I miss Heatblast. πŸ˜‰ We watch the TV show here DAILY, both when Ben was little and the ones of him now as a teen. We have all the made for tv movies, too.

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  5. Sandy@Between Lightning

    I almost fell out of my chair laughing at this one.

    I can’t wait for Oscar to play with action figures! It’s one of my favorite parts about having a little boy. He and his papa can play Star Wars and geek out together.

  6. Kimberly Hosey (AZ Writer)

    Oh, I laughed and laughed at that. My son caught me and came in to look, and all he noticed was “Hey! It’s Ben 10 stuff!” Yeah. That’s it. Ben 10 just makes me SO happy.

    I wouldn’t want to be “defeated” by Humgousaur either.

  7. Andrea

    That is very funny! The princess and fairy figures are played with quite often in my house, luckyily, they don’t get that “kind” of action! ha!
    Stopping in from SITS!

  8. Mommy Taylor

    OMG LOL Hilarious! I was laughing so hard that my 3 year old jumps up on my lap just now to see what I was looking at… “What is that?!” He asks me. “Umm… well…. looks like the bad guys defeated the good guys.” LOL

    Stopped by from SITS! πŸ™‚

  9. Linda

    Good Morning. Thank you for your comment. It is good to know that someone agrees with me. So beautiful to look at but somedays not worth going out….too cold. Hate putting on all that outside gear….
    Love this post, too funny. Great way to start a cold Saturday morning. I am still smiling.

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  11. lauren

    Umm… this is probably one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while. Kids… you gotta love em, sometimes I wish I were still oblivious and naive, maybe not what your son illustrated here… but other things:) thanks for a great laugh! Happy sits day!

  12. Mindy

    HA… the innocence of a child πŸ™‚ But just wait ’til he sees that when he’s older (a lot older, right?!)! I’m sure he’ll get a good laugh out of it too.

    Stopping by from SITS! πŸ™‚

  13. Annie @ astonesthrowfrominsanity

    Love this! Our 2 year old really loved Santa this year and she couldn’t pronounce his name. Instead, it came out, “Santa COCK!” Hubs and I couldn’t help but laugh ourselves hysterical whenever she would spy the jolly fat man. We have warped, warped minds.:)

  14. Lisa

    oh the good ole action figure days..
    my little one is not so much a fan of action figures as he is Thomas but my two oldest were


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