Happiness is …..

27th June 2010

when my 3 year old sits calmly (and beautifully) for a picture.

a 6 year old boy with a sense of humour than can rival any adult’s.

finding out what fun can be found in a $2 novelty.

watching a little boy just be a boy, down to his core.

two little cousins, “bess fwends” and “pwincesses”.

seeing yourself in your child’s eyes.

a new lovely, perfect, sweet smelling baby niece.

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19 thoughts on “Happiness is …..

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  2. Tricia

    Your son looks like he’s going to take Hollywood by storm someday; and your daughter, well, obviously she’s going to be a fabulous model/doctor/lawyer/writer/actress/artist….

    They SO take after you….


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