Two of these Things are not Like the Other

7th July 2010

Spot the Difference?

Evidently, I gave birth to not one, but two working mannequins.


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26 thoughts on “Two of these Things are not Like the Other

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  2. Sandy

    Your kids are so cute and funny. I can just tell by looking at your daughter that I would LOVE her sense of humor.

    Hey, I posted a Q & A on my blog. Come by and ask me a question so I don’t feel like too much of a dork 🙂

  3. drlori71

    LOL! I took the same picture of my kids with the mannequins & posted it on my blog too! Those mannequins are a little creepy but your kids (and mine) are cute.

    1. Maria

      Those mannequins are totally creepy! But my daughter has this need to hold their hands whenever we go into the store, which I find hilarious. She also pets the dog and dresses it with accessories.

  4. Elle

    So funny! I can’t wait until ON get’s a new campaign. Although the mannequins aren’t as freaky as the Burger King…um….king guy.

  5. Jacki

    I agree about the creepy mannequins. And how cute are your kidlets there?!

    (Your tweet had me completely freaked out, by the way!)

  6. Erin

    they do blend right in! we were at ON last weekend and one of my girls broke one of the kiddie mannequins despite numerous threats not to touch them. mannequin looked like an amputee after my kid was done w/ her. i couldn’t get her arms back on no matter how hard i tried.

  7. Krystal

    AWESOME! My kid does stuff like that, too. The best was when he went up to two mannequins wearing lingerie in JCPenney one day, put his arms around their waists (there was one on each side of him) and he said, in a really creepy voice, “Heeeeeyyyyyy ladies!”

    He’s five. I think he was still four at the time.

    And I think a salesgirl peed her pants laughing at him.

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