What To Take In Case of a Emergency

18th August 2010

Do you ever ask yourself what you would take with you in case of an Armageddon/Apocalypse/holy shit someone just blew up the Starbucks kind of emergency?

Too dramatic?

Okay, well let’s say you had to leave your house real quick because of a you’re-avoiding-the-in-laws kind of emergency (yes to some, this equals the apocalypse). What would you take with you in case of  a fake emergency?

While you ponder, let me tell you what I would take.

First, let’s set aside the obvious take-withs:

  • Kids – legally required to do so – also they are too cute to leave behind.
  • Husband – full-time chauffeur – also legally obligated.
  • Handbag – contains cash and 400 lip glosses that I can’t live without.
  • Cell – because the urge to tweet is STRONG.

Obvious stuff now in hand, what about those other can’t-live-without items?

In case of emergency, I won’t forget:

  • A lamp – in case I need to see something in the dark.
  • Bacon – because protein is always important when running from aliens (and in-laws).
  • Bandaids – to help in reattaching that limb lost when running from that meteor (or in-law).
  • Perfume – because smelling like a daisy is always a lovely thing.
  • A pen and paper – to make a list of things I probably should have brought in case of that emergency, that just happens to be happening while I’m making said list.
  • Workout dvd – for those need-to-tone-your-thigh moments.
  • Lego – in case I need something painful to step on when I happen to be barefoot.
  • Starbucks card – because if I don’t have access to my daily latte, it might as well be the apocalypse.
  • Photos of my loved ones – VERY important – DO NOT leave behind.
  • Tape – to tape said beloved photos to the ceiling (for. safe. keeping)

I am so prepared now.

What will you take?

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18 thoughts on “What To Take In Case of a Emergency

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  2. mapsgirl

    Usually my “in case of emergency” thoughts involve my house burning down. Some nights I’ll lie in bed worrying about what I’d miss because I know that I couldn’t grab everything that I need without running all over the house. I really do need to come up with a better plan.

    1. admin Post author

      All I really worry about beyond the humans, is my photo albums – I would surely get trapped trying to pull those puppies out with me.

  3. Justine

    I adore your adoration of Colin Firth. And what a great laugh this a.m. – especially the lego part since that’s exactly what I did this morning. Thank you for this list. Can I just use yours? (Minus Firth).

  4. Kate

    Geez. Some people are obviously much more prepared than I. I keep eyeing those little first-aid kits in the drugstore. I think to myself, “I should get one of those!” Then I go to the candy aisle and buy Twizzlers instead.

    I would remember to buy Colin Firth, though. I’m not that far gone.

  5. Hawkis

    There was once a fire in my residence at university in the middle of the night. I ended up on the sidewalk outside in my pj’s clutching my bank card and my birth control pills.
    Times change I guess, huh?

    1. admin Post author

      Yes, well my list is meant to be a “funny” list, and nothing serious, although I would still take my handbag and 400 lip glosses.

  6. Veronica

    How are you planning on cooking the bacon? I’m just curious…

    I would take the essentials (kids, husband, photos) and then, my camera and all the lenses. I don’t care that they’re insured, I don’t want to have to wait for a replacement. Also whatever book I’m reading at the moment, because I wouldn’t cope with having to wait to finish it.


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