DK Books Canada – Review and Giveaway

3rd September 2010

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Chris from DK Books Canada when I contacted the company for a possible swag sponsorship for my Blogher event DINHER. They were very generous with our Dinher event, and they also sent me a few of their books to review as well.

First off, is The Illustrated Kitchen Bible1,000 family recipes from around the world. I was pretty thrilled to get the chance to check this one out because I am slightly addicted to cookbooks. I have hundreds and this one is a lovely addition to my collection. It gives all the necessary details needed to succeed at the recipe, including:

  • What should the finished dish look like?
  • Can I prepare it ahead of time?
  • How long will it take to make?
  • Is the recipe healthy?
  • Do I need special cooking equipment?
  • What should I serve it with?

Every recipe has a beautiful photograph and is clearly written in approximately six steps. There are several sections in the book including: Starters and Light Bites, Main and Side Dishes, Cakes and Desserts and Techniques. It really is a beautiful cookbook that I really enjoy reading, and I think it would be a valuable addition to anyone’s cookbook collection.

Next, they sent me two books for the kids and they were both a big his with my six year old.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Character Encyclopedia

My son squealed when he saw this book, because he is a huge Star Wars fan. The book, by New York Times best-selling author Jason Fry, lists more than 200 Star Wars characters, dedicating a page to each. You’ll learn “new things about who they are, where they come from, and how they are affected by the events of the Clone Wars“. You get a full color photo of the character, their Stats and tons of trivia to boot. Everyone from Yoda to Count Dooku to Sionver Boll can be found mentioned, and the book includes everyone from Season 1 and 2 of The Clone Wars TV series. This is a fantastic book that any Star Wars fan would love and enjoy.

Children’s Book of Art

This book introduces a younger reader to some of the world’s noted paintings and sculptures. It is a beautiful book filled with bright, colourful pictures and packed with facts, from pre-history all the way to the 20th Century. This book will teach the reader “different art styles, the works and lives of famous artists and sculptors, the way some artworks were created and the amazing range of art around the world.” My favorite pages were those that teach you different art techniques used, such as watercolors, pastels and oil paints. There is an amazing amount of information in this 140 page book, and it is geared toward the 7 – 12 year old reader. For the child who shows an interest in art and/or sculpture, this would be a lovely gift to encourage and support that interest!


Thanks to DK Books Canada, I have (1) copy of The Illustrated Kitchen Bible to give away to a lucky winner! This will be a simple and quick giveaway!


For your Main Entry:  Leave me a comment below with the name of what your favorite cookbook is!  Yup, that’s it!

(Bonus Entry): If you would like another entry, join my Google Friend Connect and let me know that did (or already do) in a separate comment below.


  • This giveaway will run from Friday, September 3rd 2010 until Friday, September 10th, 2010.
  • The winner will be announced Saturday, September 11th, 2010.
  • I will choose one winner using (please make sure I can contact you through either your email or Twitter handle).
  • This giveaway is open to CANADIAN RESIDENTS only.


Congrats to #37 – Momma Sunshine (@Momma_Sunshine)!!! Thanks to everyone who entered!

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48 thoughts on “DK Books Canada – Review and Giveaway

  1. Londia

    I like the Looney Spoons Cook Book.
    I have another but not classed as a cookbook
    But it is by Kraft Foods called
    What’s Cooking Magazine those we use alot for simple, delicious and quick recipes.

    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

  2. Marie

    I have several cookbooks that I could name as favourites, but the one I’ve been using all summer is: Barbeque Secrets by Ron Shewchuk.


  3. Lady Mama

    Hello! I love cook books and I like the sound of this one – anything that makes dinner planning easy is good. I have lots of cook books too, all of which I love. One of my current favourites is called Cooking by James Peterson – it has a lot of well-known recipes but all of them are excellent. 🙂

  4. GiggilinMichelle

    We love the Joy of Cooking cookbook in our house! The best recipe for pancakes from scratch I’ve ever used!

  5. Chantal

    I have to admit that even though I own a ton of cookbooks I rarely use them. I guess my favourite one is a collection of recipes that was put together by the Kinette Club of Canada. It is probably 20 years old, my mom gave it to me when I went off to University. Since every person submitted their favourite recipes it is full of gems!

    I also cook a lot from the Kraft Kitchens magazine… yup.

  6. Myrtle

    I absolutely LOVE Baking with Julia. What a great thing- reviewing cook books. I love cookbooks. i actually collect first editions. Too bad I ruined my favourite one- by using it too much. It is such a beautiful book.


    My favourite is the Better Homes and
    Gardens Cookbook with the red and white checked cover. It has been my bible for more than 50 years and I have worn out two of them!

  8. Jeanette R.

    I love a classic: “The Joy of Cooking.” It has everything you ever need to know about cooking. I always find myself coming back to it time and time again for anything from soups to desserts.

    I also joined as a Google friend

  9. Daniella

    I also have a ragged old Joy of Cooking cookbook that was my mothers I remember when it was brand new and it’s still by far my favorite today!


  10. Aliya D.

    I really liked the recent James Beard Award Winner ‘The Country Cooking of Ireland’… Thanks!

    Aliya D.

  11. Maria

    The Joy of Cooking. My copy is well over 30 years old and even though someone purchased me a brand new book because they were discussed by the way my old book looks I still grab my old one first. I have corners folded over for favourite recipes newspaper clippings of recipes jammed in between, no front cover, recipes scribbled on paper napkins and of course its splattered full of batter and spilled wine.

  12. Cheri Gallant

    It’s not an official cookbook, but my grandma left me hers. It has all our family recipes, that, you can not replace.

  13. Momma Sunshine

    My favourite recipe book is The Vegetarian Family Cookbook by Nava Atlas. I’m not officially vegetarian, but the book has lots of good family-friendly recipes with good serving suggestions.

  14. mousecat

    I really like the old Canadian Living cookbook collection that you were able to collect at Shell? gas stations years ago (was it already about 20 yrs ago???) Anyways, I couldn’t cook at all and those recipes work all the time. I’m still getting recipes from Cdn Living magazine! yum!

  15. Muckymoo

    Five Roses Flour cookbook has been with me for 30 years now and is looking pretty tattered but I love it. Simple but tasty.

  16. Andie Hazard

    Mark Bittman’s “How to Cook Everything” is my go-to cookbook to learn the basics of pretty much everything. I have others for new ideas, but that one is where I turn to learn how to do things for the first time.

  17. Alyssa

    I love my hersheys chocolate baking/cook book! Desserts galore including drinks hot or cold all chocolate! Yum! This would be a great addition to my growing collection!

    My Twitter ID: @AMotherhoodBlog 😉

  18. Madeline


    My favorite cookbook is Rachel Ray’s “Cooking Rocks! Rachael Ray 30-Minute Meals for Kids” This is a great book for those who want to cook with their kids. (plus kids tend to eat the meals they make themselves so it’s win-win)


  19. Madeline

    I have also joined your Google Friend Connect with my Auntie Flamingo ID. You can contact me via the email address I added or on Twitter @auntieflamingo



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