Cheerios Milestones Blog Tour & Giveaway

23rd October 2010


Milestones are something all parents pay attention to. Whether it’s to monitor our children’s progress, or completing our kid’s baby books (Does anyone actually finish those?), milestones are important to every parent. If I’m to think about a particular memorable milestone involving my own children, I would have to say that walking for my first born, my son, was a stressful one. He was a late walker, well over 18 months in fact. He could cruise the furniture, but simply refused to walk. I wasn’t really worried about him until my doctor told me that I should absolutely be concerned. He sent me to a specialist, who was also concerned. He then proceeded to tell me that my son needed x-rays and blood taken from the heels of his feet. I made an appointment and left. The next day I cancelled it, and I’m glad I did. Two weeks later, the little man who refused to walk, was running around like a champ.

Cheerios is also currently celebrating  milestones, would love to invite you to enter their contest. You can go to until December 15, 2010, to upload a favorite photo of your child – in doing so, you will be entered for a chance to be “one of 20 finalists to appear on a special edition Cheerios Box and win Cheerios for a YEAR! And one grand prize winner will win $10,000 RESP from TD Canada Trust.”

You can also enter a mini “Milestones” giveaway here as well. Leave me a comment below, telling me about a memorable milestone involving your children. One winner will win a Cheerios playbook (I actually bought this for my kids years ago, because they loved Cheerios, and they loved playing with it).  This contest ends Friday, October 29th, 2010.

Disclosure – I am participating in the Cheerios Milestones program by Mom Central on behalf of General Mills. I received a gift card as a thank you for my participation. The opinions on this blog are my own.


Thank you to everyone for entering!

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15 thoughts on “Cheerios Milestones Blog Tour & Giveaway

  1. Carla Pullum

    My daughter milestone was graduating from speech therapy. She went into to speech at school because she has a hard time with words and she came home and said I don’t have to go no more and she got a certificate! yeah!

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  4. esther

    I remember the doctor asking if my daughter could pick things up with her thumb & index finger…and I hadn’t really noticed! So I gave her cheerios, and she could do it! =)

  5. sarah t

    a memoriable milestone for my son who has a large speech delay was just last week he learned to count to five outloud.i was so proud i cried.

  6. Sharon Howell

    Our most recent milestone was when our 2 year old with Down Syndrome recently took her first steps. Talk about a proud Mommy and Daddy moment.

  7. Rachel D.

    The most memorable milestone so far with my son just happened the other day…he said “I Love You”…he is 2 and we have been trying to get him to say it for a LONG time, so that was such a wonderful moment!

  8. RobynL

    my babies came to me at ages 13 & 15 as step sons(their Mom passed away from cancer).

    The 13 yr. old called me Mom one day and I nearly fell to the floor. I was pleased but then it stopped as he thought it didn’t sound right to him. That was a great moment for me.

  9. Heather M

    I remember when my little girl was 5 month old and she pulled herself up on the side of the couch, I was happy but definitely taken back, I wanted her to stay my little baby for a bit longer 🙂

  10. monika gardiner

    my last milestone would have to be my son working so hard with his teacher to leran sign language and he is doing so well.



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