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30th November 2010

In celebration of National Adoption Month, I recently received a copy of the children’s book Adopted Ed by Darren Maddern (illustrations by Erin Fusco) to review.

Adopted Ed is the story of a little boy named Eddie, who is adopted, and because he’s “different”, he experiences bullying at school. With the support of his parents, he’s able to get through it, and when he gets older and feels a void from not knowing his birth parents, his adoptive parents help him through that too.

I chose to review this book, because adoption is close to my heart as my husband was actually adopted as a baby. I thought this book would be a great story to share with my children, as a way to better understand adoption and what it means to a child, and their dad.

I thought this book was a really sweet story. From the illustrations (which were simple but perfectly coupled to the story), to the rhyming and overall message of the book, it is sure to be enjoyed by anyone who reads it.

My kids really enjoyed it, as did I, and there were some sections that really stood out for me. Personally, I loved when he confronted his bully, who was picking on him because he was adopted and “different”, by saying, “MY PARENTS CHOSE ME, YOURS  WERE STUCK WITH YOU.”

I also really loved the pages (to the left) that read, “So whether you’re Chinese, African or even from Spain, an adopted child is a gift just the same.”

At the end of the story, the author includes a section about famous people who are adopted, including everyone from Marilyn Monroe to Nelson Mandela. I thought it was a great way to end the book, and underline the message that being different can make the person that much more special. Being different is ok and wonderful, and not something to be embarassed or sad about. Being different is something to be celebrated, as Eddie says in the end, So puff out your chest, and say it out loud, “I’m Adopted, I’m Special!” and stand very proud.

I think this would be a perfect book to share with children and families that have experiences with adoption, while also a lovely story with adorable illustrations, entertaining and empowering for children of any age.

You can find Adopted Ed on Amazon – please check it out and support Darren Maddern, a first-time author!!

You can also find Adopted Ed at AdoptedEd.comTwitter and Facebook.

Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this book to review from One2One Network – my review in my own.

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