Weight Watchers Point Plus – Week Two

17th January 2011

Let me tell you about Week Two.


Not a shocker, but week two for me is ALWAYS a downer. No matter how much I succeed during week one, and I’m pretty sure week one can be considered a success, I usually suck at week two. Don’t get me wrong, I followed the plan for the most part, although I had a couple of indiscretions (hello vanilla bean scone and french fries – I blame my girly sleepover with my friend, Sarah). But it’s the week where I always realize the size of the mountain that I need to climb to get to the end, because no matter how great I do during week one, week two will always be a smaller number, in terms of a weight loss.

The Biggest Loser, this is not.

This is where the whole mental thing really comes in for me. I tell myself that I can’t do it, because I have SO MUCH WEIGHT to lose. The negative talk in my head is non-stop and really kind of pathetic. I kick myself when I’m down at every turn. I wish I only had to lose 15-20lbs so I wouldn’t feel so damned overwhelmed every time I think about it. I’m really trying to think positive, but I’m kind of a weight loss failure, if you haven’t noticed. I totally suck at it, because mentally, I just tell myself it can’t happen.

Another thing that ALWAYS hurts my chances – a certain individual who feels the need to ask me a million questions, each and every day, about what I’m eating, did I exercise and how much weight have I lost so far. They mean well, but it’s brutal on my motivation, and killer on the self-esteem.

Things I did right:

  • Stayed on plan for the most part

Things I did wrong:

  • Haven’t started exercising – although I did purchase a treadmill, I didn’t actually get it home until the night before my husband left on his business trip. It is still in the box, and will be assembled TONIGHT.
  • Made some bad food choices as mentioned above.

What did I lose:

Weighed in this morning, and was thankful and sort of surprised to find out that I’m down another two pounds – praying works!

Total Weight Loss:

8.5 lbs


How did you do this week? How do you stay motivated when you have a lot of weight to lose? Whether you’re doing WW, or another plan, or your own thing, please link up so we can support each other!


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38 thoughts on “Weight Watchers Point Plus – Week Two

  1. Londia

    Yes we can be our worst enemy to ourselves. But i say you can do it. Also get that treadmill together. 🙂 IF you have it in an area that you can listen to music can make you feel motivated too.
    Keep us up to date on how you are doing.
    Great results so far.

  2. Nikki

    I am really enjoying reading about your journey. Everything that you wrote and are thinking is normal and most people struggle with it.

    Have you tried setting small goals for yourself? Instead of looking at the BIG picture, why not set a date for a 10-15lb weight loss goal? By setting small goals you will feel bigger accomplishments and it will fuel your confidence.

    Keep up the great work! When you fall, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep moving forward toward your goal.

    1. MARIA Post author

      Thanks Nikki!! I totally agree with you – smaller goals would be much less painful than thinking of such a big number. It’s discouraging, but I’m trying to get past the number.

  3. Jen


    Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you if you aren’t celebrating in the streets over 8.5 lbs lost, you’re crazy! Many resources say weight loss of 1-2 lbs per week is reasonable and practical. So that means your first week was off the charts and your second right on par for long term weight loss. You’re doing well, and I hope I see you doing more celebrating than “meh”ing, lol. ; )

    And I like the comment above about just aiming for 10-15 lbs to start…why not set up a treat for yourself for every 10 or 15 lbs lost? There are some people who struggle like crazy to lose 10 lbs…and you’ve almost done it already. I’m thinking pedicure, massage, etc…ooh…the possibilities.

    Have fun on your treadmill! Get some good tunes ready! Not only CAN you do this…you already ARE!

    1. MARIA Post author

      THANK YOU JEN!! And yes, I’m crazy – wishing for bigger numbers is in my nature evidently. Also, I just want to get this freaking weight off – the sooner the better (flawed thinking I know).

  4. Sandy (@sandyel)

    You’re doing great Maria! I think that all you can do is take it one day at a time. Maybe instead of thinking of the total amount of weight that you need to lose, try thinking of it as five pounds at a time? I think that might work wonders for your self esteem and motivation! 🙂 Baby steps!

  5. Nancy

    Way to go. I’m down 2.8 after week 1 and now I’m into week two. I hear you on the temptations. I dipped into my weekly reserve on Sat and Sun because I was tired of feeling hungry no matter how many veggies I ate. Oh, and the awesome creamy dip at game night was too good to pass up. At least we brought our own 7-point pasta dish to keep ourselves from going over the top.

    Hopefully you learned in week 2 that it’s okay yo have the fun foods you love every once on awhile. It’s the daily excesses that put us into this predicament.

    Hang in there and good luck this week!

  6. Lindsey

    Hello darlink, just hauled out all my WW stuff yesterday, yes, at the meetings your goal is 10% of your current weight… but I think starting smaller is good. 10 then 20…. when you go to a meeting, you get ribbons and stickers and people clap. If you can get to a meeting, go. Really is amazing the support you get and guess what? Everyone is in the same boat.

    I went with a friend and it was a little competitive… we had similar goals and I used to work hard just to beat her… Hell, whatever motivation works, right?

    Oh and 2lbs is AWESOME! Way to go!!

    PS Park that treadmill in from of the TV and go at it sister!!

  7. Heather B

    I so could have written this post about myself! I am the WORST self sabotager EVER!!! You are not alone when it comes to the 2nd week being the worst!

    We must be sub-conscientiously channeling each other because I lost another 2lbs also for 8.5lbs total!!!!! We can do this girl!!!

    Oh and instead of thinking about your goal weight do exactly what you said. Treat it as if you only have 15-20 lbs to lose! Then when you get there do the same all over! It works so much better mentally!!!

  8. ShannonL

    Good job, Maria! The good thing about WW is if you slip a little every once in a while, you can get right back on it and it’s not a big deal. My full two weeks will be up tomorrow, but I weighed myself yesterday and I’ve lost 4 lbs. Yay! I am following the plan really closely, but I just felt like I wasn’t losing anything. I’m glad to see that I am!

    What makes it easier for me is that my hubby is following the plan with me. He doesn’t need to lose as much as me, but he can stand to lose about 20 pounds. We motivate each other, so I can really understand how hard it is for you sometimes to keep the motivation going all by yourself! Do you know anyone IRL that is also dieting? If not, it might be worth it to go to “real” WW meetings, rather than just online to get the encouragement and support that you need. Good luck! I really enjoy the updates!

    1. MARIA Post author

      Hey Shannon! Congrats!! It’s great that your man is doing it with you – I think that’s going to make a big difference in terms of motivation and success for sure. I’m going to stick with the online for three months (I hope) since it’s been paid for, and then I might to switch to meetings at that point. Thanks for following along!!

  9. Jen


    Congratulations!! I’m also starting week three and after loosing 10 pounds the first week, I was very upset to not lose anything last week. Historically week 2 has always been a bad week for me, but not losing anything is very discouraging 🙁 I’m wondering if I’m eating too much fruit to make up for the veggies since the only veggie I like is cucumbers. I’m having about two cups of grapes a day, an orange and an apple a day. Is that too much?? Anyway, hopefully I will have a loss on Saturday. Have a good week!!

    1. ShannonL

      Hi Jen,

      I am following WW too, but it is from the books of one of the older plans. I heard that the newest plan assigns zero points for most fruit, where the older one that I’m following is usually 1 point per fruit. So, according to the one I follow, your two cups of grapes, an orange and an apple would be four points. Most veggies, on the other hand, are zero points. Nothing for carrots, celery, cucumber, etc.

      If you are at your maximum points at the end of each (or most) days, you might want to look at your fruit intake. If those four points don’t even put you over the limit, then I would just say keep sticking with it! I was the opposite and didn’t lose anything after the first week, but lost 4 pounds the second week so it all balanced out! Good luck! 🙂

      1. Jen

        Hi Shannon

        I usually go to bed with about 3-4 pts left. Left week I only used 10 of my weekly points, but I still didn’t lose. I’m trying to think positively and remember I did lose 10 pds the week before, but I have to tell you it is a disappointment when you follow the plan and don’t lose. I”m really hoping the scale likes me this week 🙂

    2. mamaspeak

      It’s not uncommon for people to jump the next week after a big weight loss. 10lbs is a big weight loss. Honestly, I’m shocked you didn’t gain a little, so that’s pretty awesome. My body tends to do this, so don’t worry. Stick w/what you’re doing & it’s show. I imagine it already is.

    3. MARIA Post author

      I agree that 10 pounds is a HUGE weight loss in the first week and would totally explain the lack of weight loss the next week.

  10. Tara

    Two pounds? AWESOME!
    I agree, the second week is the hardest. It just goes to show that the changes you did make made a huge difference. Two pounds is the recommended, so always aim for that, not much more.
    Now the only question is – will you choose to treat yourself to your activity points or ignore them for extra bang on the scale?
    Good luck this week!!

  11. amber

    That’s fantastic. I’m kinda sorta doing WW but I need to really commit. I keep giving myself excuses, and that sure as heck isn’t doing me any good.

    1. patrcia daniel

      this is also my second time around and i gained almost all of the 45 pounds i lost just went back to eating out and sweets. i am really mad at myself but could have stopped myself but i did not. It is depressing because i have a huge amount to lose. i hope this time i will stick to it and the weight comes off

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  13. kate

    I’m just off week 3 of WW Online and have only lost 5 lbs…Yes – I know this is a victory, but I’ve been working really hard at it and expected a little more. I think wine is my enemy, although I counted each and every glass – going to try no alcohol this week, and more vegetables.

    This is my 2nd time with WW – 1st run I lost almost 20 lbs in 3 months! Hoping for a repeat, as I’ve gained it all back 🙁 Hoping for 30 this time.

    Glad I found your blog – helps to hear others’ stories going through the same thing!

  14. Paula

    I’ve been doing WW for a while now and I think 8.5 lbs is terrific.
    I’ve always found that looking at my weight loss total for a month rather than a week tells the story a little better. So, you may be up a little or down a little week to week, but looking back over a month usually puts things into better perspective and keeps me going!

  15. nicole

    Way to go! I know it is hard but try to focus on just one day at a time. You just have to make good choices today, and not think about tomorrow. You can do it!

  16. Shannon

    Congrats! 8.5lbs in 2 wks is awesome! Remember “they” say we should only be losing 1-2 lbs per week to lose at a healthy weight so this weeks loss (although less than last weeks) was at a healthy rate!

    I think you’re doing awesome. I wish I were doing as well as you. I started before xmas and was ok until xmas eve… and now I still haven’t gotten back to being fully on program.

    If you need to feel better about only losing 2 lbs in a week imagine 2 lbs of butter on your body or you can go buy a medical model of a lb of fat (it looks much grosser than a lb of butter!).

    Good Luck and keep going! I’m going to try to join and then I will add my blog to your mr linky (assuming I can get that organized!)

  17. mamaspeak

    I know we already talked about it via Twitter, but for anyone else who reads this, I’m going to say it again.

    You should only be losing .5-1.0 a week. First week is usually a bigger loss, like you had. More than that & your body will try to gain it back. You didn’t gain it overnight, you aren’t going to lose it overnight.
    Shoot for your 5% as your first goal. Maybe focus on 5% at a time. REWARD yourself. It doesn’t have to be w/food. But it’s also ok, if once in a while it is w/food. Something special, that you’re really staying away from. Still count it.
    Don’t deprive yourself. Eat the things you want or you won’t stick to it. You can’t eat them the way you’ve been eating them. Maybe only once a week, but allow yourself the things you love, or you won’t stay. I have more, but that’s it for now.
    You’re doing amazing!

  18. raquel

    hey ladies! i just had a baby 4 months ago and boy do i need to lose! lol.

    i started ww jan. 1st and i have yet to lose more than 2 lbs.

    i congratulate you on your 8.5lbs!keep up the good work.

    do you guys have any simple recipes that i could whip up? i have 2 small children and they seem to consume most of my time these days!

    1. mamaspeak


      Are you breastfeeding? If you are you may hit a point at which your body just won’t allow you to lose anymore weight. It’s very common; nature’s way of making sure you have what you need for your baby. Also, once you do stop bf your body may suddenly drop 10 lbs (or a chunk of weight) do not be lulled into thinking this will stay off! After a week or two your body will realize it is not burning the same amount of calories & will try to tack it back on. (I speak from experience.) Beside eating healthy, I personally found my best defense was walking. If I got in 30 minutes of walking everyday, I could eat anything I wanted. Often, those were in 3 10 min chunks. Everyone is different, but thought I throw that stuff out there. Weight loss after a baby is a whole different ball game.
      Good Luck!

  19. Corine

    This weekend I was a weight watchers disgrace…. It was embarrassing … but I owned up to it on the blog… hoping that will make me not do it again.

    We all have slip ups- we just have to keep on going.

    8.5 total is awesome!! Be proud! 🙂

  20. Angel

    Just found this blog and I like it. I will be back. Thanks for your real life take on weight loss! 8.5 you must be doing something right and I agree prayer works :O) Eating Less and Moving More, Angel

  21. adam

    What is wrong with 2 lbs?! 2 lbs is great. You can’t feel guilty for a few treats like french fries or a scone. As long as you count them, it’s all allowed. That’s why I love WW! Little indulgences are encouraged and healthy.

    congrats on the loss so far!

  22. LeahJael

    So I randomly found your blog, and love that we are in the same boat. Except I am super pumped about 4 pounds in two weeks, and you are super bummed about 8.5???? How awesome is that? You felt like you didn’t do it all right, and you still lost two pounds, which is pretty average for all weight loss programs!
    Keep your chin up and press forward! And remember this is a roller coaster ride. Being a woman there are so many fluctuations in hormones, energy levels, etc, that one week will NEVER be the same as the last!!!!

    Keep going!!

  23. Deanna

    I’m about to start week three on Tuesday! I haven’t weighed myself yet tho. I hope it’s as much as you!

    You’re doing great and I love reading your blog! You are helping us all.

    Be well!!

  24. Caroline Loder

    It took me 9 moths to grow an 8.5lb. baby boy. You lost that much weight (that of a newborn baby) in just 2 weeks. Remarkable!!!

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