Weight Watchers Points Plus – Week Three

24th January 2011

Week Three was le suck.

I had a bad week – It’s that hellish time of the month, I didn’t follow the plan 100% and worse, I didn’t keep track of my food the entire time.

I didn’t exercise. I blame the new treadmill, which up until a couple of days ago, was just a huge dirty box in my front hall.

I would also like to blame the fact that trying to assemble the beast was trying at best. Also, we don’t really have a home for this treadmill that is much, much bigger than I initially thought, so it’s sitting in the middle of our playroom/tv room and I hate it.

It’s a hideous monstrosity. (Yes, making excuses for my failure is my specialty -thank you for asking).

Anyway, by some miracle, I didn’t gain any weight (I didn’t lose any either) so it’s a tie I suppose.


I did want to also talk about a couple of new shows that I’ve been watching about weight loss – HEAVY and I USED TO BE FAT.

I’m not sure if you’ve seen either show, but they are really worth checking out.

I USED TO BE FAT is on MTV and follows younger adults who are transitioning from high school to college and need to lose weight. They get a trainer, who works with them every day for approx. 3 months to try to “give them their life back.” The only thing I don’t love is that most of these kids need to lose about90-100 pounds which equals 1 pound a day, and they are led to think that it’s possible and “normal” to lose that. I think that’s crazy talk. The most recent episode involved this sad, beautiful blonde girl, who needed to lose 100 pounds in that amount of time, but was disappointed when she only lost 50 (which is amazing in my book). The great thing was that they followed up with her three months later, and she continued on her own and lost another 25 – again, amazing. I think the great thing about the follow up was the change in her mental state, from a sad girl who didn’t think she could do it, to this strong, independent women. Despite the unrealistic expectations that some of the trainers use, I think it’s a great show.

The other show is called HEAVY on A&E and I really like this show – much better than The Biggest Loser. This show follows two morbidly obese individuals, who are in a life and death situation in terms of their weight. It’s not a competition, there are no prizes – it’s sole purpose is to help two people get healthy and lose weight. I love that the two individuals can work together to support each other as well. It’s a great, inspiring show with POSITIVE, trainers that are there to do their jobs, and not become household names/personas.

If you enjoy this type of show, and find them entertaining or inspiring, I think they are definitely worth checking out.


Things I did right:

  • Still pondering this one

Things I did wrong:

  • Didn’t track my food
  • Didn’t drink enough water
  • Didn’t exercise
  • Didn’t get enough sleep
  • I could go on for days

What did I lose:

The big ZERO (I didn’t gain – miracles do happen)

Total Weight Loss:

8.5 lbs



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27 thoughts on “Weight Watchers Points Plus – Week Three

  1. Lindsey

    This week will be better!! You’re still doing great. Remember it’s a journey. Now get on that treadmill!! I promise to be good this week too. Finished up the cake that was in the fridge so I am good to go. 🙂

  2. Tanya

    It’s a fresh week and you have an awesome attitude. I am on the same journey and have also hit a few bumps this week. I have a few more days to try to work a pound off so have been sweating it out at the gym. Hang in there. Take a deep breath and know this is just a pothole on this highway of weight loss. If only it could be a smooth road. Keep going!

  3. Shawna Greying

    So I am a lifetime member at WW and decided to go to a meeting last week to pick up the new info about the points plus program after not going for 3 years. I have about 15-20lbs to lose and even though I got my butt to a meeting I haven’t even read through the documents to even try to start tracking my food with the new system. Don’t be so hard on yourself Maria, you are doing something about it and whether you were 100% successful is besides the point! Keep up the great work and you’ll get back on track this week. Good luck!

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  5. ShannonL

    Don’t worry about it – just get back on it this week and be sure to write things down!

    I didn’t do too well last week myself… I also failed to write ANYTHING down (I tried to keep a mental calculation, but it just isn’t the same), and we took a family trip to Montreal this week where I ate a chocolate bar and fries! Oops. Anyway, I’m not down about it. I’m not going to weigh myself, though. Just back on top of things and definitely writing everything down. Keep it up, chicky. You can DO this! 🙂 Nice to see such honesty – we all go through it. And the treadmill? I had one. Never used it. Luckily we bought it second-hand. I did start going to Curves the last time I was on WW and I enjoyed it. I would like to do it again, but to be honest I don’t like to commit for a full year (last time I didn’t go for the last 3 months, so I lost that money).

    Good luck!

    1. MARIA Post author

      Thanks Shannon. My goal is to do C25K and since I’m not one to do anything out in the freezing cold, this treadmill is it. I’m not a gym person at all – can’t tell you how many times I’ve joined only to not go. Good luck next week – hope it’s better for both of us!

  6. Devan @ Accustomed Chaos

    i had a difficult week last week – with the snow and the freezing weather it was hard for me to get out. dont let the week side track you 🙂 – staying the same is better then gaining – throwing motivation & good vibes your way this week!

  7. mel

    I’m not doing WW, I probably should, but I’m not. This week is another week. Live to move forward. I say applaud yourself for not gaining and just reflect back on your “did wrong” list. Maybe post it on the fridge.

  8. Heather B

    We all have bad weeks! Not gaining is awesome even if you didn’t lose anything!!!! That means you did something right! Keep going girl! You are doing fabulous!!!!!

  9. Elaine

    Try not to let it get you down, at least you didn’t gain! (like someone else I know personally, sitting here typing…) I’ve just been eating too much sugar lately. Gotta get back on it after Blissdom this week.

    Anyway, keep at it girl, I have a feeling you’re gonna lose some this week…

    And Heavy sounds like a good show, I may have to check that one out.

  10. coffee with julie

    I don’t know Ms. Maria, if I had lost 8.5lbs in 3 weeks I think I’d be happy! That’s a good amount of weight! I’ve been doing boot camp for 7 weeks and I’ve only lost 6 pounds! :p

  11. nicole

    There are always going to be weeks where things don’t change. Some fluctuation is normal, especially when you are living a real life, one that includes unexpected illness and busy-ness and all of that. I have watched both of those shows too. I am unable to resist the weight loss shows for some reason. I hope it is because they are inspiring. And I like Bob on BL, I think he is mostly positive and encouraging. 😉

  12. Corine

    The beginnig it always tough I find after the first week, the rest of the month is a roller coaster as you try to get on a roll with it.

    I didn’t post this week. I really should. WK 3 was slightly better than wk 2 for me… And by slightly I mean I managed to lose what I gained the week before plus 1 lb. Total weight loss 4 lbs.

    Keep at it! 8 lbs is still great 🙂

  13. cathy

    I found this blog this morning after my week two weigh in where i lost NOTHING! I didn’t gain either but I am so disappointed. Week one i lost 4 lbs. I am working out 3-4X per week and following the PP. I have a Mardi Gras ball next weekend and am not doing as well as I anticipated. : ( I am hoping that this week it’s water retention. Your blog is keeping me keeping on this morning….keep doing what you’re doing and I’m going to follow you.

  14. Jenn

    I just had my 1 month weigh in with ww yesterday and I have lost a total of 15.5 lbs. 🙂 I have tried every diet imaginable but have never been able to stick to them for more than 2 weeks. You do have your bad weeks as those darn cravings come on strong but I still managed to lose even though I thought I wasn’t going to. Keep up the good work Maria & write everything down. No weight gain a week is WAY better than gaining 🙂

  15. Jack

    I just found this blog while searching Weight Watchers on goggle.

    First, I’m not an official member of WW but I follow their Points Plus Program. I’m 62 and grossly obese. I retired from the Army in 1987 weighing 187lbs, I was a slim, trim, fighting machine. Six months after retiring I stopped all exercising I just didn’t have the ambition and it was hard to find the time after entering civilian life.

    In April of 2010 I stepped on a scale at the Dr. office and found I weighed 331 lbs. To make matters worse I found out I had heart disease. It was confirmed in June by the Cardiologist that I indeed suffered from heart disease, high blood pressure and various other problems including obesity.

    From June 2010 through Feb 2011 I tried every diet known to man in order to lose weight and each and every one failed. In Feb. I went to the Cardiologist for a check up and found that instead of losing weight I had gained even more and I was now up to 357 lbs. The gain was mostly due to a medical problem I had over the winter. The problem made it so I couldn’t walk and it took 2 1/2 months to clear up enough so I could walk.

    I was so obese that my heart (which is working as 1/2 a heart anyway) was over working and it affected everything I did. It was difficult just to walk from the car to the store because of the lack of oxygen in my blood and of course the weight.

    All isn’t bad though – I found the WW program and started it late Feb of 2011 and in the preceding 11 weeks I’ve lost 40.7 lbs. In two of those weeks I lost only 1.4 lbs actually gaining .8 in one. With just the 40 lb weight loss I’ve noticed a dramatic change in my energy level. I’m able to walk a much greater distance at a faster pace and I can walk upstairs without huffing and puffing at the top step.

    I have a Cardiologist appointment in June and I hope weigh-in below the 300 lb mark. We have a bet for dinner at a local restaurant, he wanted me to lose 10 lbs for this visit. I want to lose over 60 lbs just to see the look on his face.

    My goal is 190 lbs so I’ve got along way to go. I know that at some point I will plateau but what gives me hope and keeps me going is that I’ve already lost more weight than I lost on any of the myriad of diets I’ve tried.

    Probably the most important motivation is my family I want to see my grand-children graduate from High School and College.

    I’m living proof that this diet does work and that it’s easy to follow. If it weren’t for this diet I might have not been able to write these words and for that I’m grateful.

  16. Michelle

    I notice that you stopped posting about Weight Watchers after week three. Did you give up? I just finished week three and have already lost 12 lbs. I am really enjoying it. I can still eat some of my favorite foods and I loss weight too. I have made some big changes. Well they are big for me. I can hardly wait to see what I lose this week.

  17. Susie

    Hi Maria – I just ran across your blog as I was searching for others doing the WW Points Plus program. I see this is actually an entry for earlier this year–how are you doing? I, too, am going to blog about my WW journey. It’s at http://www.lifeslessonslearnedblog.com. I wanted to find others to exchange encouragement and info on what works for them and what doesn’t. Are you still interested in that? I’m also interested in hearing from the others who posted a response. You can visit my blog and find my first WW post under the Nutrition, Diet and Health topic or e-mail me at SusieQ@lifeslessonslearnedblog.com

  18. jess miller

    I just discovered your blog and love it for lots of reasons.

    I am in week three of weight watchers and I’m grouchy….thanks for making me feel less alone in my grumpy starvation.

  19. Jack

    Losing weight isn’t easy nor is it as fun as putting it on. Everyone that tries to lose weight has set backs and questions about the process. It’s how we handle those that setbacks that defines us.

    I posted in April it’s now January a few days short of 1 year of dieting. I’ve been through it all; losing nothing for 2 or 3 weeks, dropping 6 lbs in a week, losing only a few ounces in a week, and questioning whether it’s worth the effort.

    When I slipped I went right back on and it’s paid off. I have lost 101 lbs and I still have 60 lbs more to go. I feel good and not just physically, I’m so proud of what I have accomplished that it motivates me to continue this to the end.

    Some of the things I’ve learned along the way.

    *Eat foods you like
    *Weigh and measure your food so that you have an accurate count of points.
    *Find food that you like and use that are points friendly- for example I use an Italian bread that is lower in calories and points then weight watchers brand.
    *Eat breakfast – I never ate this meal but found that if I do I eat less through lunch, I also found that if I eat something like Oatmeal it sticks with me.
    *Eat lots of fruit and vegetables with meals and in between meals as well drink water
    *Deny yourself nothing if you crave chocolate cake, eat it in a small amount
    * Most of all reward yourself, my reward is that I take one day off a week usually Friday. My wife and I go out to eat. I don’t consider points or the diet I get what I want in the amount I want. I may order a 20 oz steak with all the trimmings even though I know I can’t eat near that amount. In the past I’d definitely eat it all. Point is satisfy your mind and cravings.

    Keep trying if you fall off then get back on it.

    Best of luck – I know it’s been said before but if this old geezer can do it anyone can.

  20. Teri

    Helloooo Maria and all,
    I stumbled across your blog and Im just trying to get familiar with it at this point. I am a 40 yr old mommy of an 18 yr old daughter, a 10 yr old son and a 16 yr old niece, (just a little bit of personal info about me). After being on WW a few times in the past and losing around 20lbs and then probably 15 another time, I have started again…2 days almost down and feeling pretty good about it. I’ve read your ww blogs so far and am finding myself relating to so many of you. I have that powerful voice inside my head telling me ” go ahead and eat that frozen pizza, you can start another day” and all sorts of similar conversations. I have come to the conclusion..atleast I am telling myself I have, that if nothing changes then nothing changes, so here I am. I not only love love love food, usually all the wrong ones with the occasional vegetable thrown in for good measure but I also eat for all the wrong reasons, boredom, sadness, anger, celebration..you name the time or circumstance and i will eat. Oh did I mention, I also find myself being pretty lazy the last few years so getting motivated to do some excersise again is a bit of a challenge. I guess what I am saying is I need help, I need serious support, ideas and suggestions..anything you got. I feel excited and hopeful..atleast today. I am doing the orginal Point Plus program on my own at home but thinking bout spending the xtra money and going online…just a final thought. Have a great week everyone.

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