I Have Something To Confess…..

11th February 2011

(Oh look, even my dollie wants to confess)

I have something to confess……

  • I hate winter. I hate it enough to boycott the idea of wearing a winter coat. Instead, I wear a cardigan. With a scarf. Every day. True Story.
  • I just discovered Fresca. Hello, refreshing.
  • I think celery needs to be banned as a vegetable. Also, it should be kept in the utensil drawer and alternatively used to stir soup.
  • I’m changing my name to Liz Lemon. Or Leslie Knope. Or Lizlie Knemon.
  • I sleep with my iPhone. It does not snore. It does not take all the covers. It does not smell like man. Win, Win, WIN.
  • I like to impersonate my mom, speak in a thick Greek accent, and stop only when the telemarketer starts to cry.
  • Cookbooks are like crack to me. As are magazines. And Iced Lattes.
  • You know that satiny material that shows every bump, every stretch mark, every mole? It should be illegal.
  • My Colin Firth is guaranteed to make the lady parts tingle in the most inappropriate ways. (More a statement than confession, but still a very valid point).
  • If I didn’t have to cook for them, I would have 14 babies. And then, I would challenge the Duggars to a duel.

This post was inspired by Scary Mommy’s confessional – it’s completely addictive, and yes all the really weird confessions are mine. Maybe.

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23 thoughts on “I Have Something To Confess…..

  1. amotherworld

    Love this! Can’t believe you just discovered Fresca??? Hello! That’s my drink! Pour a little vodka and booyah!
    The mom Greek accent comment made me LOL. I can sooo relate 🙂

    1. MARIA Post author

      This winter has been BRUTAL. I cannot wait for this crap snow to disappear. I plan to create a large bonfire with the kids’ snowpants and all the crap winter stuff they need just to get to school.

  2. Lauralee Hensley

    If you love cookbooks that much you should go over to Leite’s Culinaria and enter some of the great giveaways there. There are tons of cookbooks. Just click on the comments by each one, then you’ll see the two line entry boxes, in the middle section of each page, and then of course at the bottom you can add a comment if you like, but not required to enter.
    Plus they have giveaways for kitchen items too, but always lots of fine cookbooks.

  3. Tamara

    A) I wish no one I really knew read my blog so I could say things on it like this: “My Colin Firth is guaranteed to make the lady parts tingle in the most inappropriate ways. (More a statement than confession, but still a very valid point).”

    B) If you had 14 kids you wouldn’t have to cook. Mrs. Duggar has it made. 😉 Now, if you had 14 babies at the same time you would trump Octomom and you’d win that duel anyway.

  4. Alicia

    Love this post! I hate celery too! In fact when a recipe calls for it, I just leave it out. I dont know what it adds bc it does not taste like anything. I totally agree with the satiny shiny material! It should be outlawed! I hate it! I hate winter as well, I spend the majority of my day dreaming of summer and trips for the hubs and I to take together! Can’t wait for it to be over!!!

  5. Kimberly

    Really, celery should be relegated to the workshop and used only to stir paint, unless bloody marys are in the works, then save some back for that divine purpose.

  6. Marie

    Cookbooks are like crack meaning you avoid them bc they’re dangerous OR meaning you can’t get enough/totally addicted?

    Personally can’t cook… boo, me.

    Thanks for the funny list.

  7. Amanda

    I have been struggling with this winter! It gets depressing, especially being home with the kiddos. We went to TX for the weekend a couple weeks back and I looked forward to some sunshine. It was freezing and they got 6 inches of snow, something that rarely happens. Sigh.

    Found you on the SITS thread and I am your newest follower!

    Stop by my place!

  8. Nan

    Fresca!!! I used to drink it all the time when I was a kid. I had forgotten about it! Following you from SITS! Please visit my blog and follow back if you can. Nan


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