The Happy Police

17th February 2011

Being a mom isn’t just about being a mom.

It’s about being a teacher.

It’s about being a cook.

It’s about being a nurse.

It’s about being a hugger.

It’s about being an example.

It’s also about being the happy police.

Happiness is something we all want for our kids. The lovely bonus is that when they’re happy, it emanates, and you as their parent, feel happy, and happy for them.

And yet, it’s not always a simple thing, for them to be happy, at least not all the time.

It’s a goal nevertheless.

In my attempt to procure those toothy grins of self-esteem, there are things I say to my kids every day. Things like I love you no matter what, I’m so proud of you, you are a good person – the list goes on and on.

I also like to read this children’s board book to them that I absolute adore, by Monica Sheehan called Be Happy: A Little Book For A Happy You. Every page has a simple, yet important message, including:

Don’t compare yourself with others.


Be curious!

Be brave!

Be thankful for all the people and things you love!

Be happy about being you!

Mommy – a.k.a. The Happy Police

No pressure.

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10 thoughts on “The Happy Police

  1. Alicia

    I will have to get this book! As first time mom to be, I am looking to other mom bloggers for advice! I like what you had to say. All of these things are important!!

  2. Kameron

    The 3 yo has been hard to deal with lately. I think I will get this book and it will help. At least it will help remind me of the things to be happy about when I’m on my last nerve!

  3. Lian

    I smiled when I read about “being a hugger”. So true, so true. My 2nd son especially is always saying “mommy, hug me hug me” and then he squeezes me with all his might. He is now 8 years old. I wonder how long it is going to last. I’m cherishing it while I can.

  4. Judy

    Ahh…the job description for mom is a long one, but Happy Police is a worthwhile thing.

    I have some additions:
    fashion cunsultant

    and of course the ever popular: “any duties as assigned.”


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