4 Year Old Artist

26th February 2011

My daughter is a natural artist – the kid can draw anything, and loves it so much. I have no idea where she gets it because I can’t draw to save my life. I’m really good at colouring between the lines though.

The 4 year old is pretty sure she wants to be an “arlist” when she grows up. I’m ok with that.

Some of her latest favs (and mine) as titled by her:

My Famwee


Ariel the mermaid with her boyfwend Eric


Oops….how did he get in here.

Shwek and Fiona and the babies


(All pics were taken using the Instagram app!!)

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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15 thoughts on “4 Year Old Artist

  1. Modish Mama

    Love the Stopwhite. My 4yo has been going on and on about Star Words lately. I tried to tell him it is actually Star Wars and he would have none of it. Maybe he will be a writer like his Mommy 😉

  2. Marie

    Lovely artwork. One of my favorite things to do with my girls when they were younger was breakout the paints or markers .. craft glue.. bits of paper, sparkles, you name it. I enjoyed just letting them create. Sadly, my 3 yr old son is not that interested… He’s really into things with wheels and not self-expression. haha.

    1. MARIA Post author

      My daughter would draw and make art all day long if I let her – it’s fun to watch her run to the kitchen table with an idea, and then show it off to everyone when she’s done.

  3. Finola

    I love your daughter’s artwork – so precious!
    We have no art budget at our house, so we have children’s artwork displayed everywhere, and it makes me so happy.
    Though I may need to find some spots on my wall for Colin too…dreamy.


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