Kids’ CBC Tweetup 2011

17th April 2011

I was recently invited to attend the Kids’ CBC Tweetup event in Toronto. As a fan of the CBC, and a mom with kids who love watching CBC Kids, I was excited to be invited and have the chance to check things out.

After a quick train ride to Toronto, and a Starbucks breakie with the lovely @sandyel of Oh Baby Magazine, the event began with a taping of the Steven and Chris show. It was very interesting to see what really happens behind the scenes – it takes A LOT of people to make a show like that happen. It was a great time, plus I got to see Jillian Michaels “in person” – she’s even smaller than she actually appears – kind of annoying.

Next up was the tweetup, which began with a chance to mingle and a colorful bite to eat in the greenroom. It was a great opportunity to see some bloggers I’ve already met again, and meet some new ladies as well. We also had the chance to meet some great people who work behind the scenes at the CBC including Kim Wilson, the head of CBC’s children programming. It was great to learn how much the Kid’s CBC values their audience, and also how interested they are in working with moms online – I’m really excited to see how they’re going to make that happen.

A highlight for me, and most of the ladies there I think, was meeting Mamma Yamma and the lovely Ali Eisner – she was sweet and gracious, and made time for every single blogger, recording some fun videos for everyone. She even made one for BORED Mommy which I posted a little while back.

It was a fun day and a great event. Thanks so much to the CBC!

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