Prezzies For The Royals

28th April 2011

I can’t believe that I still haven’t decided what to buy for Prince Billy and his girl Katie for their upcoming, very low-key wedding. I’m assuming they registered at IKEA and Marks and Spencer but I could be wrong. However, I’ve got some great ideas that I think would be perfect for the delightfully overexposed couple.

1. BUG VACUUM (Hammacher $60) – because centipedes  DO NOT discriminate.

The Keep Your Distance Bug Vacuum.

2. Large Stuffed Cheetah (FAO $70) – Everyone needs a stuffed cat – obviously

Melissa & Doug Lifelike and Lovable Plush Cheetah  - Melissa & Doug -  Lions & Other Big Cats - FAO Schwarz®

3. The Critically Acclaimed Masterpiece, A Shore Thing by Snooki ($Can’t possibly be more than a dollar) – They may need to start a fire at some point and paper will help.

A Shore Thing

4. The BACON COLLECTION (McPhee $40)  – Bacon needs no explanation.

5. Finger Tentacles (McPhee $10) – Will make shaking all those hands bearable.

Decisions, Decisions.

Mama's Losin' It

Thanks to the lovely Mama Kat for the fun post idea!!

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18 thoughts on “Prezzies For The Royals

  1. Alyssa

    Ha! Maria you gone done it again making me crack up before my 2nd coffee 🙂 who wouldn’t be thankful for a snooki book? You thought about their need for warmth how sweet! Lol classic.

  2. Anne

    Ha ha ha… these are hilarious! Oh my is right.. decisions, decisions. I’d help you out but I can’t decide either. The bugbag is a much needed item you are right about that! Cheetahs are cool (not cheaters). “It’s A Shore Thing”.. I see a bonfire in the making. And think of all the things you can grab with a nifty pair of tentacle fingers. Oh and the bacon collection…. now come on .. you are just making me so hungry!!! LOL


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