May the Fourth Be With You!

4th May 2011


Star Wars is HUGE at our house – HUGE! Nothing has thrilled my husband more than being able to watch the entire Star Wars series with our seven year old. We’re big fans of dressing up and posing for some fun pics too, and the kids and their dad are constantly reenacting scenes from the movies. Even the four year old can name most of the characters – we’re very proud.







So of course I said yes when DK Canada asked me to be a part of their May the Fourth Be With You event. Each of the bloggers involved in this event are reviewing a different Star Wars title – my choice was Star Wars Complete Cross-Sections – The Spacecraft and Vehicles of the ENTIRE Star Wars saga. As my seven year old said, after staring at it for a really long time, “This is a really cool book!”  He’s absolutely right. Star Wars Complete Cross-Sections includes every major vehicle (more than 50) from all six Star Wars movies. Each of the illustrations are full colour, huge and incredibly detailed. I wasn’t surprised to read that in creating this book, DK was “given access to exclusive photos and blueprints, original scale models, and preproduction sketches from the Lucasfilm Archives at Skywalker Ranch.”








Written by David West Reynolds and Curtis Saxton, and illustrated by Hans Jenssen and Richard Chasemore, Star Wars Complete Cross-Sections is a perfect and unique book for any Star Wars fan. “Every picture is awesome” and “one of my favorites, Mommy!”  It is an absolute winner! It retails for $40.00 Cdn ($35 U.S.).


DK Canada is launching a really fun contest today – Canadians are invited to send in photographs of themselves, their friends and/or family reading Star Wars books! For every photo that is submitted, DK Publishing will donate a “toonie” to Frontier College. One of the photos will be selected as a winning image, with the entrant receiving a complete DK Star Wars library (valued at $400). Also, a donation of a complete DK Readers Star Wars collection (29 books) will be made to the Canadian school or library of the winners choice!

This contest will run from May 4th to May 31st! Please go here to enter this fantastic contest!

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11 thoughts on “May the Fourth Be With You!

  1. Heather

    kudos to the brilliant person who thought of this book. I have always enjoyed looking at cross sections. This would be a perfect coffee table book at my house.

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  3. Hans Jenssen

    Thanks for all your kind words about the Cross-Sections book. Rich and I worked on those for a very long time (more than 10 years) with several authors and its lovely, all this time later, to see people are still reading and appreciating all the hard work.


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