Hilarious Artwork By The 4 Year Old a.k.a. Future Blackmail

28th June 2011

My adorable four year old is sick right now – feverish and miserable one moment, clammy and cuddly the next.

She’s also wicked moody.

Yesterday afternoon, while frying her little brain on some random cartoon, she saw a commercial for some kid website. She came running at me in the kitchen, begging me to find the website for her.

“Pease Mommy!! I wanna play on that dot com!! Can you find it for me?”

Of course, my answer was no. I’ll let her play fun little games on CBC Kids or Nick Jr, but I’m not about to let her be on some crap site that allows her to interact with other freaks on the internet. I am not crazy.

Correction: I am not THAT crazy.

I work in the “worst case scenario” mindset, so we will not be interacting with the disturbed today, thank you very much.

Well, the four year old did not like my answer and walked away.

Five minutes later, she walked up to me, put a piece of paper on the table beside me, and walked away, while giving me her best stink eye.

She’s a master at the stink eye. I’ve taught her well.

What did the paper say?


I couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

I shall frame it and keep it forever.

And I shall call it…..BLACKMAIL.


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7 thoughts on “Hilarious Artwork By The 4 Year Old a.k.a. Future Blackmail

  1. Jen

    You Too! I’ve gotten a few of those from my oldest. The first one hurt, now they don’t even phase me. Awesome play 4yo! 🙂

    1. MARIA Post author

      Honestly, this didn’t hurt at all. I was impressed with her being able to convey how she was feeling in, what I thought, was a hilarious drawing.

  2. Toni

    Oh, I just love her. Do you know what an amazing little woman you have there?
    When Jacob was little, he once drew a family picture….where I had sharp teeth and fangs. I still have it. I used it to remind myself to pull out my inner bitch at least once per day 😉
    Definitely a keeper.

  3. Misty Massie

    That is really a once in a lifetime picture. One of those moments when kids amaze you with their… whatever it is they do that you don’t expect they are capable of.

    1. MARIA Post author

      That is absolutely what it was – loved how she could express herself without being able to spell it. Awesome.

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