14th July 2011

My four year old is obsessed with cats.


Obsessed in a way that mommy likes her lattes.

It’s serious.

All she talks about are her “kitties” and cats and how we “need to buy one!”

Thankfully (ahem), the four year old’s daddy is very allergic to cats. Like super allergic. Like so allergic that if he doesn’t start putting the clothes IN the hamper as opposed to on the floor next to it, he’s getting locked in a Room O’ Cats.

Not that I would ever consider such a thing.

Also, don’t hate me, but I am not a cat person.

I don’t HATE cats per se, but I don’t like them or want them in my house or want them coming anywhere near my personal space bubble.

Also, you couldn’t pay me enough money to clean up after a cat (or a dog for that matter). Seriously, I have wiped little people for seven years – I have paid my dues, people.

So yes, I have a little four year old who is DESPERATE for a cat – so desperate that she’s willing to trade in her daddy for a cat.

I know this because we’ve had that convo – many times. This makes me laugh – ’cause it’s funny.

Every chance she gets to make a wish, it’s always about the cat – “I wish I gets a cat. I wish my Mommy buys me a kitty. I wish my Daddy be no allergic.”

Not happening, little one.

But I love my kid. A lot. And I want all her dreams to come true. As long as her dreams don’t involve cats. And pageants.

So for now, I buy her happiness.

I buy her happiness with stuffed cats, because stuffed cats I LOVE.

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16 thoughts on “Cats

  1. katecake

    Awww. You are a good mama. We just got a dog and I had no idea how much it was like having a potty training toddler. He was housetrained…till he got to OUR house. After a month he is finally figuring it all out. Now my son is asking for a cat too and all I can think is “Litter box.” I don’t know if I can take any more poop!

    1. MARIA Post author

      Dude, YOU are a good mama. It’s serious poop overload when you have kids, so I bow down to you right now. P.S. DON’T GET A CAT!!

  2. Jurgen Nation

    This: ” And I want all her dreams to come true” makes me all teary from the sweetness. Either that or my allergies are acting up again. Damn this dust!

    Your little girl is ADORABLE.

  3. Karyn

    That picture of her and the stuffed kitties is adorable! You can send her to my house for a few days, she’d have a ball with my felines!

  4. Reta

    Your kids are adorable. My 4 y old also wants at least 1 cat and 1 dog. I’m not ready for the poop either. We had a conversation where she said she would do everything for the dog but clean up the poop, me and my husband would do that. LOL smart kid.

    I’ve told her maybe when she and her 2 y old sister are done at daycare we will think about getting a dog. That has seemed to work so far.

    Good luck!!

  5. Nenette

    Perfect compromise, girlfriend. We have cats — one real and countless stuffed. The stuffed ones are awesome and well-behaved. The real one is nuts. Should’ve stuck with stuffed.

    1. MARIA Post author

      Thanks Nenette! There is enough chaos and drama with the 4yo and 7yo that I don’t need to throw an animal into the mix!!

  6. Kameron

    I have a cat and I don’t want a cat. I am also the mean mom aka vetoer of dogs. If I could be convinced for one second that it wouldn’t be ME doing the cleaning up I might think about it…also for one second.

  7. Sandra

    Plus stuffed cats won’t poop in your shower when they don’t have access to the kitty litter. I have cats, but trust me, if they suddenly didn’t return home, let’s say I wouldn’t be making any hasty trips to the Humane Society to see if they were there…you know, in case there were two that were identical to my two, like so identical in appearance and personality that my kids would be like, “Hey! Those are our cats, how did they get here since they’re both indoor cats!”….yeah, no trips to the Humane Society…

  8. Lynn

    I’m like your daughter, your husband, and you all wrapped up into one person. I love cats, but I’m allergic to cats, which makes me never want to own another cat again. I had a bad experience once…the cat got into my make-up and I ended up with a puffy face. Thank goodness for benadryl!!!


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