Soleil Moon Frye’s new book Happy Chaos & Giveaway

20th August 2011

Happy Chaos: From Punky to Parenting and My Perfectly Imperfect Adventures In Between is the first parenting book by Soleil Moon Frye. Soleil believes that “happy chaos is a sign of a family operating at its best—when parents accept that they’ll make mistakes, there will be messes, tears and skinned knees. Along with the parenting advice, you will also find photos, personal stories, and 80s nostalgia.”

I had the opportunity to “ask” Soleil some questions (via email) about herself – here’s what she exclusively shared with me:

1. You’re someone who’s been able to transition from a child star to a success both in your personal and professional life. What do you think made the difference for you? 
I have an amazing family that always inspired me to be a kid and to have my childhood. I was so lucky to have a mom that encouraged me to be myself and to always believe in my dreams.
2. I’m a big fan of Twitter (and other social media) because as a stay-at-home mom, it really helped me understand that I am not alone and can still have a life for myself, beyond my role as a mother. What role has social media played in your life?
I felt the same way as a new mom. Social media became my mommy group.  It is where I turn for advice and insight into parenting. I love connecting to other parents. Every chapter of Happy Chaos starts with a question of the day and then has people’s responses from my community. I love the interaction.
3. I know from reading about you that you’re very environmentally conscious – what are simple things we can do every day that can really make a difference long term?
I think it’s the little things we do that make a huge difference. Taking a walk, riding our bike’s , bringing our own bags to the grocery store are some of the things we do. Reduce, reuse, and recycling is also big in our household. 75% of my 3 year olds stuff was Poet’s first. We love to take ordinary things around the house and turn them into treasures for the kids. We do a ton of crafts and try and teach our kids about the environment. If I have the water on too long. Poet calls out “Mommy, turn off the water, you are wasting it.” I am really proud to say that my little ones are very aware of helping our planet. I think it can start from a very early age.
Happy Chaos will be available for purchase August 23, 2011 – For presales, you can check out, and Indiebound.
Check out the book trailer for Happy Chaos:


I have one AUTOGRAPHED copy of Happy Chaos to give away to a lucky reader!!


Leave a comment below telling me what you would consider happy chaos in your life.


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    19 thoughts on “Soleil Moon Frye’s new book Happy Chaos & Giveaway

    1. edmontonjb

      I was such a huge Punky Brewster fan when I was a kid!!

      My happy chaos is my household. Boys, toys, noise, and messes fill my days and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

    2. Lee-Ann

      Happy Chaos in my house is most mornings. My daughter starts school very soon and she isn’t a morning person just like my husband. So I’m stuck in the middle trying to prod them both and get them out the door.

    3. Maniacal Mom

      I love Soliel! She is an amazing woman who is one of the very few who managed to transition from child star to functioning woman and mother! My happy chaos is the life I am carving out for my three children in a single parent home. None of my kids are morning people…an early wake up at our house in the summer is 10 am! I love my home and I love our chaos! There is nowhere else on the planet I would rather be!

    4. Nikki

      My happy chaos is definitely my son. I couldn’t imagine a better chaos actually. His personality is just – wild and he has a bigger imagination than anybody else I know – I wouldn’t change a thing 😉

    5. Jen P

      to me, Happy Chaos means having fun, and keeping a sense of humor amid the disorganization, clutter and busy ‘schedule’

    6. Reta

      Happy chaos is trying to get everyone out the door on time most mornings. I don’t know how I’m going to do it when my oldest daughter starts school in a couple weeks!

    7. Charmedone17

      Wish my home was happy chaos!! Happy chaos to me is where things are a mess, but everyone is still happy and smiling and no one is complaining!!!

      Also made a comment on my twitter too!

    8. Maria B.

      I just found your blog and am totally laughing!!! I have been walking around saying I am so so so so bored this week!!! I have two CRAZY boys (5 &3) and a new 4 month old baby which means I am stuck in the “nap trap”. Baby deserves to sleep well and comfortably as she isn’t so great at doing so on the go, which also means the boys and I are off our usual adventure seeking-sanity keeping routines and we are ALL trapped in/around the house! Does that sound like chaos to you!!!! I need this book to remind me that it’s okay, it’s just a phase, I need some comfort some laughter and for the love of baby goats I need preschool to start already!!!!! Thanks for your honesty and insight!!!

    9. Orangeheromama

      i totally have happy chaos going on at my place! My girls are growing up(they’re 6 and 10)..our schedules are nuts(and that’s all gonna get shaken up again in a week when school goes back in)..but the crazy girly whirlwind that is our house is fantastic and i wouldn’t trade it for the WORLD! <3

    10. Wendy Tresidder

      My happy chaos is bathtime with my twin toddlers! Whether it be with bubbles or water balloons we usually leave bathtime with a flooded bathroom and always have tons of fun!


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