Blue Sky Home Series – Review and Giveaway

26th August 2011

I was recently sent a package of Blue Sky Home Series products from Blue Sky, and being a huge fan of organizational things, I was super happy to receive them. This was actually the first time I had seen this line of products and I was immediately impressed.

I received a sampling of their available products including a grocery pad, door pads, a multi-task notebook, a mousepad and a weekly/monthly desk planner. I think they’re super cute, really well made and very useful. The multi-task notebook is a dream for list lovers, like myself. The grocery checklist is magnetic, and perfect for keeping track of what to pick up during the next grocery store stop. The door pads are going to be useful with the husband – he forgets everything!! Now I’ll be able to hang these cute reminders at the front door, so he can grab what he needs before he heads off to work. I also really like the planner, because it lays flat, looks pretty, and is laid out really well. Love that it has weekly and monthly calendars, space for lists, notes and more.

The Blue Sky Home Series offer organizational solutions for “busy moms with a fresh, contemporary design from designer Susy Jack Contemporary Paper. Blue Sky went directly to moms to learn real-life insights on how they manage their busy lives. They can be mixed and matched for portable planning, note taking, list making, communicating and storing paperwork.”

It’s also important to note that these products are all printed with soy-based ink on 50% recycled paper, and super affordable. The products range from $3.99 to $9.99 and can be purchased at Target stores and online at the Blue Sky website (


One lovely reader will win a gift pack from the Blue Sky Home Series line.


  • Leave a comment below with your best organizational tip for keeping on top of things at home. I can always use some great tips for being more organized!!


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UPDATE: CONGRATS to my winner: #38 AMANDA BROWN – THANKS to everyone who entered!!!
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52 thoughts on “Blue Sky Home Series – Review and Giveaway

  1. Alia

    omg I am an organization freak and would love to win this! my tip is that I have a small magnetic board that somehow sticks to the inside of my front door, and I write down everything I need on it, whether it is grocery stuff, or things I need to make sure to do on the way out

  2. edmontonjb

    My best tip is to keep your calendar front and center where everyone can see it. When everyone knows what everyone else has going on, it is so much easier to stay organized.

  3. nm

    I’m a big fan of to do lists..I have them everywhere. From my blackberry to on my fridge. Making them not only helps me stay organized, they help take stress off of me.

  4. angela m

    my best tip is to write everything down in a notebook or on a calender like birthdays ,events , when bills are due

  5. Lee-Ann Sleegers

    My big organization tip around home is to have daily 15 minute speed cleans that hit most of the rooms in the house. My husband and daughter take the rooms she’s made a mess in and I get the rest. We usually get a fair bit done in 15 minutes and the house doesn’t look like a cyclone went through

  6. Soozle

    I keep a dry erase calender and fill it in with EVERY detail – IE dates that bills are due, appointments, plans with friends. I find I can keep myself on track more easily this way

  7. CrissieC

    I use one mini binder that I can keep on my person at all time, inside I have dividers with the following divisions:
    To Do Today; To Do This Week; Year Goals; Diet Plan;Fitness;Grocery List;
    It helps having everything in one place and being able to cross referance.
    I am currently in the process of getting all this on an App for iPhone! I’ll let you know if I find one that meets all my organizing needs!

    Liked on FB and Tweeted!!

  8. bethany

    I love my iphone because it keeps me organized with the calendar. I also have a family reminder calendar on the fridge at home !!

  9. Shawna

    My husband and I have a family Gmail calendar where we keep track of our comings and goings as well as all the kids stuff. Everyone has their own colour and this was one person doesn’t make plans for a time where something is already scheduled. It works great for us and is accessible anytime; at work, on our smartphones, at home etc.

  10. Maria B.

    I used to keep multiple calendars, one on the fridge, one in my phone, computer etc… now I find just having ONE keeps it more focused. I also organize by day of the week, like my old teaching days. I use a teacher planner for my life which breaks down the day into “subjects” or time blocks. I also spend one day a week planning meals and sort on a chalk board in my kitchen based on easy to hard for days when it just needs to get done vs the time for creative fulfillment.

  11. C Wilson

    I have a filing cabinet for bills. One file for to be paid and one for payed. I finally gave up on the stack everything on the counter and hope you can find it when you need it. The files are much easier especially when you need to look back and find something

  12. Melanie

    We try hard to touch an incoming piece of paper once…deal with it promptly and get rid of it! Except for my daily lists…I check mine multiple times a day!

  13. Dana Wheatley

    I really recommend doing a weekly meal plan and making freezer meals so that you always have something on hand for dinner.

  14. Kerry

    I keep everything on my calendar. I have a ‘mom’ calendar on the fridge. All of my kids sports activities and events are all there. If it’s not on my calendar, it gets forgotten about.

  15. Orangeheromama

    i am rather unorganized, so i went out and found me a man that helps me to organize things! lol. He’s in charge of the important things like bills etc..
    I think i’ll need to hire someone to deal with my house! eek.

  16. Amanda Brown

    I SUCK at being organized and am usually behind on just about everything. When I am, in the rare instance, staying on top of things, it feels so good. I just am so much better at whittling away my hours on the internet. Bah!

  17. Emma

    If I didn’t send myself reminders for everything in google calendar & outlook, nothing would ever get done. I also rely on a paper agenda & post its!

  18. Stephanie

    I have a HUGE calendar on our fridge that tells us all where we have to be and when. Without it, I do not even know which day of the week we’re in. I too am in need of more organizational tips.

  19. Deborah

    I use different coloured plastic file folders for each family member. For example, Household stuff (bills to be paid, things to be mailed, etc) go in the red folder. Each child gets their own folder (work brought home, party invites etc), Mine (business stuff, coupons,etc). Once a week I go through them and sort what needs to be kept & what can be pitched/recycled 🙂

    Liked Blue Sky on FB too 🙂

  20. Nikki

    My organization tip: whenever my son brings home art work, I scan it into the computer. This way we can display it for a little while and when it’s time to throw it away I always have the memory saved digitally.

  21. Chrysta

    The best tip to keeping organized is everytime you notice that something needs to done (ie put away)…just do it now. Seriously this little thing will make a major difference in the cleaniness and organization of a place.

  22. Maureen Schilling

    So organization…hmmm…well my girls are getting to 3 and 5 so I am really following the Love and Logic of you made it you clean it AND if ur sister made it, you need to help her. Also, I am including them in as many chores as I can…kids really want to be involved and the earlier you do it, THE BETTER. You can even use this for winning extra Wii time…..


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