A Family Trip To The Toronto Zoo

1st September 2011

Last Sunday, we surprised the kids with a trip to the Toronto Zoo – and we had a  BLAST.

It had been over three years since the last time we had been there, so both kids had zero recollection of the last trip, and since both are very interested in animals, we thought it was the perfect time to go.

We left early for Toronto and got there just after 10 a.m., at the same time as hundreds of other families. Other than the short wait at the door to buy tickets, the zoo is huge and can easily host all those people and not feel crowded or rushed in any way. We paid for our tickets, and also paid the extra $2.50 each so that we could see the special Stingray exhibit.

We walked for HOURS, and not once did we hear, “I’m bored” – I call that a total win.

My four year old loved the penguins, and we happily bought her a stuffed penguin and another penguin toy because, “Mommy I love penguins so much I have to have them at my home too, ok?”

My seven year old, who has become quite the adventurous spirit in his old age, was very excited about seeing the stingray exhibit. Both he and his dad pet the stingrays, and my son even fed the stingrays some dead fish. This from a kid who was afraid of his own shadow less than a year ago. Every time he touched a stingray, he giggled and shrieked – it was fun to watch. His other favorite (and mine too) were the jellyfish – he and I stood and watched them for a very long time. They are really amazing to look at.

If I have one major complaint, it’s that the animals refused to perform for us. Seriously, the lion was unimpressed, the giraffe completely ignored us and the polar bear was snoring away. Did they not know we were coming?? Also, FYI, animals smell – some more than others (I’m looking at you boa constrictor). 

If we lived closer, we would have bought a membership but sadly we’re too far away to take advantage of the membership’s value. But, we had a blast and will definitely be back.

Take your little people to the Toronto Zoo – they’ll love it.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by no one but my husband’s wallet – thanks man friend.

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6 thoughts on “A Family Trip To The Toronto Zoo

  1. Stephanie

    We took our kids there last month. It was their first trip to the zoo, and absolutely loved it. We too pet the stingrays…very cool experience. I highly recommend the zoo as well. And with the cooler weather coming, the animals are more likely to ‘perform’.

  2. Nicole

    The best time to go the zoo is in the winter, I once went in January and all of the animals were running around having a great time. I think it is so hot in the summer that all they do is lie around all day and sleep. You could hear he lion’s roar all around the park. Fun times!!

    1. MARIA Post author

      First off, I wasn’t really expecting the animals to “perform” – I was being sarcastic. However, I didn’t consider that it was the heat that was affecting them – although truthfully it was very cool the day we were there. Glad you had fun – we’re definitely going back!

  3. Charmedone17

    You clearly did not smell the gorillas! They are by far the smelliest ones there and unfortunately the ones my kids and I will watch for hours despite the smelliness!! We love the zoo as well. Looking forward to going soon when the weather’s cooler!

  4. Kimberly

    We’ve had a zoo membership for the last few years because we live 10 minutes away. Some years we use it more than others (this year we went almost solely for the splash pad) but it’s always been worth it for us. My three-year-old thinks the day is a success if she can ride the zoomobile around — sometimes that’s all we do (because I can’t stand the zoo and that’s more than enough for me!).

  5. Marlene

    Yeah, take kids to zoo and have FUN! mommy does all animals smell like poo? hmm only in here sweety, only in here…


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