Green Works Green Home Challenge Giveaway!

3rd November 2011

I have a great giveaway sponsored by Green Works® to share!!

How would you like to win a 3 hour professional house cleaning in your home, using only Green Works® natural  products??

Have you used Green Works® products before? They have a complete eco-friendly product line that you can use in every room in your house. They are a “line of naturally derived cleaning products brought to you by the people who invented clean: Clorox. Now you can enjoy the best of both worlds — extraordinary cleaning power without harsh chemical fumes or residue.”

Please head on over to the Green Works® website to learn what simple steps you can take towards living green. Then come back to enter my giveaway!


One luck winner will win a 3 HOUR professional house cleaning service in your home, courtesy of Green Works®. Afterward, the entire line of products will be left behind for the winner to continue using.


Please leave a comment below telling me why you would consider switching over to eco-friendly Green Works® products, or if you already use their products and why using eco-friendly cleaning products is so important to you.

ADDITIONAL ENTRIES (leave a separate comment for each):

  • Follow Green Works® on Facebook or tell me if you do
  • Follow BORED Mommy on Facebook or tell me if you
  • Tweet the following (one time only): Enter to win a 3hr Green Works cleaning home cleaning service at @BOREDMommy ‘s blog - #giveaway
  • Giveaway open from November 3rd – November 11th, 2011
  • Open to Canadian Residents only
  • Winner will be chosen using Random. org
  • Cleaning services for the winner will be scheduled between December 5th – January 15th
UPDATE: CONGRATS to my winner – #24 Christine – thank you to everyone who entered!!
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99 thoughts on “Green Works Green Home Challenge Giveaway!

  1. Mia

    I love Green Works products. Most cleaners irritate my nose and make my eyes water. This product does not do this. It works well and is priced well.

    I follow you on Facebook

  2. Courtney

    This would be glorious! I already use several eco-friendly cleaning products but haven’t tried many from the Green Works line (although I’d love to).

    “Green” cleaning is important to me because I have a toddler in the house and I am sensitive to strong odours. Most conventional cleaning products give me a headache.

  3. Mendie

    I use the green works multi-cleaner. We wanted to have green stuff around since we had the baby and didn’t want any extra chemicals that would be touching her precious little hands!

    Oh the thought of a housekeeper…..that makes me grin!

  4. Crystal

    It is so important for my family to usenatural cleaners….I have five kids, including twin baby boys, and their mouths go on everything 🙂

  5. Karla Sceviour

    I would love to make the switch to Greenworks products,because I am trying to start being more “green”.so this would be a great way for me to get a head start! I have tried the dish liquid before and love it!
    ksceviour at hotmail dot com

  6. edmontonjb

    I have used Green Works and I like it. Green cleaning products are important to me because I worry about what the harsh chemicals in traditional cleaners may be doing to my families health.

  7. Christine

    I don’t normally enter contests, but this one I couldn’t resist. As a full-time working mom, I need all the help I can get in the cleaning department. I do use Green Works products, and like them. I use them because we are on a septic/well and it’s better for them than harsher chemical products.

    P.S. I already like Greenworks on FB. 🙂

  8. Amy Worrell

    I am considering changing what I use to clean my house because I am expecting my first child and want to make sure that all our cleaning products are safe for the baby!

  9. SweetPanda

    I want to switch because we have a newborn at home and we want to make sure the cleaning products that we use is chemical free, natural and kids safe

  10. Erika

    I would be interested in trying out this service because becoming more environmentally friendly is a priority of mine!

  11. Lindsay

    I have used the Green Works laundry soap and I love it. I plan on trying all of the other products once I run out of what I already have.

  12. Shawna

    Switching to green products is important to me as a mother of 3. Especially since my 2 year old likes to lick the windows!

  13. Tracy (porkchop480)

    I would consider switching to Green Works. I have 2 children and a dog who sheds. My youngest puts everything in his mouth, and as a child who already has allergies, I’d like to reduce his exposure (as well as ours) to more then he already gets!

  14. Stacey

    I started using green works products when I found out I was pregnant. I wanted to make sure our home was as ecofriendly and fume free as possible.

  15. LaQuita (Just Us Girls)

    I’ve tried Greenworks plenty of times. I LOVE their products. All of them. I actually love their all purpose cleaner and buy that more then any of their other products because, well, it’s for everything. I hope I win, that would be simply, AMAZING!

  16. Keri B

    Having a 3 year old in the house this would be awesome. I love their products, I need to make the full switch! Awesome giveaway!Thank you! =)

  17. Heather T

    I already use both Green Works and other green cleaning products such as vinegar and baking soda. With having two little ones, I am very concerned about the level of toxic ingredients that make their way into their systems. Chemicals are not necessary to have a clean home – Green Works & the like work just as well, if not better. With my baby being on the floor all the time – plus eating off the floor – it is essential to be mindful of what I use in my home.

  18. Colleen C

    I am already using Green Works products. We have a house full of cats
    and I am always concerned about product safety with them. They will
    walk across a floor right after I have mopped, they hop onto any
    surface they want. I like Green Works because the products are more
    environmentally consious than most and because they work. My glass
    furniture gleams, my bathroom cleans up nicely – I especially love the
    wipes for the bathroom.

    I would love to win this prize – years ago, just before Christmas, I
    gave myself the gift of a cleaned house. I felt so pampered walking
    through the door to a gleaming house.

  19. Brittney House

    We use eco friendly products because we need to take care of the earth for generations to come. Plus i like to keep my family safe.

  20. Deborah Rosen

    I’ve used some Green Works products and I think they work great! I like using less chemicals in my home, and once I use up all the old-style cleaners I have, it’ll be green all the way!

  21. Jennifer S

    We only use green products. I feel that the long-term toxicity of conventional products is mostly untested and is probably the root of many health issues like cancer and allergies.

  22. Vivian Ius

    With four kids worth of grubby fingerprints about it is a lot of elbow grease meeded to keep everything clean. It is also natural thinking to give them the best you can. Green Works sounds like a product line that fits that bill and gets surfaces lean without nasty chemicals.

  23. Tarah

    I would consider switching over to Green Works because I have a young son hope to add to our family soon. We should be using less harsh chemicals and more natural ones to keep our home clean.

  24. sarah

    I would consider switching over to Green Works for the health of my kids (including a new one) and pets as well as the products being eco friendly (we only get one planet).

  25. katfam

    I have not used their products before, but we’ve been slowly switching to green/natural products as we use up other items in our home. I’m very concerned about chemicals in the house, especially with kids.

  26. Sarah

    I have two little boys who mean the entire world to me and I think it’s of the utmost importance that they are raised in a house that is not just clean but environmentally safe. (plus, I already use green works products and really love them!)

  27. samantha p

    I would consider switching over to eco-friendly Green Works products because I feel it would be safer to use around my children than some harsher chemicals.
    marilynbmonroe at aol dot com


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