Arthur Christmas – A Kid Review

28th November 2011


As a special treat tonight, we took the kids to see Arthur Christmas.

Yes, we took a five and seven year old to a late show that started at bedtime – we live on the edge.

It was going pretty well until the five year old said she was “weely weely tired” after about twenty minutes. However, she held on and was able to stay awake, enjoy it and ask a MILLION questions during the movie.

Personally, I thought it was a sweet Christmas movie, with tons of laughs and many lovable characters. I may have also teared up toward the end too, because I’m sweet like that.

But what did the kids think?

The kids wanted you to know what they thought since it’s a kids movie and kids “know better than adults” thank you very much. Yes this was the convo on the way home. I thought they might just pass out in the car, but they were troopers all the way to the end.

Nicholas (7 – ALMOST 8):

It was really sweet. My favorite part was when Steve said, “Do you want to wake up the North Pole?” and then Arthur said, “Good Idea!” and yelled, “WE MISSED A CHILD!!”

The whole movie was very funny and I liked the 3D.

My favorite character was Arthur because he was very funny and caring.

I give it 10 out of 10!

Nasia (5):

My favorite part was when the elf wrapped her own head.

I thought it was nice.

I give it 158 from 10!

Those are the faces of two happy (overtired, and a tad grumpy) children following the movie. Yup, they liked it.

It is a must see!


So, have you seen Arthur Christmas yet? What did you think? But more importantly, what did the kiddies think?

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4 thoughts on “Arthur Christmas – A Kid Review

  1. Tina Moran

    I saw the teaser for this movie earlier this morning and it definitely got me excited for sure! I’m typically not a fan of 3D but the kid in me wants to watch this film. It’s been a really long year and I think I really deserve time to unwind.


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