We love Photo Booth

9th March 2012

The husband brought home a shiny new iMac a few weeks back, and no question, it was love at first sight.

Compared to my crappy laptop, this is a thing of beauty.

Of course the kids just want to take pictures of themselves, over and over again.

I’m ok with it.


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6 thoughts on “We love Photo Booth

  1. Susan

    Stumbled onto your blog today and my coworkers are looking at me strangely because I’m laughing at my desk. Also, my husband bought a Mac recently and we are both in love. It’s amaaaaazing.

  2. Harriet

    Nothing beats the mac for fun-factor. We now have ((red cheeks) two iPhones, an iPad, a macbook air, an ibook and a mega screen Apple desktop. Call us ‘House of mac.’ Crunch.

    1. MARIA Post author

      We have several Apple products too – I just need my own Macbook (tried stealing the husbands’ but it didn’t work) and I’m set. Love love love.


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