March To Blogher – Weight Watchers Points Plus 2012

15th March 2012

Ok, so I’ll be honest and say that I was actually going to call this post “March to Blogher – Fat Shame & Bad Skin”.

Why? Because right now, I don’t know what is happening with my skin – it is awful. I never had acne in high school, and NEVER this bad except for the last few months. It is almost worse than being overweight. Almost.

And the fat shame should be pretty obvious.

Every year at this time, when winter is on the way out and spring is arriving, I get this feeling of dread because I know it’s not going to be as easy to hide behind one of my million cardigans. My beloved cardigans (yes, I have an obsession) have become a way to hide my fat. They’re part of the uniform – wide leg jeans, long t-shirts, and a long ass, huge cardigan. I pretty much wear the same thing every single day. As someone who LOVES clothes, and loves shopping for clothes, this KILLS me. My husband used to take me on trips to Toronto and Ottawa to shop at my favorite stores, because we didn’t have them in our smaller city. Now, when we go away and do some shopping, I don’t go into a single store that doesn’t have kids’ items. Not one. They remind me of my old self and what I desperately miss.

  • I miss shopping for myself and buying myself things I like, and not just things that will cover me up the most.
  • I miss jumping and running with my kids and thinking about having fun with them, and not ‘what do I look like right now’ and ‘I hope no one sees me’.
  • I miss seeing someone I know from my past and being happy about seeing them, rather than thinking about how they’re probably shocked at what I look like now.
  • I miss looking in the mirror and actually seeing myself, rather than never really making eye contact. I’ve mastered looking THROUGH the mirror.

I could go on forever, but I hate talking about this stuff, because I don’t want pity, and I never want to come across like a “woe is me” person because that’s just not really me. I put myself here – I totally get that. This is the result of eating poorly and not exercising for years – I know this. However, if I’m ever really going to do this, I have to be honest with myself, and I have to stop telling myself that I can’t do this. This is my biggest downfall. At some point, being mean to myself has to get old, no?

And so……

After reading about so many of my friends succeeding on the Weight Watchers plan, I can’t ignore it. This plan makes the most sense for long term success, and I have to stop caring about what other people are doing to lose weight and focus on the end goal, which should just be about my own personal goal. If I keep comparing others’ successes to my failures, I’m going to have to move into my closet permanently. I don’t want to do that – it’s dark in there.

So Wednesday evening, I went back to Weight Watchers AGAIN, and told them that I wanted to sign up and start fresh, and I took my older sister with me. The Weight Watcher ladies put me in my place as soon as I tried to be negative about myself, so thanks for that Weight Watchers ladies. They weighed me and as I already knew, I need to/want to lose 100 POUNDS – that’s the goal. And now that I was weighed on a Wednesday evening, I plan to go every Wednesday, which works great because I’ll be able to blog results on Thursdays.

For those of you who have never been to Weight Watchers, the sign up is very easy. You go in, you are immediately welcomed by someone who is also on the program. You sign up and/or pay for your week, and then they weigh you. It’s a very nice and comfortable environment and they are very discreet about your weight. They are encouraging and very nice and extremely helpful and knowledgeable. According to your weight and some other numbers, they will tell you how many points you can eat each week. You are given lots of reading material and you get new informative Weight Watchers Weekly inserts every week. They also have tons of extras available for purchase, like cookbooks, magazines, food, etc. Honestly as long as you get all the weekly materials, all you really need above that, is the calculator that will help you calculate points of everything you eat. The best $10 you can spend I think.

So there’s where I stand – I guess I’m a bit behind since it’s mid-March but in the big picture, who cares really.

Are you on working hard to get to your best self for Blogher in August? Maybe you blogged about healthy eating, or workouts or maybe even Weight Watchers. Whatever it may be, I would love it if you linked up your post below, so that we can come and support you and see how you’re doing!!


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24 thoughts on “March To Blogher – Weight Watchers Points Plus 2012

  1. Londia

    I wish you luck on the Weight Watchers program I have had friends who had lost weight on it. I would like to lose weight also. I think that sometimes it is motivation on ourselves and i do not always have that. Tell us how you are doing with this.

  2. Lindsey

    Way to go Maria! Glad you had a great experience at WW. They’ll soon feel like family. Good eggs, them. 🙂 *you can do this!!*

  3. Chantal

    Oh Maria, I so get this. I so do. I bought some new clothing this weekend (I hosted a jockey party) and when it all came in and I tried it on I hated it. It all fit but I hate my rolls and my dimples (not on my face!). And I know what I need to do, but today I ate a costco poutine for lunch. GAH! My mind says don’t, my stomach says do. I am a mess. And I hate how I look. Why is this so hard. So all of this to say I know this won’t be easy. Please do post every Thursday, and we’ll support you. When I did WW years ago I had an amazing leader who really helped me. I hope you are able to connect with yours like that. It makes all the difference in the world.

  4. Kim

    Happy to see that you are back!! GO GO GO Maria, you can do this!!! I’m down 30lbs since beg. January and still have tons to lose… another 90lbs… so girlfriend, I am in the same boat as you! Good luck!

  5. Amber @ Backwards Life

    I have boxes upon boxes of my old beautiful suites that do NOT fit. I miss my old pants and jackets. I have no use for them as a SAHM, but I miss them…and the option to wear them. I want to love my clothes again, instead of just hiding behind them. I totally get it!

    BTW, linked up and posted my own goals for the coming weeks 🙂

  6. DawnBheag

    We were away for Break this week. I wore a swimsuit too many times than I care to admit & caught unsightly glimpses of myself in full length mirrors (damn elevators). My ass is kicked with embarrassment! Your post rang true to my ears! Thank you for the added inspiration!!!!

  7. Rebecca

    Wow, those must be some magic cardigans because you don’t look like you could lose that much weight! One other thing to check on if you haven’t already is your thyroid levels. I never lost the baby weight after kid number two and it turns out I developed a hypoactive thyroid and my metabolism was sluggish. (I was self-medicating with caffeine.) They’re still figuring out my right medication level after baby #3 and I really hope it helps get me feeling like myself again. I know all about looking through the mirror.

    1. MARIA Post author

      I had some bloodwork done but they told me it was all normal. I’m actually very surprised by that and actually a bit skeptical too. I plan to see the doctor next week. Thanks so much Rebecca.

  8. Jen @ Can't Weight

    I am so glad to have found your website today. I am re-upping my WW’s program as well, except without the meetings (money issues :^( ) It’s hard beginning again, but I am so excited to be in this place and owning my current status!

    Thanks for the encouragement and I will follow your progress.

  9. nicole

    Just want to say keep it up and keep trying. Accept the inevitable bad days (or weeks) and move on. You can do it! I’m looking forward to following your success.

  10. Sarah

    I am so happy to have found you! I started WW(online) 2 weeks ago and am hitting a wall. I’m 24 and finding myself doing the cardigan disguise all too often. Your words really rang true to me. I remember how I loved to shop and felt so beautiful. Now, I avoid all of the things I enjoyed because it makes me sad. What a crazy way to live. Hopefully WW will help me…I have only lost 2lbs and am starting to worry that I will never get rid of the rest. I am looking forward to following along with you on this journey. Thank you for sharing and making me feel like I am NOT alone!

    1. MARIA Post author

      Thanks so much for your comment Sarah. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one as well! Don’t give up – I keep telling myself that and I’m telling you the same!!

  11. Snack Girl

    I think Weight Watchers is a great resource and I am glad you made this LEAP. It has helped me a lot in the past. I have a bunch of Weight Watchers friendly recipes on Snack Girl if you are interested in stopping by – I am also a Mommy (and frequently bored).


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