In LOVE With Downton Abbey

by MARIA on March 19, 2012

I FINALLY sat down over the weekend to watch Downtown Abbey.

I watched the first five episodes in a row. I would have watched more but I think it was 4 a.m. at that point.

I’ve just finished Season One and already well into Season Two.

It’s official – I LOVE Downton Abbey.

I adore everything about it.

The clothes, the “scandals”, and the arrival of the TELEPHONE!

It took maybe twenty minutes to fall in love.

Where to start?

  • Maggie Smith is perfection, but then she is perfection in EVERYTHING.
  • O’Brien and Thomas drive me mad.
  • The never ending circle of gossip and backstabbing by the staff is beyond entertaining.
  • Edith. Poor Edith.
  • Everything is SO proper – makes me wish I could have lived back then, if only for the frocks.

And of course, one of the most delicious characters – Mr. Bates.


Oh Mr. Bates, it’s impossible not to fall in love.

Did I mention?

SWOOOOOOON. Seriously. Every damn scene.


Have you seen it yet?

What do you love about it?

Oh, and by the way, if you haven’t seen it because it’s not your “cup of tea”, you are missing out.

Give it a chance. If only for Mr. Bates.

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1 cinamongirl17 March 19, 2012 at 8:03 am

I keep meaning to check it out but never get around to it! It is on my list though…the list that keeps on growing and growing…


2 MARIA March 19, 2012 at 8:20 am

You must – it is SO good.


3 Justine March 19, 2012 at 10:50 am

Twitter’s a-buzz (or a-tweet?) with it and I’ve been meaning to try it but I’m afraid to get sucked in. One thing I don’t need right now is another distraction…but it’s so tempting.

How did you get a hold of the episodes by the way? (Or maybe you shouldn’t tell me…)


4 MARIA March 19, 2012 at 11:55 am

Hey Justine! I bought the DVDs at Costco. Make sure you buy the UK EDITION if you decide to buy. I’ve also heard its on Netflix.

Watch it – it is perfection.


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