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Call Your Girlfriend – Robyn & SNL Videos

30th April 2012

I love Robyn.

She’s different, which is what I like about her.

Some people might consider her weird (I love her), but at least weird is not boring.

The girl can sing and she can dance.

I can’t remember when I discovered her, but I kind of fell for her when I watched her dance to her song Call Your Girlfriend in her video.

The video is shot in one take – that makes it pure awesome.

Then this past weekend, I discovered that SNL’s Taran Killam recreated the video in this tiny room at 4:30 a.m. at SNL offices.

It is priceless – He’s almost perfectly in sync with her video, and he has the best furry jacket on that I’ve ever seen.

I’ve never wanted to work at SNL more than after I watched this video. Best job ever.

And in case you’re wondering, yes, you can watch a side-by-side comparison, and you’re welcome.

National Oatmeal Cookie Day

30th April 2012

Happy National Oatmeal Cookie Day!

Yes, this is real – so feel free to celebrate by eating some oatmeal cookies. It’s the right thing to do.

Oatmeal cookies first appeared in the late 1800s and are considered the second most popular cookie, right after chocolate chip. We can simply improve on this, I think, by adding the chocolate chips TO the oatmeal cookies and voila – PERFECTION.

It’s no secret that Oats are really good for you. Called the “super grain”, they’re full of fiber, they give you energy and help reduce cholesterol.

Personally, I think the best way to start the day is with a nice warm bowl of oatmeal – so yum (note: I said a bowl of OATMEAL not oatmeal cookies, although it’s a nice thought). I’m not alone either – roughly 75% of U.S. households have oatmeal in their cupboard. It’s just great for baking (eating), cooking (eating) and eating.

And here’s a stat that I found kind of SHOCKING – Americans (I’m looking at you my lovely neighbours) eat approximately 2 BILLION cookies a year. TWO BILLION – that is kind of an insane number. It works out to approximately 300 cookies a year per person. Ponder that one for a moment – two BILLION!!!

When I think oatmeal and oatmeal cookies, I think Quaker – for over 100 years, Quaker has had an oatmeal cookie recipe on their packaging. So it makes sense that Quaker has now ventured into the oatmeal cookie market. They now offer Quaker Crunchy Oat Granola Cookies and  Quaker Soft Baked Cookies, in several different flavours. I’ve tried them, and they’re really good. My kids liked them too, as did the husband, but then he’ll eat anything so that’s nothing new.

Another great thing about the Quaker website is that it’s full of great recipes, including cookies! If you prefer to bake your own oatmeal cookies, this is a great resource with some great cookie recipes.

How about Oatmeal Macaroons?

Or Lemon Oat Shortbread?

Or Quaker’s BEST Oatmeal Cookies?

There are tons of great recipes to check out – and since it’s National Oatmeal Cookie Day, it’s only right to make (or eat) some Oatmeal cookies today!

Enjoy the day!

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Quaker, but my writing and my brain (and oatmeal cookies) are my own. 

Low Carb Weight Loss – Week Six

26th April 2012

Week Six, also known as the longest week EVER also known as the husband JUST go back from his business trip.

On the bright side, it’s been 32 DAYS since I’ve had a Diet Coke.  Woo! That’s the longest I’ve EVER gone without Diet Coke since drinking it and I don’t miss it at all. I’m thrilled about it at this point – it’s made a HUGE difference in how I feel. Notice, I didn’t say coffee however. I had a Starbucks latte with my girlfriend yesterday – we needed caffeine as we discussed how to make our husbands more Christian Grey, less annoying. Honestly, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I used to, and yes, my stomach paid for it later. Oh well, the company was worth the gut rot. I don’t plan on making it a regular thing – so I’m cool with it.

I also FINALLY received the Jillian Michaels Body Revolution DVDs that I ordered ages ago. (NOT sponsored, by the way) It’s this three month program that will HOPEFULLY get me in much better shape than I’m in now and what a coincidence, there are three months until Blogher so it kind of works out. It comes with 15 DVDs – 5 for each month and it gets progressively harder as you go. It also comes with a meal plan that is suggested, so I’m a bit stuck as to what I should do in terms of diet. Should I stick with low carb that I’m truthfully a bit bored of at this point but is working, or should I try to incorporate a bit of carbs at breakfast at least, or should I just switch over to her meal plan? Her plan is a 1200 calorie a day plan – I’m not sure what I should do so if you have advice, I would love to hear it.

The most interesting aspect of her “fat burning meal plan” is that she suggests NEVER eating the following when trying to lose weight: “soy, peanuts, pine nuts, millet, bamboo shoots, peaches, strawberries and raw cruciferous veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, brussel sprouts and kale)” because “they have Goitrogenic affects – these are substances that suppress the function of the thyroid gland by interfering with iodine uptake, which can as a result cause an enlargement of the thyroid.” Who knew? Oh, and she also includes “alcohol, flax, more than 400mg of caffeine, MSG, HFCS, artificial sweeteners, artificial colors, artificial flavor, nitrates and heavily processed foods.”

I suppose if I stick with what I’m doing, while making sure I don’t eat any of the above things, I should be good. I’ll guess we’ll see. I’m starting today and plan to take measurements and pics so that I can the difference after three months. Of course, I’m always open to suggestions or advice, so feel free to share if you have some.

So here’s where I’m at with the numbers:

Week Five:

Weight LOST this week: 2.5

Weight Lost to date: 18.0

Weight left to Lose: 82.0

First Goal: 10 pounds (Reward: Magazine subscription) – DONE April 5/12 (ordered subscription to Vanity Fair)

Second Goal: 20 pounds (Reward: New perfume)

Third Goal: 30 pounds (Reward: Sephora!)

Fourth Goal:  40 pounds (Reward: Cute flats)

Fifth Goal: 5o pounds (Reward: Some new clothes)

Sixth Goal: 60 pounds (Reward: New Glasses/Sunglasses)

Seventh Goal: 70 pounds (Reward: Massage)

Eighth Goal: 80 pounds (Reward: Get my hair done)

Ninth Goal: 90 pounds (Reward: Weekend away with my girlies)

Final Goal: 100 pounds – GOAL WEIGHT! (Reward: An overpriced, obnoxious handbag)


How was your week??

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MomAgenda Desktop – Review and Giveaway – CLOSED

24th April 2012

I love a great agenda.

And despite all the technology out there, nothing beats putting pen to paper on a gorgeous, well-thought out agenda. This is why I love MomAgenda products – and especially, the MomAgenda Desktop planner.

The MomAgenda Desktop has everything you need to get organized and stay on top of everything, in a beautiful package.

Some of the special touches include:

  • A special section in front that includes online resources, and holidays.
  • A great section to note your favorite things including books, movies, and wine.
  • Space to help with party and vacation planning.
  • An address book that can be removed.
  • Tons of space to make notes, and add whatever you may need to add.
  • Two lovely ribbon bookmarks to keep your place throughout the planner.

The MomAgenda Desktop comes with a 17 month calendar (August 2012 – December 2013) in a monthly view and weekly view format. The monthly view is wonderful when you need to see what is coming up at a glance.

The heart of this great agenda for me, however, is the weekly view calendar that has space for both Mom and up to FOUR kids, and even a dinner section. This unique approach allows you to track your personal calendar but also keep track of all the kids activities as well, in an organized and easy to read manner. Love. Personally, I don’t have four kids, so I used one of the extra sections to note my husband’s travel, and still have lots of room to note extended family commitments.

If you’re looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift for a Mom in your life, the MomAgenda Desktop is the way to go!

The MomAgenda Desktop comes in eight colors (my favorite is Tangerine), can be personalized and retails for $43.


I’m thrilled to be able to give away a MomAgenda Desktop planner to one lucky winner!

MANDATORY ENTRIES (you need to do BOTH 1 and 2 to be entered):

1. Go to the MomAgenda site and leave a comment below to tell me what color of Desktop agenda you would like if you win!


2. Tweet the following (once) and leave another comment below letting me know that you did: I want a @momAgenda for Mother’s Day! I just entered the #giveaway @BOREDMommy  #momAgendaCOMM

ADDITIONAL OPTIONAL ENTRIES (You must leave a separate comment for each):

  • Follow MomAgenda on Twitter and/or let me know if you already do
  • Follow MomAgenda on Facebook and/or let me know if you already do
  • Follow MomAgenda on Pinterest and/or let me know if  you already do
  • The giveaway will run until April 30, 2012
  • Open to Canadian and U.S. residents
  • Winner will be chosen using

UPDATE: CONGRATS to the winner @LisaJLKHansen!! Thanks to all who entered!

Lysol Mission For Health and Lysol Healthy Families

24th April 2012

I’ll admit – I have some phobias when it comes to germs. They may or may not be rational ones – I’m ok with that.

I dislike germs. A lot.

But, I like (read: love) the opposite of germs, which to me is LYSOL!

Honestly, I buy Lysol wipes by the case, and I’m also ok with that. I use them all the time every day, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms. I love them.

This is the reason why I applied and was happy to be chosen as a Lysol Healthy Families Ambassador. I will happily endorse a product I use and believe in, anytime.

Through the ambassadorship, I’ve also had the chance to try some of their new products, including the LYSOL® No–TouchTM Kitchen System and LYSOL® Healthy Touch® No-Touch Hand Soap System. 

 With young kids and a husband who is the opposite of a germaphobe, I really appreciate the “no-touch” aspect of both these products, and I am using both in my house right now, and plan to continue to do so.

Lysol has now created a new initiative called the Lysol Mission for Health.

The Lysol Mission for Health was “started because Lysol understands health matters to us all; especially to mothers. It is not just about making better products to help moms protect her family, but also about contributing to the health of the communities we live in. That’s why Lysol started the new moms program, healthy habits initiatives in schools, the cold & flu prevention program and disaster relief efforts. Lysol is dedicated to doing more for health.”

You can get more information about Lysol and their Mission for Health, check out all their products online.

“Disclosure: I am part of the Lysol Healthy Families Ambassador Program by Mom Central. I received compensation as part of my affiliation with this group.  The opinions on this blog are my own.”


Documentary Watch – IMAX Born To Be Wild – Review

23rd April 2012

I love a great documentary – and I’ve seen some great ones.

IMAX Born to be Wild is one I just watched last week and I’m so glad I did.

I watched it with my husband and the kids and we all really enjoyed it.

Morgan Freeman narrates the 41 minute documentary that follows two different teams that work to rescue and rehabilitate orphaned baby elephants and orangutans. The doc follows Dr. Birute Mary Galdikas in the rainforests of Borneo, and Dr. Dame Daphne M. Sheldrick in Kenya and the results are amazing.

It’s a gorgeous film to watch and unbelievablly fascinating and I was captivated from the start. The animals are SO cute and their relationships with their caregivers are so beautiful. These are people who LOVE these animals and spend every waking moment, and NIGHT with them, to make sure they feel safe and comfortable. I was shocked to see how loving and selfless they are to these baby animals – I’ll admit there were a few moments that made me teary.

This is an educational, fun and entertaining film to watch with the entire family – both my five and eight year old really loved it. After the film, they had lots of questions about the animals and wanted to learn more about them and where they lived.

This is a great family film and a nice break from the usual family fare. Watch it – you won’t be disappointed.

IMAX Born to be Wild is now out on DVD!

MailaTale – A Review

23rd April 2012

I first heard about Mailataile (Mail a Tale – love the cute name) on Twitter, and immediately thought it was a genius idea.

There are so many monthly subscription programs out there – from makeup to food and wine – so I thought one that focuses on books and kids was really fantastic.

For a monthly fee of $28.95 CDN (Yes, it’s a Canadian company!), each month, your child will receive 2-3 books (of full retail value) that have been hand picked for your child. When you subscribe, you fill in a detailed form about your child, their age, their likes and what types of books you’re looking for. This form is then used to make sure each of the monthly packages you receive is tailored to your child.

The packages focus on children aged up to 10 years of age, and may include paperback and/or hardback books .

I was lucky enough to receive a package to review, for my five year old daughter.

It was a surprise for her, so she was thrilled when I told her she had received very special mail.

<——— This is the face of a happy, smiling child who loves to read!

Inside the package which had been wrapped carefully and finished off with a Mailatale sticker, was a card with the month’s theme. March’s theme was “Be Yourself” and it said, “This month we celebrate all the things that make you – you.”

All three books we received then held to that theme of being yourself – such a great touch I thought.

The card also had a handwritten hello to my daughter, which made her feel very special.

The March books we received were:

Splat the Cat Sings Flat by Rob Scotton (paperback) – $4.99

Those Shoes by Maribeth Boelts (paperback) – $8.00

Piggy Bunny by Rachel Vail (hardback) – $16.99

As you can see, the books received equal what you pay each month, and with free shipping, you get exactly what you pay for.

The five year old loved all the books and we’ve read all three several times since.

Of course, there is a chance that you may receive a book that you already have – personally, I think these “doubles” are a great way to add to your gift closet since there are so many kids’ birthdays throughout the year. Or you can always pass it along to a friend, or donate it to your school library.

I just think this is a wonderful way to share the love of reading with your children, in a special way, each and every month.

I’m happy to rave about it because it’s just a wonderful idea. I’m glad I discovered them!

You can find Mailatale on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Low Carb Weight Loss – Week Five

19th April 2012

I suppose it was inevitable at some point, but I had a bad week.

I celebrated Greek Orthodox Easter this past weekend and it was great and I didn’t cheat the entire day. And then I went home with leftovers and chocolate, and somehow some of that chocolate got in my belly. And maybe some spanakopita.

I blame the Easter bunny.

So I’ve spent the last few days being really mad at myself about the whole thing. And when I get mad at myself, I get defeatist and then I get all “Oh what’s the point, I can’t possibly lose all this weight”. And then I get all negative and hide in the closet with the lady porn until my mood brightens.

On the bright side, it’s been 25 Days since I’ve had a Diet Coke or any coffee. Although, I’ve been dreaming of a latte lately – might have to consider a decaf version at some point. Life without lattes? Is that worth living?

I’m not giving up – I’m back at it and hoping that next week will have a great weight loss. Hopefully.

So here’s where I’m at with the numbers:

Week Five:

Weight LOST this week: 0 (boo)

Weight Lost to date: 15.5

Weight left to Lose: 84.5

First Goal: 10 pounds (Reward: Magazine subscription) – DONE April 5/12 (ordered subscription to Vanity Fair)

Second Goal: 20 pounds (Reward: New perfume)

Third Goal: 30 pounds (Reward: Sephora!)

Fourth Goal:  40 pounds (Reward: Cute flats)

Fifth Goal: 5o pounds (Reward: Some new clothes)

Sixth Goal: 60 pounds (Reward: New Glasses/Sunglasses)

Seventh Goal: 70 pounds (Reward: Massage)

Eighth Goal: 80 pounds (Reward: Get my hair done)

Ninth Goal: 90 pounds (Reward: Weekend away with my girlies)

Final Goal: 100 pounds – GOAL WEIGHT! (Reward: An overpriced, obnoxious handbag)


How was your week??

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Probiotics and Swiss Natural Probiotic Age

17th April 2012

I’ve had to deal with “stomach issues” my entire life – it’s not fun. I’ve never really done anything about it, other than changing and adding to my diet, like eating more yogurt that contain probiotics. Before becoming a Swiss Natural Ambassador, I didn’t realize how important probiotics can actually be to your health.

Probiotics are “live microorganisms that when ingested in appropriate quantities, have a beneficial effect in the prevention and treatment of specific medical conditions by improving the host’s intestinal microbial balance.”




Some super important facts about probiotics:

  • Probiotics contain “multiple strains of friendly bacteria for optimum intestinal health.”
  • Probiotics help to rebalance your intestinal tract.
  • Probiotics can help to maintain healthy intestines and for those with many different ailments including those who are dealing with a lot of stress, travel a lot or are taking antibiotics.

I also only recently discovered that you can buy probiotics in capsule form after receiving some Swiss Natural Probiotics for Adults samples (they also have a version for children and Adults 50+).

  • Swiss Natural Probiotic Age capsules offers 7 times more active cells than the leading probiotic yogurt.
  • Swiss Natural Probiotic Age doesn’t require any refrigeration, and can be taken in capsule form, or you can open the capsule and add the probiotic to your cold food or drink.
  • They are also packaged in blister packs that helps to maintain their freshness and shelf life, and are sold for a MSP of $18.99.
Swiss Natural and Breakfast Television have teamed up to give away a fab 5 day culinary vacation! Get more info here!!
Have you ever taken probiotics? Why did you decide to take them?

*Disclaimer: This is my second post as a Swiss Naturals Ambassador and was compensated for this post, however my opinions are my own. Also, I’m not a doctor, so feel free to talk to one for more info on whether probiotics will work for you.*

The Country Crock Chronicle #veggieworld

17th April 2012


This post is sponsored by Country Crock. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Trying to get kids to eat their vegetables can be trying for some – me included. I never thought it would be so difficult trying to convince the kids to eat their veggies and the importance of doing so. I keep trying and refuse to give up – eventually I figure I’ll just wear them down. So I can absolutely appreciate Country Crock and their special edition of The Country Crock Chronicle called A Very Veggie World. It includes 25 fun, step by step recipes that focus on making veggies more appealing to kids, along with great facts and suggestions to get the most out of each recipe. “Making foods, particularly veggies, look and taste delicious is an important element of “A Very Veggie World.” Clare Crespo’s clever designs will help entice families to consider serving up veggie recipes as part of their everyday meals. Keeping recipes simple and adding Country Crock® will ensure that veggies will taste delicious.”

Every recipe comes with a photograph so you know what the end result should look like, along with detailed instructions and most importantly, they all feature veggies, including the Bear Paws recipe – which makes 4 servings

(Prep Time: 10 minutes & Cook Time: 40 minutes)


3 medium sweet potatoes or yams, scrubbed clean and sliced lengthwise into 1/2-inch slices

3 Tbsp. Country Crock® Spread, melted

1 Tbsp. grated orange peel (optional)

A pinch grated nutmeg

30 whole cashews

1. Preheat oven to 350°.
2. Arrange sweet potatoes in one layer in a shallow baking dish.
3. Drizzle Country Crock® Spread over sweet potatoes.
4. Sprinkle orange zest (if using) and nutmeg over sweet potatoes. Toss to coat.
5. Bake for 40-45 minutes or until potatoes are tender.
6. Remove from oven.
7. Place sweet potato slices on a serving tray or individual plates.
8. Insert three or four cashews into the end of each potato slices to resemble bear claws.

Are you looking for quick and simple tips and recipes to make serving veggies more fun? Download the free Clare Crespo Cookbook here for fun and whimsical recipes your family is sure to love!

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