Lysol Mission For Health and Lysol Healthy Families

24th April 2012

I’ll admit – I have some phobias when it comes to germs. They may or may not be rational ones – I’m ok with that.

I dislike germs. A lot.

But, I like (read: love) the opposite of germs, which to me is LYSOL!

Honestly, I buy Lysol wipes by the case, and I’m also ok with that. I use them all the time every day, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms. I love them.

This is the reason why I applied and was happy to be chosen as a Lysol Healthy Families Ambassador. I will happily endorse a product I use and believe in, anytime.

Through the ambassadorship, I’ve also had the chance to try some of their new products, including the LYSOL® No–TouchTM Kitchen System and LYSOL® Healthy Touch® No-Touch Hand Soap System. 

 With young kids and a husband who is the opposite of a germaphobe, I really appreciate the “no-touch” aspect of both these products, and I am using both in my house right now, and plan to continue to do so.

Lysol has now created a new initiative called the Lysol Mission for Health.

The Lysol Mission for Health was “started because Lysol understands health matters to us all; especially to mothers. It is not just about making better products to help moms protect her family, but also about contributing to the health of the communities we live in. That’s why Lysol started the new moms program, healthy habits initiatives in schools, the cold & flu prevention program and disaster relief efforts. Lysol is dedicated to doing more for health.”

You can get more information about Lysol and their Mission for Health, check out all their products online.

“Disclosure: I am part of the Lysol Healthy Families Ambassador Program by Mom Central. I received compensation as part of my affiliation with this group.  The opinions on this blog are my own.”


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