The Lysol Booth At Blogher 2012

7th August 2012

I’m back from Blogher in NYC and I had a great time. I’ll have a post about it in the next couple of days, but until then I wanted to share a video with you.

While at the Expo, someone (and I’m sorry but I can’t remember who it was), suggested I check out the Lysol booth and ask them if they know a song.

So I did.

And here’s what happened.

Clearly, the most entertaining booth at the expo.

Good times.

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16 thoughts on “The Lysol Booth At Blogher 2012

  1. Kameron

    It was fun. They did it for one of the girls in our group and I took a video. I am not the type to be able to make things up on a whim so they get props from me!


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