Five Things That Bring Me Comfort

15th November 2012

These are the five things (ironically, they all start with C) that bring me comfort

1. CHILDREN (mine, of course)

Yes, I do bribe them to sit pretty in the pictures. Worth every penny.


It’s a pricey, yet necessary comfort for Mommy.


Cookbooks are glorious and  you can never have too many. Seriously, if someone could convince my husband of this, I would so appreciate it.


Isn’t my husband handsome?


I mean laughter and the funny stuff, but chuckles started with the letter C so I went with it. Nothing is better than laughter and funny stuff and laughing so hard you can’t breathe, and that always brings me comfort.

This makes me laugh:

So does this:

And everything that comes out of this guy’s mouth is perfection:

UPDATED: I had to edit my post to add a sixth – CARDIGANS!! How could I forget CARDIGANS??? Also, coincidentally cardigans starts with a C, if you hadn’t noticed.

Thanks to the lovely MamaKat for inspiring this little post.

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16 thoughts on “Five Things That Bring Me Comfort

  1. Gretchen

    LOVE the kids barista uniforms! “Venti Nonfat Caramel Machiato” was one of my sons first words. And I am loving that you arrange your cookbooks by color. I think I’m gonna have to copy that!

  2. Sue

    Ditto on the rainbow cookbook admiration. I get most of my recipes from Pinterest these days, but I’m inspired to go out and buy a whole mess of cookbooks just so I can do that.

    1. MARIA Post author

      Yes! They’re mine! I had a shelf made in our kitchen specifically for them. Of course, I now so many that I’ve had to use another shelf in another room to fit them all. I can’t get rid of them!!

  3. emily

    Ha…of course they have to be your own children, that would be weird if it was someone else’s children. I love shmidt. I was telling my coworkers yesterday I was trying to find images of Jack Johnson to pin, but didn’t find anything pinworthy, so I pinned a lot of schmidt! Happy Thursday!


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