Six Year Old Artist – The Ziploc Aquarium

12th February 2013

The six year old artist of the house is constantly creating hilarious, unexpected things.

The latest? Her very own aquarium. In a Ziploc bag.

Pure awesome.

Here are the instructions, straight out of the six year old’s mouth.

1. First, you get a small plastic bag that zips up.

2. Now, you draw some sea creatures from the sea.

3. Now, tape them, not in the water but on the outside of the ziploc bag.

4. Now, go to the sink and fill the bag with water above the sea creatures so it looks like they’re in the water.

5. Now you zip it, and then you have your own aquarium!!

 Have fun making your own!!

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8 thoughts on “Six Year Old Artist – The Ziploc Aquarium

    1. MARIA Post author

      Thanks Rebecca – she’s so damn proud of herself. I thought it was fab too and yes, this is as close to a fish as she’s going to get.


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