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12th March 2013

I saw the cover of this book and being a Jane Austen fan, had to stop and take a look. Believe it or not, this version of Jane Eyre is a baby’s board book by Jennifer Adams and it is just lovely. It’s a counting book that both baby and mom will adore. I’m regretting not buying it for myself – honestly, the art by Alison Oliver is so sweet and charming. Jane Eyre is just one of the titles in their BabyLit series, with three new books coming out this month including Moby Dick, Wuthering Heights and Sense and Sensibility. They retail for $9.99 and I think they would make the perfect baby gift, or feel free to send them my way because I am in love.


If you adore their work as much as I do, you can actually check out their BabyLit shop where you can buy their books and other items like prints, buttons and totes.

Mr. Darcy is calling my name – can you tell??

FYI: You can find them on Facebook too!

*This post is not sponsored – apologies to the husband for the upcoming dent in the wallet.*

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