Get Healthy With Yoplait Source Greek Yogurt And A LuluLemon Giveaway

24th April 2013

Have you heard about the new Yoplait Source Greek Yogurt yet??

Truth be told, if I could pick anything to eat for breakfast, I’d have to admit I would eat Eggs Benny because there is just nothing better. However, health-wise, it’s just not something you can eat every day, unfortunately. So, my second choice is always yogurt and fruit – plain yogurt with fresh fruit. Love it. Same goes with Greek yogurt – I like it and the fact that it’s actually good for you is just a bonus.

There is actually a new Greek yogurt on the market now by Yoplait called Yoplait Source Greek Yogurt. It has twice the protein of their regular Source yogurt, has no added sugar and is only 50 calories per serving. It comes in several flavors including Vanilla, Strawberry, Cherry, Peach, Strawberry/Peach, Strawberry/Blueberry, Blueberry/Raspberry, and Vanilla Lemon. So, yum to that.

When it comes to getting healthy, obviously you need to do more than eat yogurt. Funny enough, through my constant reading/researching of how to get my old self back, I’ve learned many a thing about how to make it happen. Putting it into practice is a whole other animal, but I can tell you that these steps make a great start:

  • Drink WATER as your main beverage – ditch the juice and pop and crap that are just empty calories. Water with fresh lemon is the best thing to de-bloat that body of yours too.
  • Veggies are your friend – eat them every day, every meal.
  • Cut out all sugar, processed, junk and fast food.
  • Eat protein at every meal.
  • Eat fresh fruit but not unlimited because of the sugar.
  • Exercise every single day, in some capacity. Punching in the air while watching reality tv doesn’t count.

Are you looking to get healthy this year? Let me get you started with some yummy yogurt and something cute from Lululemon!!


I’m giving away some coupons to try out the new Yoplait Source Greek Yogurt for yourself, AND a $100 LuluLemon gift card to one lucky winner!!!

To enter, please leave a comment below with your best tip for how to get/stay healthy and what works for you!! That’s it – one comment!


  • Open to Canadian Residents
  • Giveaway will run until Monday, April 29 2013
  • Please make sure to leave an email and/or Twitter handle so I can contact you if you win!
  • Winner will be chosen using

Disclosure – I am participating in the Life Made Delicious Ambassador Program by Mom Central Canada on behalf of General Mills. I received compensation as a thank you for participating and for sharing my honest opinion. The opinions on this blog are my own.

UPDATE: Congrats to my winner – #43 SUE! Thanks to everyone who entered!!!

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86 thoughts on “Get Healthy With Yoplait Source Greek Yogurt And A LuluLemon Giveaway

  1. Natalie Hjelsvold

    I try to make sure I have a snack in my purse all the time. Granola bar, 1oo calorie cracker/cookie thing….I am constantly on the go…and I usually break down and grab junk when I have nothing to snack on.

  2. France

    My best way to be healthy is to count the calories I consume, do exercice each day, drinks lots of water. And lots of veggies on my plate with just a little meat. No rice, pasta, potatoes… If I have to eat bread, it’s high fiber, low fat.

  3. Stephanie Potter

    I try to shop the outside of the store. That way I don’t find myself buying as many packaged goods that are full of things that aren’t good for my family.

  4. Lindsey

    Oooh I would love to win this! I’d say exercise whenever you can, get out and run around with your kids, walk them to school if you can, walk around the block while they ride. Do something daily. Everyone will benefit.

  5. Angela Mitchell

    I walk all the time, go on hikes when I can and use the treadmill when watching tv.

  6. Glogirl

    My tip is to walk daily. I find that walking with a DVD walking program works for me and gets me motivated to walk everyday.

  7. Jonnie

    I keep lots of fresh fruits and veggies on hand to snack on so I don’t turn to cookies and cupcakes. I also park at the back of parking lots so I get in a few extra steps.

  8. Kelli

    Honestly water. The more I can drink the better. And if I cut up my fruits and veggies before hand so they’re accessible in the fridge it makes it easier to make healthy choices.

  9. Julie

    I drink as much water as I can handle – and I take the stairs at work as much as I can. I also have two girls learning about nutrition in elementary school so they keep us all on track with eating enough fruits and veggies!

  10. tennille

    I find keeping healthy food in the house, including snacks is the best bet! If you have chips in the house guess what you are going to snack on? And my love of humus and veggies helps!

  11. Cheryl (@loucheryl)

    I have always been a runner. It’s my “go to” exercise. I love to just escape and go for a run. I’m almost 7 months pregnant (baby boy #2 is due in July) and I still go for runs (more like jogs now) and I would like to continue for as long as I can until the baby is born. It makes me feel good and reduces my stress a lot. I just love it.

  12. Jeannie

    I drink as much water as I can throughout the day. I also try to walk or take the kids in the stroller to go grocery shopping.
    Twitter: @nomnombearinyvr
    email: nomnombearinyvr at hotmail dot com

  13. Kathy

    Sex. Lots of sex keeps me healthy. Kidding! Find your passion when it comes to physical activity so that you want to work out and it isn’t a “chore”. That is key to live long fitness.

  14. Nikki

    Making exercise fun is the best way to stay healthy. I really don’t like the gym anymore so I try to keep up with my son when he’s out riding his bike or playing around at the track in the school yard (oh great now you are probably picturing some crazy mother hovering over her kid while he plays with his friends…IT’S NOT LIKE THAT AT ALL!!) πŸ˜‰

  15. Michelle B

    Always eat before you go shopping and drink plenty of water throughout the day.

    Twitter @raindrpsunshine

  16. Tabitha P

    Get moving and watch what you eat, make healthy choices! Switch out processed sugars for real sugars, shop the outside of the grocery store only. I could go on but you get the point πŸ˜‰

  17. Sharlene

    Cleaning up a house with 4 kids, dog and hubby. That always breaks a sweat. Oh and eating oatmeal for breakfast keeps me full all morning – no snacking.

  18. Soozle

    If there are days I REALLY don’t feel like exercising at the gym, I tell myself to go and if after 15 minutes I STILL really don’t feel like being there I can leave. Most times once you get going you feel fine, if not I at least was able to sneak in 15 minutes of exercise!

  19. Penny W

    Make sure you drink those 8 glasses of water per day – will curb your hunger, and makes your skin glow!

  20. Londia

    I have started drinking smoothies a lot more and that I feel is making me feel better and I have lost some weight. Drinking water before meals and with meals helps fill you up also.

    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

  21. Doris Calvert

    All I know is drink a lot of water, get at least 8 hours of sleep, eat healthy and exercise

    calvert0 at telus dot net

  22. Lisa KH

    My tip for staying healthy/getting healthy is to start with baby steps towards a fitness goal to avoid getting frustrated and give up. It worked for me…. I set a goal late one summer to run a half marathon the following summer. Starting walking (normal pace) at the gym and gradually, increased the treadmill speed to jogging. It took several months to reach jogging speed but I made it, kept pace all winter and completed a half marathon that June!

  23. Karla Sceviour

    I think drinking plenty of water every day is very important! I do drink a lot of water,and TRY to eat a lot of fresh fruits and veggies,whole grains etc.

    ksceviour at hotmail dot com

  24. @torlonias

    My best tip for staying healthy is getting good quality sleep. It’s during this time when our body repairs itself from all the stresses we submit it to.

  25. Holly Messana

    I have been struggling to lose weight without dieting. I really watch the products that I buy, making sure that they don’t contain any artifical colours, or flavors. Mostly I eat fresh fruits and veggies! Drink lots of water, don’t eat after dinner, unless it is on the weekend and pushing myself to exercise. Down 5 pounds so far, it is working.

  26. lizzysdarcy

    Cut out pop, french fries, and ice cream from your diet. I have no will power so if it’s in the house I will eat it. So buy simply not buying it in the first place, there is no temptation.

  27. suevogues

    Eat a nutritious breakfast – After a long nights sleep it is important to refuel. It will help you do better in school/work. Examples: Peanut butter on toasted whole-grain bread, yogurt with fruit, fruit on cereal/

  28. Sue

    my best tip for eating healthy is to NOT worry so much about fats, as long as you are getting GOOD fats. Trying to incorporate more EFA’s into my diet – coconut oil is a new favourite!

  29. rachel

    Running is what works for me! I can’t lose weight otherwise. Although eating healthy (lots of salads!) does help πŸ™‚

  30. Kate

    We try to plan out our meals and snacks at least a day (if not a whole week) in advance so we don’t take shortcuts. It’s too easy to order a pizza after a long day.

  31. Anne Taylor

    for me, I like eating alot lol, so I eat dishes made with chick peas and quinoa many times a week. We also eat lots of salads with a simple olive oil vinigrette. I do drink more water than I used to and I ride my recumbant bike daily.

  32. Andrew P

    Drink plenty of water, don’t consume too much carbs\sugar. I personally try to keep under 20g of carbs per day (on a ketogenic diet)


  33. Brenda Penton

    My biggest tip is to cut out unnecessary calories from beverages. Many people know that soda is full empty calories, but don’t know that their double double coffees from various outlets are full of calories (i.e Tim Horton’s double double has 230 calories with 26g of sugar!!).
    I used to drink up to 2-3 of these a day! It was one of the things I cut out to help me lose over 100 pounds. I now brew most of my own coffee and only use a tbsp of coffee creamer (25 calories) and if I want it sweetened I use a sweetener like Stevia.

  34. shawna greyling

    Weight watchers helps me recognize what and how much I am eating. Signing up to run a 10k race forces me to run for exercise.

  35. susan margaret

    I’ve been setting goals that are realistic in a certain timeframe. I challenged myself to walk 5 km on the treadmill, then I challenged myself to do 8 km on the treadmill. I had challenged myself to do 10 km on the treadmill by the end of April and I hit that goal today! My next goal is to be able to walk 15 km at a reasonable pace by the end of May. I never thought I could do any of this but by breaking it up into realistic steps I have been able to achieve my goals.

  36. Melanie

    My biggest health tip is to write down every thing that I write. Otherwise I forget all the calories I’ve consumed throughout the day!
    Email: titansoftball6 at hotmail dot com

  37. beth

    I like to ride my indoor and outdoor bike as well as doing 12flights of stairs at work everyday – sometimes twice πŸ™‚

  38. Susana

    How do I stay healthy? I have eliminated all refined sugars from my diet, increased my fruit and vegetables consumption as well as my water intake. Lowered my carbs and increased my proteins. I run 5 days a week (currently training for a half), weight lift 3 times a week and do yoga twice a week. The key is healthy/clean eating and good old fashion exercise.

  39. Bree

    My best health tip is make healthy foods ready to eat! If you have washed and cut up fruits and veggies in the fridge you are more likely to grab them if you are hungry, then if you have to do all the work to eat when you are hungry!

  40. Maggie

    My best tip is to be consistent. With regard to eating and exercising I have always succeeded when I have been steady and methodical.

  41. Lee-Ann Sleegers

    I go to the gym 3 times a week and we try to keep high sugar snacks out of the house by baking instead.

  42. Michelle

    I love drinking water with cut up lemons and limes. When I start my day with that it helps me stay on track!

  43. Stephanie

    I take the stairs at the subway or mall instead of the escalator to get more exercise. Twitter is AT girlstar28 thx for the giveaway!

  44. Ellen

    Trying to keep my grocery shopping limited to the outer perimeter by skipping alot of the processed food and making a real effort to train at least 3x a week!

  45. Sandy

    Great tips Maria. I have cut out almost all processed food & do my best to eat healthy. We also walk the kids to school every day which is great family time! πŸ™‚

  46. Rebecca

    I try to keep in mind that it’s basically all about eating less and moving more. I’ve been trying to just be very conscious of every bite I have. Nothing is forbidden, but I ask myself if I really want to eat this? Am I hungry? Is it worth the calories? And then I walk instead of drive whenever possible and if I can find a spare 30 min I might even exercise.

  47. Bons

    My best way to stay healthy and fit is to drink adequate amounts of water, eat fruits and veggies (avoid fried/processed foods), and exercise.

  48. Karen

    What’s worked for me in the past is to be pretty rigid in diet and exercise… But I always make room for a cheat day. A day to indulge (a little, not a lot) if I’m feeling like I need a treat.

  49. Joanne Thurlbeck

    I stay healthy by stopping caffeine drinks by 10am and drinking only herbal teas if I want a hot drink after that….

  50. Lindsay

    I drink lots of water and green tea, I only shop the outside isles of the grocery store and by organic as much as I can.

  51. Lisa D

    Always eat breakfast and stay active..whether that’s walking, running or grooving to the music while cleaning the house.

  52. Alex

    My best tip? I wish I knew since I’ve fallen off the wagon so many times, it’s embarrassing. What I do know is that if I just remove the crap from the house, there’s no temptation so I snack on healthlier choices. And then when I do have a treat, it’s just that: a treat, not a daily thing. Yogurt is my friend, though…I use it in my ice cream maker and it almost fools me. πŸ˜‰

  53. zahra premji

    I stay healthy by doing fun physical activities like playing hockey and doing yoga at least 3 times a week and making sure to get my daily protein requirement in the form of a breakfast protein shake.

  54. Allyson

    I eat mostly non-processed foods. I found that to make a huge difference. Fresh organic (when possible) fruits and veggies.

  55. ParentClub

    For kids: healthy fruits, veggies, sandwich and one snack in lunch box. Then a sweet treat afterschool. Then, healthy dinner followed by a fruit or veggie.

    Me: eat something small every two hours so I am never completely full nor empty.

    @ParentClub πŸ˜‰

  56. Angie

    I stay healthy by eating breakfast within 1/2 after I wake up and also practice yoga 3x a week, could totally use the coupon for a new lulu mat!

  57. Andrea

    Don’t eat a late night snack. If your body’s telling you it’s hungry, drink some water. It might be thirsty and confused!

  58. Amanda

    What do I do to stay healthy? Get up at 5:30 every morning (Mon-Fri) to work out with my aunts, grandma, mom and a few other local ladies by doing the Jillian Michaels 30-day shred! I also drink lots of water. Figured out yogurt was my friend a few months ago, fruit and veggies always! My mom and I are also talking about doing the Run or Dye 5K in Saskatoon, SK when it comes to town! Would be awesome to win this!!

  59. Valerie

    The thing that helps me most is not punishing myself if I slip up. It’s so easy to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Oh, I cheated, it’s all over, why even try, time to binge…We are given so many reasons to hate ourselves. A trip-up need not be one of them as it’s hard enough to keep things together sometimes.

    Even if I screw up I remind myself that I can always restart the healthy patterns starting that moment. Not tomorrow or next Monday or next month. Interestingly, having this mentality helps me avoid habit-breaking mistakes. If before I’ve even cheated I’m already planning on getting back on the horse at the next snack or meal, it makes me stop and ask myself, “Wait, why am I doing this now?” If I can think about it, it doesn’t need to happen!

    The ultimate result is improved self-efficacy, and confidence in self-control.


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