Walmart’s Frugal Heroes Challenge – Back To School #WalmartFrugalHeroes

27th August 2013

I was invited to participate in the Walmart’s Frugal Heroes Challenge for back to school last week.

I was given a $100 gift card to spend on back to school necessities for the kiddies. The kids love shopping (nope) so they were thrilled to be dragged along for the fun.

Truth be told, I wanted to spend the entire $100 in the Sharpie section and I could have – easily. But I decided to be boring, I mean, sensible.

I knew I needed mostly things for the kids’ lunches because their school is a litterless lunch school, and I desperately needed new containers. However, we started in the shoe section because the princess needed new indoor shoes. There was a huge selection of kids’ shoes but we wanted and found Hello Kitty runners that fit for $20 – success!

After that, we headed to the housewares section, where we picked up a ton of various containers, ice packs, and 2 Thermos-brand lunch packs.

On the way to the registers, we noticed the $2 construction paper, and had to grab one.

Just to give you an idea of what everything cost – off the top of my head since receipts disappear here quicker than anything chocolate covered (prices are approximate):

Hello Kitty runners – $20

Lunch packs – $10 each ($20)

Starfrit collapsible lunch containers – $10 each ($20)

Thermos x 2 – $5 each ($10)

You get the picture – We came in just under $100 at $99 and some change.

Thanks so much Walmart!

Disclaimer – I was compensated to participate in the challenge for this post but my words, as always, are my own.

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