Blended – Giveaway

26th August 2014

blended-dvdBlended. Is. Funny.

We watched it with the kids one night and despite some moments that were perhaps a tad too old for them (thankfully the jokes went over their heads), we really enjoyed it. It was hilarious, and the kids agreed. It is impossible not to adore Drew Barrymore, but add Adam Sandler and it’s just too good not to watch. But this movie isn’t just about the two big stars – it features a great cast who make the movie what it is. They’re hilarious and perfectly cast to make this movie funny and entertaining.

Want to win a Blu-Ray/DVD copy of Blended? Enter below!!

Open to Canadian Residents only!!

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15 thoughts on “Blended – Giveaway

  1. krystyl olson

    how about 50 first dates 😉 hehe … I love both of them – I am a big fan of Adam Sandler … when I was a teen I loved his gross raunchy style, but it’s almost like we are ‘growing up’ together … I love his more mature ‘family’ movies too — Wedding singer is my favorite

  2. Tracy

    I love the combo of these two -pure magic, but 50 First Dates is my all time favorite I think -I have seen it many times, and laugh just as hard now and I did the first time I saw it!


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