28th November 2014

You may have noticed more giveaways on my blog than usual and you’d be right.

I love giving away many things this time of year – it makes me happy to do it, hence many giveaways!

This one is the ultimate MATTEL HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY!!!!! (said loudly, with fireworks)

One lucky CANADIAN (sorry my American friends) will win FOUR great prizes (Approx. M.S.R.P. $280), just in time to give them to a little person in your life!

The prize includes (shown with my little people – who were eager to take pictures so they could rip everything open):

BARBIE® 2014 Holiday Doll

“She’s pretty. She’s nice. I like her dress.”

image (7)

BOOMco. Stealth Ambush™ Blaster

“It’s my favourite.”

image (6)

BARBIE® Glam Camper™

“It’s nice. It’s cool because it opens into many different things. I love it.”

image (8)

MONSTER HIGH® Freaky Fusion™ Catacombs

“Super cool.”


This is one fabulous prize!!! This giveaway is open to Canadian Residents only so please, go forth and enter below!

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85 thoughts on “MATTEL HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY #MattelHoliday

  1. Anne Taylor

    My brother and I don’t get along, but still manage to give each other gifts at Christmas. One year he gave my husband and I a Christmas ornament that was butt ugly. It was like a shiny red fly with huge gold eyes; omg it was just awful. My husband, kids and I kept looking at it trying to figure out what it was lol We ended up throwing this damn fly in the garbage!

  2. Julie F

    When I was a teenager I received an over the shoulder purse that was so small I couldn’t even get the strap over my shoulder, I think it was meant for a four year old!

  3. Shawna G

    A very ugly vest. Yes I said a vest. It was the Santa Fe design in a size XL (I wore a size small). And it was from my long time boyfriend. Needless to say, that relationship didn’t last.

  4. loucheryl

    In high school we played “kris kringle”, a gift exchange. The person who drew my name bought me DOLLAR STORE perfume! It smelled horrible.

  5. Lee-Ann S

    There was an ugly flannel grey/pink/white blouse I got as a teenager one year. It lived the rest of it’s life hidden in the closet.

  6. Tracy

    Easy, that would be the traditional socks, and undies from grandparents LOL -who has not gotten those -even my girls got those last year from a “well meaning” grandparent last year and we just had to laugh it off.

  7. michelle tremblett

    One year my husband “forgot to shop” So he literally went to the corner store and bought me some “junk food” :/

  8. Adina H.

    I recall *really* disliking a pair of sweat pants that my grandmother gave me one year. My poor grandma, though, received a much worse gift herself: a fruitcake that wasn’t marked as perishable & sat wrapped near a heat vent for so long that it grew mould before she opened it!

  9. Jonnie

    I try to be appreciative of all gifts but my husband’s grandmother has a knack for buying me clothes that are as far from my style as anything could ever be and they are also usually either too big or too small switching from year to year. Last year I got smart and requested she knit me some mitts instead of buying me a gift.

  10. Angela Mitchell

    My husband bought me a gift certificate for a family photo session. It was such a weird gift — it really shouldn’t be a gift in the first place. Not to mention I hate getting my picture taken haha.

  11. Lisa H

    The worst Christmas gift I ever received was a very plain white tablecloth. It looked like a re-gift and all I could think was whaaaaaat?

  12. Tiffany Rotulo

    The worst Christmas presents I’ve ever received was toothbrush. When I was in my 20s my boyfriend bought it to keep at his place, but we really weren’t that serious yet

  13. Erin W

    I’d have to say an ugly big neon tote bag with a clock on it from my Grandma when I was a teenage. Although I would totally rock it now, lol.

  14. Brenda Penton

    I received used items in a secret santa exchange…a dirty tshirt and half used trial sized shampoo and conditioner bottles

  15. Belinda McNabb

    The worst gift I got was from a guy I was dating years ago. Our first christmas together and he got me a frying pan. We were not together much longer

  16. Nate Fuller

    One year my parents bought me ALL clothes from one store, the store i disliked the most in the entire mall near our home!

  17. Amy Brown

    My ex once gave me a purse, and later I found the exact same purse hidden in a bag in the closet. It turns out he gave it to his other girlfriend. That’s why he’s my Ex!

  18. Mary

    The worst gift I ever received was a training bra in my stocking when I was 8yrs old! Embarrassing beyond belief!!! Lol

  19. JaimeeM

    I dont think Ive ever gotten a bad christmas present. Im one very lucky girl.. wait, I remember, being a huge metal head in my teens and getting a 50 cent – Get rich or Die Trying CD as a gift AHAHA

  20. Bree

    I have never received an awful gift but my friend who is allergic to nuts once got a gift card to a peanut place by a former boyfriend!!Ouch!

  21. Lindsay Cyr

    This questions made me laugh, as it brought back a memory from when I was a teenager. My Uncle bought me a tire pressure checker thing for Christmas. I was 17 and had just gotten my first car the month before, it was not exactly what a 17 year old girl is looking for Christmas, but it made everybody laugh 🙂

  22. Jennifer P.

    The worst Christmas present I ever received was a hideous long sleeved long black velvet dress when I was 13. I asked for a specific black velvet long sleeved shirt from the Gap, but my dad wanted to spend more so instead of getting me the shirt and something else, he got the dress instead. I was super pale and super skinny back then, and it looked just awful on me. I didn’t have the heart to tell him I hated the dress, so I kept the dress and used my own money to buy the shirt after Christmas.

  23. Amber Y

    I wish this wasn’t such an easy one to answer lol. the worst gift i got was a sweater from my bf when we started dating. It was possibly the first sweater he saw when he went shopping – too big, super out dated and ugly as heck. I told him i liked it (though ive confessed otherwise since then) and i never did wear it. I think we donated it to a clothing drive at some point.


    I dont think there is such a thing as long as it comes from the heart. Thank you for the giveaway and HappyHolidays

  25. Andrea Amy

    Worst gift was a case of beer. From my ex. I was pregnant with his child. Its one of the reasons WHY he’s my ex.


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