Storing Your Stuff In Ziploc Bags With Easy Open Tabs And A Giveaway

2nd June 2015

ziploc bagsZiploc has released a new line of bags with Easy Open Tabs, that are easy to grip and easy to open. They come in many different sizes, including:

  • Snack  Bags
  • Sandwich Bags
  • XL Sandwich Bags
  • Small Freezer Bags
  • Medium Storage Bags
  • Medium Freezer Bags
  • Large Storage Bags
  • Large Freezer Bags
  • Large Fresh Produce Bags

The tabs are also colour coded – BLUE for freezer, PINK for storage and GREEN for sandwich and snack, to easily identify the contents. Ziploc bags are great for food storage but I think they’re great for travel and organizing things at home. For example:

  • Use them to store craft and art supplies.
  • Use it as a pastry bag to pipe frosting when you don’t have the real thing.
  • Fill it with ice and put it on a little person’s booboo.
  • Use them for snacks in your handbag.
  • Use the larger size to protect and store your kids’ art.
  • Great for travel and keeping your bottles away from your clothes in case of leakage.

I could go on forever really, but who has that kind of time? Thanks to Ziploc, I have a giveaway for you! This prize pack includes:

  • A variety of Ziploc bags with Easy Open Tabs
  • A salad spinner
  • A cutting board with color-coordinated mats
  • Blank recipe cards
  • Vegetable Steamer
  • Chip Clips
  • Sharpies
  • Cooking for the Rushed cookbook by Sandi Richard

The giveaway is valued at $150 and is open to Canadian Residents only. The giveaway will run until Thursday, June 11, 2015 at 11:59 p.m. EST. GOOD LUCK!

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108 thoughts on “Storing Your Stuff In Ziploc Bags With Easy Open Tabs And A Giveaway

  1. angela m

    Using the Ziploc quart bag to make homemade sorbet , with watermelon puree with ice and rock salt and shake

  2. tanyab79

    They have many great ideas on how to use their bags but love the use for baking and adding different colours.

  3. Mark V.

    love the grated cheese idea. My daughters love grating cheese but when they are done there is almost as much on the counter and floor then on the plate. So this would be a great way to keep it contained.

  4. Marla

    I love using their extra large bags to keep extra clothing in the diaper bags to prevent spills and messes from surrounding contents

  5. Krista M

    I like the mini gardening kits for the kids, I think that would also make a great little birthday gift!

  6. cheryl hodgkins

    Mixing everything in the bag such as avocado and devilled egg… muss…no fuss….great idea

  7. Linda Bragg

    I like the Sweet Dijon Barbeque Marinade recipe to put chicken wings in a ziploc bag overnight!!

  8. Brenda Penton

    I like the idea of mixing avocado and deviled egg dip in the bag. I wish I had thought of this as I usually make something similar every morning for breakfast in my blender and it takes ages to get it clean. Going to try this tomorrow!

  9. Cathy Oppedisano

    Mix all ingredients in a Ziploc bag to make Avocado & Deviled Egg Dip . That’s my fav way to use Ziploc bags found on their Facebook page

  10. Debbie S.

    I love the Grater Hack. I never thought of this, great idea and no mess. Easily store or freeze what you are not using at the time!

  11. Andrea Amy

    I like how they use the bags in the tricolour cupcakes. I often use ziploc bags for icing cookies and cupcakes and cakes 🙂

  12. Dianne

    I like the idea of using a ziploc bag for piping out pancakes. My grandchildren always request different animal when I make pancakes for them and this would be a lot easier than trying to spoon out the batter into shapes.

  13. Judy Cowan

    Love the one about grating the cheese into a Ziploc bag – I am definitely going to do this!

  14. nicolthepickle

    The Whip up bakery-worthy treats with this easy hack. Just fill Ziploc® bags with three different colors of batter, tape together, and pipe! Is such a good idea. Way less mess.

  15. Edmond

    OMG, my fave: tricolour cupcakes idea.Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. 🙂 Pick me, pick me!

  16. Bailey Dexter

    I really like the pillows in a bag as well as the cake piping! I use them all the time when making bread and slicing them & freezing !

  17. Nicole Jubleew

    I love the idea of using the Ziploc quart bag to make homemade sorbet. Such a great idea if you don’t have an ice cream maker.

  18. Wendy Jensen

    My favorite use of their bags posted on their page is: No food processor? Toss ingredients in a Ziploc® bag and squish to mix!

  19. Tiffany Rotulo

    Tri-coloured cupcakes look pretty cool. There are so many great ideas, thank I’ll have to try a few.


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