Back to School with Crayola And a Giveaway #BTS

11th August 2015


It’s that time of year again – Back to School! (Insert my children’s moaning and groaning here).

The BEST part about Back to School time for me, is buying all the school supplies. I find that the kids start to get excited about getting organized and ready for school when we pick up the school supplies – at least the little one does. Personally, I love it so much that I often buy too much so that I can hide some for myself. I make sure to pick up all the basics and some of the fun stuff too, and when it comes to the fun stuff, I always choose Crayola products. From the first package of crayons I bought as a new mom for my little guy, until now, with two kids who love to paint and draw and create, I have always preferred Crayola. It’s just one of those brands that people trust for quality, including myself – they call it the Crayola Difference.

This is why I was very excited to become part of the Crayola blogger program – me and the brood are big fans. Recently, they sent us a box of goodies for back to school, and we were super excited to check out all their new products and those products that are new to us. Our little eight year old artist got right to it immediately and picked her four favourite products – the Glitter markers, Metallic markers, Watercolour pencils and the scented PowerLines Markers.


So to celebrate Back to School (YES I’m celebrating – Mommy needs some alone time!), I have a fab Crayola giveaway!! One lucky winner will win a great $50 package that includes:


  • 24 ct crayons
  • 24 mini twistables fun effect
  • Ultra-Clean Broad Line Markers, 10 ct Tropical
  • Power Lines Scented Markers
  • Ultra-Clean Stamper Markers
  • Coloured Pencils, 24 ct
  • 24 Washable Watercolour Paints
  • Glue Sticks
  • Blunt Tip Metal Scissors
  • Construction Paper Pad, 120 ct
  • 5 Paint Brushes, assorted

Would you like to win this fab Crayola prize? Enter below to win! This giveaway is open to Canadians only, and will run until August 19, 2015 at MIDNIGHT EST. GOOD LUCK!
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57 thoughts on “Back to School with Crayola And a Giveaway #BTS

  1. Nicole

    Start getting the kids into the routine slowly the week before school starts. Wake up a bit earlier and get them into bed a bit earlier each night.

  2. Brian Wheatley

    Be a good parent by being understanding, thoughtful and caring while putting yourself in your child’s shoes while also remembering what it was like to be them at that age.

  3. Anne Taylor

    We always used to put our kids back on a school schedule a couple of weeks before summer was over. It was long enough to get them used to those hours again and really helpful when school started!

  4. Glogirl

    My advice is to start getting them up 10 minutes earlier each day until the time they would need to get up for school.

  5. Melissa Greco

    Doing it gradually – going to sleep maybe 15 minutes earlier each day two weeks before school starts

  6. Jonnie

    We start working on getting back into routines, little by little, two weeks before school starts so we are all on track by the time the big day comes.

  7. Rebby

    Try to stick close to routines during the summer if possible, so its not a shock to them when school time rolls around!

  8. Amy C

    We try to get back into our routine over a two week period. My kids go to bed 15 minutes earlier and get up 15 earlier until are routine is back in place.

  9. Jennifer P.

    My advice is to start moving bedtimes up the week or 2 leading up to the start of school – how early you need to start depends on how much later your kids have been going to bed in summer compared to their school routine. We only move it by about 15 minutes a night which seems small but does the trick.

  10. Bailey Dexter

    I let them pick out clothes, school supplies that they are excited to wear or use within reason. They are not allowed to play with any of them untill school. This way the want to go and get up on time!

  11. Bailey Dexter

    I let them pick out clothes, school supplies that they are excited to wear or use within reason. They are not allowed to play with any of them untill school. This way the want to go and get up on time!

  12. Piroska

    I always tried to get the kids into bed earlier, and got meals on a stricter routine, about 2 weeks before school started.

  13. Sabrina Tong

    At least a week before school begins, get them to go to bed at what would be their school night bedtime. Have their clothes out the night before so they know what to wear and have those lunches packed the night before for an easy transition out the door in the morning.

  14. joy

    get into a routine a week before school starts – early to bed, early to rise, do some activities that require learning and focus, talk about what the new year will be like, visit the school yard, and play ground, so they can get used to it


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