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Hope you brought me a latte.

My name is Maria.

I’m bored a lot. Not bored of the children of course, because that would be so very wrong. Just bored – it can’t all be rainbows people. And though, I may have run screaming from the family building a few times, it happens less often now. Because the children are faster than I am, and catch me. Every. Single. Time.

Being a Stay-At-Home Mom requires much patience, an obscene amount of caffeine and the ability to hide in closets. Thankfully, I have all three.

And yes, I am married. If you kindly look above, I do believe you can see approximately a tenth of his face in our lovingly cropped engagement photo. I’m sweet like that.

The children totally look like me, as you can see.

They’re real troopers. Well, one of them is anyway.

Finally, let me introduce you to my imaginary boyfriend, Colin Firth.

A delight in every sense, and an example all men should follow. Hoping that a year of whispering, “I am Colin” in my husband’s ear, while he’s sleeping, will eventually pay off.

WELCOME! Have a donut.


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