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Battleship Live – Giveaway!

21st November 2011

Did you ever play Battleship as a kid? (Who didn’t)

I did – I played it as a kid with my siblings and loved it. Today, both of my children (ages 5 and 7) love playing it as well. We’ve owned old school Battleship for years and it has always been on heavy rotation at our house. So, when I heard about the new Battleship Live version of the game, I was super excited about having the chance for us to try it out.

“It’s not a board game. It’s not a video game. It’s live game interaction.”

If you have fun playing Battleship, then Battleship Live will not disappoint. This is the “ultimate Battleship game” and the men in my house have had tons of fun playing it together. The live version begins by walking you through how to play with a step by step tutorial the first time you play. This was perfect, because it allowed my seven year old to figure out how to play without his dad’s help.

After a few game play sessions, both my husband and son decided that Battleship Live is a fun, interactive game. My son loved “launching his spy plane” because it gave him information about where his dad’s ships were hiding, and really enjoyed all the sound effects during the game. They’ve played it several times since and currently prefer it to the original.

Other things to know:

  • The game components included are the electronic tower, game board, divider screens, 10 ships, 2 cannons, 2 command pegs, spy plane, track and the start up guide.
  • The game requires 4 “AA” batteries (not included).
  • The game is for two players and is for ages 8+.
  • Battleship Live sells for $49.99.


Thanks to Hasbro Canada, I have TWO Battleship LIVE games to give away to two lucky winners! These would make a perfect gift!


If you win Battleship Live, will you keep it for yourself or gift it to someone on your list?

ADDITIONAL CHANCES TO WIN! (Please leave a separate comment for each)

  • Extra Entry #1: Follow me @BOREDMommy on Twitter and tweet the following: Enter to #WIN one of TWO Battleship Live board games on @BOREDMommy blog – #canwin #giveaway
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  • Open to Canadian Residents only.
  • Winners will be drawn using
  • This giveaway will run from November 21 to November 30, 2011.
Disclaimer: I was sent Battleship to review, but the opinions of the men in my abode are their own.  They are men after all.

CONGRATS TO MY WINNERS: #81 – JACKI and #1 – MARIA !!! Thanks to all who entered!

The Barbie I Can Be Campaign

10th November 2011

As a little girl growing up in a family of five kids, I was raised with a very strict focus to respect and hard work. Things like makeup didn’t even factor until high school grade 10, and even then, my dad was not a fan. I have to say, in retrospect, I’m so thankful for that. My parents emphasized the importance of integrity, loyalty, dedication, a strong work ethic and a sense of humor. My mom and I would always talk about my grandmothers and great grandmothers who survived war, hunger, and illness with such strength and perseverance. I was raised with empathy, smarts and the ability to swing a hammer, and for that I’m forever grateful to my parents.

Now that I have a daughter of my own, I really understand how hard it can be to instill positive values in your children. At five years old, she doesn’t understand why she can’t wear lip gloss like her friends (At five! WHO needs lip gloss at five?), or why her ears aren’t pierced. She constantly talks about Rapunzel and how she dreams of having long, “lellow” hair just like her. My response is to always make her think by asking her questions. I want her to learn to question things. I want her to know that she can do anything she wants to do, and be whatever she wants to be, and being a girl shouldn’t even factor into her decision process. I want her to know that her beauty radiates from within, and that the person she is to herself and others will always matter more than what she’s wearing or what she looks like. So I ask her questions – I ask her what she thinks something means, or why did this person make this choice. We’re always talking, always questioning and I never want that to end.

I’m very proud to be a part of the new Barbie I Can Be campaign, and the launch of the new website, BE THE VOICE, dedicated to “helping moms with the task of raising their daughters so that they are smarter, stronger, happier, and more fulfilled.” With the addition of the in-house expert Terry Carson (of The Parenting Coach), the site will feature new themes and discussions each month.

Please make sure to stop by Be The Voice to engage and continue the discussion of how we can support each other to raise strong women.

Disclosure – I am participating in the Barbie I Can Be campaign by Mom Central Canada on behalf of Mattel Canada.  I received compensation as a thank you for my participation.  The opinions on this blog are my own.

KRE-O Giveaway

22nd September 2011

Hasbro has a fun new line of toys out called KRE-O featuring the very popular Transformers characters. Twelve different construction sets debuted in July in line with the latest Transformers movie release. Each set features allows you to build two different toys: the transformer and/or the transformer in vehicle form. My son was sent two sets – Optimus Prime and Sentinel Prime and he has enjoyed playing with them ever since. These sets retail for approximately $59.99 (Optimus Prime) and $39.99 (Sentinel Prime) and can be found at Toys R Us among other retailers.


Sentinel Prime


I’m giving away a prize package containing BOTH the Optimus Prime set and Sentinel Prime set to ONE lucky winner!!


Please leave me a comment below telling me about a favorite toy that you enjoyed as a child – that’s it!


Please tweet the following and leave a comment below saying that you did:

Enter to win a fun KRE-O prize pack on @BOREDMommy ‘s blog! #CDNRes #giveaway


  • Open to Canadian Residents ONLY
  • Giveaway will run from Thursday, September 22nd to Thursday, September 29th, 2011.
  • Winner will be chosen using
  • PLEASE remember to leave an email and or Twitter handle so that you can be reached if you win.
UPDATE: Congrats to my winner – #28 – EMMA – Thanks to all who entered!!!

The New LeapPad and My Very Famous Seven Year Old

3rd August 2011

Last month, we were invited to go to a LeapFrog event in Toronto, for the launch of their newest product, the LeapPad. It’s basically a tablet for children, and it’s really impressive.

My kids loved it.

While we were there, my seven year old had a chance to talk to Kris Abel with CTV News, and he was VERY excited to find out that he was going to be on t.v. He wants you all to know that he will be happy to share his autograph with all of you.

Yes, he’s serious.

And I quote, “Mommy, I think I’m going to be so famous now, that I’m going to need my own computer now.”

Hardy Har, my son.

Here’s the video below – The LeapPad segment is at 8:10 and Nicholas’ part starts at 10:03.

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post in any way.

Fisher-Price Ultimate Playdate

2nd May 2011

This past weekend, the family and I were invited to go to the Ultimate Playdate with Fisher-Price, sponsored by ParentsCanada.  The event was to promote Fisher-Price’s introduction of milestones to help parents determine which toys would be best for their children’s development.

The event had several different play stations set up, divided by the specific milestones. There was seating in each section and tons of toys for all the kids to try out. Also each station had people assigned to them, so they could help the kids try out the toys as well.



This was such a fun event, and I loved that it was really all about the kiddies. There were face painters, full size Little People characters, a dj, and a hilarious juggler/unicyclist/magician that my son adored. There were kid-friendly refreshments, and I’m pretty sure there isn’t much cuter than a four year old walking up to a juice bar and ordering her own beverage.




There were also tons of prizes given away and the one that my son was DYING to have, he actually won! He was so thrilled, and everyone was giving him high fives and  it was such a wonderful moment for him.

Big thanks to Fisher-Price and Parents Canada for a great event. My kids and I thank you!!

Tegu Review and Giveaway

1st December 2010

The last time I was in Toronto with my family, we stopped by Pottery Barn kids to check out their store. One of the toys that the kids noticed righat away was the tegu magnetic wooden blocks – they sat down and played with them the entire time I shopped in the store. (Can I hear an AMEN?) I had heard about the product before, and thought it was a great idea, but hadn’t seen it or touched it before that day.

My kids didn’t want to leave the store (neither did I quite frankly), for several reasons, one of which was the tegu blocks. Although we own wooden blocks, and magnetic toys, it was the first time they had seen a magnetic wooden block, and thought they were cool. So, when I was offered the chance to try out the blocks at home, and give some away, it was an easy yes, seeing how much they were enjoying them.

The name tegu ( is taken from Tegucigalpa, the capital city of Honduras, where the blocks are manufactured in the tegu factory. The owners and brothers, Chris and Will Haughey, had a goal to create a for-profit business in Honduras with the ultimate goal of helping the nation of Honduras, and they have.

Here are some facts about the tegu Magnetic Blocks:

Curiously attractive. Brilliantly simple. Naturally safe.

  • They are made from sustainable and durable hardwood sealed with water-based finishes providing safe play.
  • Magically embedded magnets push and pull the blocks, and your imagination in many ways.
  • Perfectly suited for eco-friendly play, no batteries, and no need for instruction manuals – free play at its best.
  • Best for ages 3 and up.

We’ve had fun making some creations here at home including:

(If the 4yo says it’s a llama, it’s a llama.)

Although I will say that this product is pricey, I have found that many wooden, eco-friendly tend to be as well. It is something that will last a long time, they’re really durable, great looking and sure to become a classic. The blocks are available in various finishes including Natural, Mahogany, Jungle and Colour Tints and are sold as 8, 26 and 52 piece sets.


I’m giving away one 26 piece set of tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks (valued at $55) to one lucky winner, just in time for the holidays!!



Leave a comment below about a classic toy that you loved as a child (and perhaps still do). Have you shared that toy with your kids?


*Tweet the following message and then leave a comment below saying that you did for an extra entry:

Enter to win a 26pc tegu magnetic blocks set on @BOREDmommy ‘s blog – – Ends 12/08! #US/CDN #Giveaway

*OPEN TO Canadian and U.S. residents

*Contest will run until December 8th, 2010 and the winner will be chosen by



UPDATE: CONGRATULATIONS to the winner – #6 – @sandyel — Thank you so much to everyone for entering!!!


Mega Bloks Dragons Universe

30th November 2010

I recently hosted a party, sponsored by Mega Bloks Dragons Universe for my son and his little buddies (and his sister of course). Before the party, the majority of the kids had never played with these toys, including my own. When the huge box of toys arrived, my son was thrilled and very excited to try them out. We sat down together, and he helped me put the toys together (some really simple assembly was needed). We had the opportunity to try out the Deluxe Dual-Blast Dragon Hunter (#95213) and the Ultimate Action Dragon Destroyer (#95214) – both of which also came with dragons and dudes (at least that’s what my six year old called them).

They were HUGE hits all around – even my daughter had fun playing with them. There are many moving parts to each ship and sound effects that make playing with them “super cool mommy!”

We also received an assortment of Dragons Universe Eggs and Pods that were extra special loot for the attendees totake home, along with a Dragons Universe CD to play with. My son enjoyed the toys so much, he checked out the display at the local Toys R Us, to see what other components he could add to his birthday/Christmas list. I was also pretty happy with the toys – I thought both ships were really impressive, and easily amused the kids for a long time. I’d say that’s a definite win, if only for some precious me time.

To learn more about these products, check out the Mega Brands Inc. website, and find them on Twitter and Facebook.

Disclaimer: I received the toys mentioned above in exchange for hosting a party and having a great time! As always, my opinions are my own.

dollie & me – Review

5th September 2010


My three year old loves dolls (finally), and loves to carry them around, and dress them up – it’s really cute to watch. I had been looking for a really nice doll with cute outfits and accessories, but I didn’t necessarily want to spend $100 on a doll and then have to spend that much more on all the extras. Thankfully, I discovered this great company when I was sent a package to review from Dollie & me. Dollie & Me is a brand new company that sells these gorgeous 18-inch dolls, and they sell matching outfits (and accessories) for little girls from size 2T, all the way up to size 14x. The company is based in New York City, but everything from the dolls to the outfits to the accessories are available in the U.S. and Canada, in over 2,000 stores (and online) including Dillard’s, JCPenney, Kohl’s, Sears, Sears Canada and

My daughter, who literally squealed when she opened the box, received the Rachel doll, and two sets of matching outfits. It took but a mere moment for her to take off the clothes she was wearing so she could get dressed just like the new dolly she received. She spent hours in those little outfits, carrying the doll with her everywhere she went. She liked that the doll could “sit on her bum” and that her eyes opened and closed (her first doll to do that). I liked that the doll clothes are designed to completely open in the back with velcro because my three year old had no problem dressing and undressing the doll all on her own.   I also thought that the kid’s clothing was nicely made and that they would easily endure her constant need to put them on and take them off many, many times.

After looking at the Fall/Holiday 2010 catalogue, I saw cute accessories that could be great gifts for my daughter’s birthday and/or Christmas. There is matching sleepwear that is really cute, and I know she would them, as much as she would love the little pets that you can get with their own carrier. There is also a great variety of dolls and outfits, both casual and dressy, that you can choose from.

The best thing about them is that they are more affordable than you would think. The dolls retail for $29.95 – $34.95, while the clothing and accessories range anywhere from $6.99 to $80.oo (although most are priced between $30.oo – $40.00). Make sure to check out this fantastic company, especially with the holidays coming up! You can find dollie & me at their website, on Facebook and on Twitter.

Disclosure: I received a Rachel doll and two matching outfits to review for BORED Mommy. All of my opinions expressed in this review are my own.

Gazillion Bubbles – CLOSED

7th June 2010

Gazillion Bubbles®




I was recently contacted by the people from GAZILLION BUBBLES (@GazillionBubble) to check out some of their products and host a fab giveaway. It was great timing, because I was in the market for a little bubble action for the kiddies. In fact, we’ve actually used their bubbles many times before, and prefer them to several other brands we’ve tried, because you get an insane amount of bubbles. So the kids were super excited when I told them that a box of bubble goodness was coming our way. Soon after, we received a huge box containing the Gazillion Bubble Flyer, the Bubble Rocket, the Incredibubble Wand, the Bubble Machine, and some extra bubbles.

I knew right away that the Bubble Machine would be the most popular with my kids, and I was right.  It’s fantastic – you go through a lot of bubbles, especially if your kids, like mine, want it continuously running  for long periods of time. But it is so worth it – watching them jumping and dancing in the bubbles was hilarious. This machine creates an insane amount of  bubbles – I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s a definite winner.

The second big winner, in terms of awesome bubble production was the Incredibubble Wand – this one was my favorite. The bubbles were HUGE, and amused us for a very long time. Trying to achieve bigger and better bubbles brought with it tons of laughter, and a bath to wash off all the bubble solution we were covered in. It was also great that both kids could easily use this product without any assistance.

The other two bubble toys we were received were the bubble rocket and bubble flyer. These were also great fun, although personally I thought these were more about the toy itself than their bubble aspect. However, my kids didn’t seem to notice and enjoyed both very much. Both loved jumping on the bubble rocket to see how high they could launch it, and quickly made it into a little competition. The bubble flyer was geared more to an older child, as it was difficult to get it on the hand held launcher. It amused my 6 year old son for ages, and he was thrilled not to have to share with his little sister.

The common denominator here is that Gazillion bubbles makes great products that encourage play, hours of amusement, and a happy mom in the process. The toys are really affordably priced, easy to use and play with, and a great addition to outside active play.

Also, Gazillion Bubbles is currently hosting the Ultimate Gazillion Bubbles Photo Contest that offers contestants a chance to win monthly $250 Toys “R” Us gift card prizes, Gazillion Bubble products, and a Grand Prize of $1,000 Toys “R” Us gift card! To enter, visit:


Thanks to Gazillion bubbles, you too can win a fabulous $50 prize pack that will include all the items mentioned above: The bubble machine, the bubble wand, the bubble flyer,the bubble rocket and a six pack of bubbles. Perfect for hours of summer fun for your brood!!!

Here’s how to enter:


1) Please go to the Gazillion Bubbles website and tell me about a product, other than those mentioned, that your children would enjoy or have enjoyed.


2) Follow @GazillionBubble on Twitter or tell me if you do.



The contest will last from Monday, June 7th until Friday, June 11th at 5 p.m. est – SO ENTER QUICKLY!!

The winner will be chosen randomly using PLEASE make sure I either have your email or your Twitter handle so that I can contact you.

Thank you so much to everyone for entering !!

Please Note: As mentioned, I was offered the same prize pack to keep for review.


Friday Favorites: Family Game Night

26th March 2010

(Yes, we have many board games – I couldn’t fit them all in this picture.)

Pre-babies, my husband and I loved a good game of Scrabble – we played all the time (and he lost/still loses all the time). On our honeymoon in Spain, he taught me how to play gin rummy and other card games, that were always more fun after a couple of bevvies. Funny enough, I cannot remember how to play any of those card games anymore. (The delicious bevvies may have something to do with that).

Not to worry – I do remember how to play Crazy Eights, Fish, and War – the childhood staples. But I’ll be honest – I’m partial to a fun board game. Thankfully, our 6 year old LOVES board games, (read: goes ape shit for board games), so we now have a family game night at least once a week. It’s nice to turn off all the electronic crap, and get back to old school fun. Right now, we leave it up to the little people to decide on the games for the night. I’d say right now, the popular ones in our house are BLOKUS, MONOPOLY JR and Crazy Old Fish War.

Regardless what games you own or like to play, it doesn’t really matter. Family game night is about staying close to home, and having fun with the people that matter most. What’s better than that?

What are some of your favorite board games, with and without the kids?

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