My funny six year old is a character. She sings all day long and most of the time, it’s something she’s come up with. Her songs always involve love which is funny because she is the first to tell you how much she “hates womance”. She also draws and writes all day long. There isn’t [...]


Getting Older SUCKS

by MARIA on May 2, 2013

Getting older can bite me. I’m about to turn 40 this year and I’m not looking forward to it. I’m kind of pissed about it actually. What do I hate most about getting old? I get ma’am’d a whole lot more. Really, is there anything worse than being called MA’AM in your 30s? I can [...]


Things That Need To Be Invented ASAP

by MARIA on March 18, 2013

I’m sitting here trying to convince myself to deal with the laundry. And then I thought, hey if only I had paid attention during math and science, (turns out we really do need that crap), I could have invented something to do it for me. Actually, I would invent many things. Laundry that puts itself [...]


In RETROSPECT, I think I forgot to ask the husband some very important questions during the dating process. Things like: Do you know what a hamper is? If so, do you know to put your dirty gitch in the hamper and not on the floor next to it? After you have successfully wooed me, will [...]


I lived at home, and the stories about my possible “death by family suffocation/obligation” would have been bountiful. You would have been overwhelmed with selfies of me at church, purposefully photobombing the priest. I had a perm.  AND bangs. You would have heard about one of my old jobs where the boss had a toe [...]


48 Questions

by MARIA on January 24, 2013

I borrowed this from the lovely Elaine because she misses old school blogging and so do I. Feel free to do the same and let me that you did so I can read it too! 48 QUESTIONS: 1. WERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE?  My parents fought about what to name me – my dad wanted Maria [...]


Five Things That Bring Me Comfort

by MARIA on November 15, 2012

These are the five things (ironically, they all start with C) that bring me comfort 1. CHILDREN (mine, of course) Yes, I do bribe them to sit pretty in the pictures. Worth every penny. 2. CAFFEINE It’s a pricey, yet necessary comfort for Mommy. 3. COOKBOOKS Cookbooks are glorious and  you can never have too [...]


Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

by MARIA on August 12, 2012

This is such a simple idea but I’m all over it. Jerry Seinfeld gets coffee with another comedian. The videos are hilarious. You are welcome. Here’s the latest one with comedian Brian Regan.


All I Want For Mother’s Day

by MARIA on May 12, 2012

Mother’s Day is this weekend and that means that I will be spoiled and pampered and regaled all day Sunday. Probably not. I’ve been married a LONG time (11+ years) and a mom for 8+ years, and I’ve learned that the secret to a happy (LASTING) marriage and life is to LOWER ONE’S EXPECTATIONS. Now [...]


Stress Does Stuff To Your Awesomeness

by MARIA on March 6, 2012

(Artwork Credit: I call it Warhol Stress) I noticed something tonight. I stress a lot. I think about stress a lot. And read about it a lot. And write about it too. I stress about stress. Stress, stress, stressity, stress. The fact that I am a stress case is purely a lovely coincidence. And to [...]

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